Welcome to Motive in Motion.

This is a movement for serious, action-taking millennials who want to achieve the full potential they’re capable of.

If you’re looking to dial a bulletproof mindset, improve your life, consistently make focused progress, and thrive in a community of like-minded millennials, then all I have to say is I’m glad you’re here.

Who is talking to you right now?

Just a young man, hungry for high success, bringing out potential in others, and.. uh… posing at a temple in Asia

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There are often roadblocks to your highest and most developed potential.

Most of them are pointless.

Many blocks are rooted in fear, ignorance, or simple struggle-avoidance.

I help you break yours down and destroy them for good. I hold you accountable with your goals, and help you reach your strongest self, because that person is waiting inside you right now.

I started this movement to motivate.

To inspire.

To teach.

To encourage.

Hell, to learn!

To lead the way as other successful business owners, athletes, business coaches, investors, entrepreneurs, and game-changers of the world came together in one place.

I’m looking to enable people to reach their highest potential, share ideas, co-create, and continue adding to my already solid network.

I do this by aiding you in the construction of a bulletproof mindset.

Mindset is all we have to start with. It determines our potential and degree of every success.

With a weak one, everything you touch fails. With a strong one, you develop a Midas touch, where your momentum will create more and more wins.

I’m on a mission.

If you’re spending time here, you’ll need to be on one also. That’s okay if you don’t have that dialed yet; I want to help bring that out of you, so you can be driven and ready to achieve the incredible.

The mindset and mission must be targeted, before you reach out into business and get that conquered too.

Train your mindset first, and then develop a thriving business.

When I impact and spark the minds of my generation, I’m helping pave millions of paths for years to come, which can do way more than I ever could alone.

Some of you wish to be organic farmers, to develop fitness communities, to master martial arts, or to clothe and feed the developing world.

The possibilities and inner desires are endless.

If I can help you build the mindset and clarity necessary to facilitate these, and instill you with business concepts that helped me along my journey, I leave you with value that will be extended throughout many bloodlines.

This Motive In Motion community will keep you accountable, encourage you, and give actionable tips and advice as you tweak your path to success.


Let’s get started.

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Talk soon,

– Evan A. Teague –