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The Ultimate Vision & Life Purpose Roundup

The Ultimate Vision & Life Purpose Roundup – Top 10 Posts

Content about creating your purpose, finding your vision, and building your ideal lifestyle has gotten a lot of attention with Motive In Motion readers.

Something many millennials are interested in is freedom, and working on personally fulfilling things that matter.

In a word, fulfillment and contribution.

I completely agree and am on this path, because to me it’s the only one that makes sense.

Motive In Motion has tons of content in this area, that has thus far been buried in the archives. Consider this a jump-start pack, with actionable tips and a clear path for how to utilize them.

For now, we’re focusing on building the vision and creating what you want. This is the first step (after developing a bulletproof mindset) that’s got to be dialed first. There may be more posts after this, condensing specific topics into one convenient package.

Let’s get started!

1. How to Get Anything You Want: 3 Proven Steps to Achieve Any Goal


Classic starting point here, this is the approach in a nutshell that’s worked for everything I ever desired, and still works.

Keep in mind it’s a 10,000 foot view, and does not include absolutely everything you need, but it’s a great place to begin!

Don’t take it as a conclusive list, but it is more than enough to get started.

2. How to Discover What You Want: Be Pulled By Your Vision


This is the place to learn all about reverse engineering. Never heard of it? Great, read this article; it will revolutionize the way you cast your vision into the future.

From creating a vivid dream including all the rich sensations, to knowing the first step for what to do with it, this is where you create your tomorrow, today.

3. Eliminate Wasted Energy: Always Make The Means Match The End [& My Tokyo Story]

means match the end

One HUGE method for making sure you don’t waste time when building your ideal lifestyle, is always making the means match the end.

If you avoid this absolute necessity, you can throw clarity and conviction out the window with it. Always, always know which direction you’re headed in, and how to adapt what you’re doing now to what you want in the future.

Learn exactly how to do this here.

4. G.R.I.N.D. In Whatever You Do


Still applicable to the big picture of vision, is the G.R.I.N.D mentality. Get acquainted with my acronym if you’re not familiar; it’ll change your perspective. This is one of those things that is a simple necessity.

The vision won’t mean much if you can’t apply it, so it’s important to throw this one in here for you.

5. How to Create Your Own Lane

create your own lane

Part of reaching true success, is creating it by yourself, and knowing when you reach it. Following others’ plans for you or adapting to what people want for you is not success. 

How to Create Your Own Lane teaches you how to decide what you want to become and steps to take so you can get there. Creating your lane is a must for happiness and fulfillment, and making sure you get what YOU want, not what others want for you.

6. Shoot to Kill

shoot to kill

Shooting to kill is a philosophy dedicated to not beating around the bush, not wasting time in your pursuit towards exactly what you’re trying to build.

Far too many would-be-successful people try to focus on things that are great once the thing you’re doing grows, but is absolutely pointless before you have success with it, or make a sale.

Shoot to Kill changes all of that by a straight comparison to nature and its animal kingdom.

7. Become a Producer & Create a Movement

become a producer

The one way to start a revolution of your own kind, is to be a thought leader. To present valuable concepts to people and change their ways of thinking for the better.

Give them the option to choose what they want, create what they love, and help them with the keys to the kingdom. It’s proven effective for centuries, whether the intent was positive or negative.

It simply works. Here’s how to do it:

8. Be The Gatekeeper: Leverage Your Subconscious & Conscious Faculties

subconscious mind

Wanna know a way to build your dream while you’re sleeping and awake? Would you like to understand how you can leverage the compound interest of your own mind to get to your dream?

This is where you learn about the amazing iceberg-style powers of the subconscious mind. There is so much more at work under the surface than the consciousness we live in in waking state. 

Learn more here…

9. Ambition is Priceless – But What Is Work Addiction?

Ambition is priceless

Ambition is a must-have for any high-achiever. How do you get ambition? Work on things that matter, that you care about, and you can actually solve market needs with.

People always talk about work-life balance, not working too hard, and being addicted to work. If you love what you do, and know when to do what, I say this is nonsense.

Show me a passionate person who loves what they do and I’ll show you a person who’s obsessed with their work in a positive light. Here’s how to cultivate that.

10. Bulletproof Mindset (Pt. 2) Be a Heat-Seeking Missile Towards Goals

Heat-Seeking Missile

The last post in the roundup is about being a visionary with realistic expectations towards failures, setbacks, and unplanned events.

To be a truly adaptable person who hits momentum, it’s imperative to bounce off of setbacks effortlessly without losing motivation, momentum, or enthusiasm.

Enjoy adopting this new bulletproof mindset edition!

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