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Upgrade Your Mental Transmission

Upgrade the transmission you are currently dealing with as soon as you possibly can.

Let me show you a little conundrum about the truth of success.

The reason that most people are just settling, getting by, or being comfortable is because they’ve either:

a) Achieved what they wanted
b) Don’t think they can get it
c) Don’t care enough to make it happen

Their transmission is stock, or OEM (factory). It’s slow. It slips.

The solution is to change your transmission! Upgrade it immediately.

I love cars, and often equate things to this nature. So what do I mean by this in practical, non-petrolhead terms?

I mean you must think bigger if you’re looking to add enormous value and change the world. If you want to skate by or settle, move on to another article. However if you hate settling for average, you know exactly where you’re going, and you fulfill your potential daily, read on.

A manual transmission and clutch in a car are integral parts to the shifting of gears. Simply put, the flywheel is connected through the crankshaft to the engine. The flywheel ensures that gears can be shifted with the least possible harm on the gearbox.

With a stock (factory) clutch and flywheel, overuse or abuse of the gearbox will permanently damage it. You simply cannot push this system with all your might if it cannot handle the power you’re looking to make it handle. You must upgrade to a stronger flywheel and clutch if you’re looking to control the car violently and push it the way it was supposed to be driven.

Our goals and actions work like this as well. If you’re running a stock clutch, it’s like thinking extremely small while you’re trying to incompatibly push your life forward.

Your internal stock clutch cannot take the pressure of the huge pressures that big plans require. You must first upgrade your clutch to aftermarket or it will start slipping. You will be slipping every time you try to upgrade your life and motives, until you are willing to invest in yourself, educate yourself, and take enormous action.

To get a higher grade of success, you must think of it and craft it in the mind first. You cannot out-act, or out-progress your dominant image you hold in your mind.

To get bigger and more recognized, you have to act from a higher image, and move out of obscurity.

This is the importance of thinking bigger.

How to Force Yourself to Think At Scale

1. Think of the End Goal

Figure out where you want to take your business, movement or organization. Your ability to do this will determine where you actually end up. Think of the very end, though. You will only get as far as you plan and decide to go, so make sure your end goal is proportionate to where you’re looking to take it. Decide where you would have to be for you to be satisfied with your progress. Your dreams go as far as you do.

2. Find a Step You Can Take Today

It has been said that it’s more important to decide on the what than the how. This is true, but you must have a plan and stick to the action necessary to complete it. If you don’t, you will be just as aimless as if you didn’t know your destination to begin with. Your destination is only one part of the equation.

Find out what you can do that you believe is in the direction of this progress, and even if it isn’t, you will be led to the correct path. Only if you continue to visualize and are faithful to your ideal.

3. Take the Consistent Action Towards It & Heed the Signs

As you consistently move your progress along, you will inevitably run into challenges that will mature you, opportunities that will improve you, and friends that will uplift you. It’s your responsibility to keep acting in the face of everything, and in a consistent and persistent manner.

Nothing great was ever accomplished by doing things in fits and starts.

This is the problem with countless people. They can’t see something through from start to finish, and it shows in every aspect of their lives.

When you decide on your ideal scale to operate on, figure out how to move forward right away. As you stick with it, you will acknowledge some impressive successes that you’ve conquered as you look back. You will accomplish far more in a few years than most people achieve in their lives because you know exactly why you’re doing it.

Finding Your Place

To determine just how big you want to think, you must find what type of impact you want to have on the world. Ask yourself these questions when getting started:

1. How many people am I looking to affect?
2. Do I want to be a public figure or provide value anonymously?
3. What types of people do I want to benefit?

Benefits of Changing Your Transmission

1. Your Goals and Progress Will Materialize Quicker

When you’re looking to go big, your goals and progress will come to pass faster.
Think about this: who’s getting to 100k per year from zero faster? The person who sets his sights on one million per year, or the person who only wants to hit 100k?

The latter man with the goals of one million per year will absolutely hit 100k far quicker than the person looking at 100k as the end goal, rather than a milestone.

The person setting the one million goal will have a far higher urgency to achieve his goals and won’t settle when he’s 10% there. He’s looking to go through 100k on his way to a million, and is taking bigger, more consistent and bolder action.

2. You Will Achieve Far More

Another benefit of setting your sights on the highest heights is the ability to reach more people and achieve more. When your goals are just low-hanging fruit, you can take your time and once you achieve them, kick back.

They don’t take uncomfortable amounts of effort or push past any of your big fears. As soon as you hit one success along the road to the main goal, you shortly celebrate and get back to it.

Remember, when you’re feeling fear about new projects, you’re on the right track.

Going big is not for everyone, but if your specific goals are on a larger scale you will need to set high, “unrealistic” goals that scare you and upgrade your transmission in order to get there.

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