Why Smart Marketers Always Use This #1 Key to Writing Copy That Converts:

... And Why Ignoring It Gives You a Snowball’s Chance In Hell to Survive As A High-Class, Respected Copywriter. Read This Letter to Choose the Perfect Prospect Most Likely to Buy Your Products (Every Time) ...





From the Desk of:
Evan Teague
Bali, Indonesia
12:39 P.M.


Hey there,

Thank you and congratulations for downloading Chapter I in Volume I of the Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online!

Thank you, because I appreciate your trust in my guidance and your interest in building up your copy chops.

Congratulations, because you just took a massive step forward in boosting your business profitability (consistently).

Strengthening the priceless skill of selling with words is one of the most important things to learn as an online business owner.

Flipping through Chapter 1 in my book (TUCGSAO for short), you’ll find a wealth of information that’ll shortcut your learning curve.

This is some of the stuff I paid handsomely to learn, in time, money and energy.

So today, you’ve already gotten access to immediate, actionable steps to beef up your bank account quickly.

Just reading this first chapter will help you put proven concepts to work and instantly see your conversions rise.


A Question For the Ambitious: Do You Find Yourself Wanting More (Profit, Sales, Predictable Revenue)?


More than just boosts conversions for your products and services?

More than numbers and data going up randomly?

Maybe you’d like to see steady increases in your most popular product’s sales numbers, or know how to produce results like that every single day?

I remember working on my very first E-commerce business: drop-shipping physical goods to my customers.

My products weren't selling well, so I started learning some tricks of the trade regarding copy.

I was horrible; I wrote long, boring, logical sentences that droned on about the products and their “specifications”.

Needless to say, my conversion rates were pitiful, and on top of that, I could not for the life of me flip that into consistent profit.

By now, I’m sure you know what happens in business when cash flow isn’t consistent…

Stress, pouring over financial statements, contemplating quality of life, current debt, rent, bills, and other responsibilities, (for starters).

Not to mention, trying to fix this pressing issue and move forward in business!


At This Point, You Might Be Feeling Like Giving Up… I Know I Was


I’m not afraid to admit it either.

No sense in trying to cover up how I was feeling to save my pride…

I was considering if this whole working online thing was worth it or not.

I’d been traveling around for a good bit at that point, living in Thailand, exploring Japan and other parts of Asia.

I wanted to continue that lifestyle indefinitely, but at times I felt like I didn’t have it in me.

Shoot, I remember spending $1000 on ads to make $500 profit (if I was lucky).

Thankfully, I had mentors above me who were able to tear my projects down from scratch and help me build them up (the right way).

Keep in mind, this was years ago, for my E-commerce business. Do you want to know what the root problem really was?

Not knowing how to sell. Not knowing how to sell with my words, effectively.

It applies to every single business known to man (except those not involving humans).

If you’re not a human selling to humans, disregard.

But if you are a human doing business online, this skillset is absolutely necessary for success.

There’s really no two ways about it; either you learn it, or pay for it from a pro.

But you know what they say about outsourcing, right?

You have to actually know how to do the thing you’re outsourcing, or else you’ll never know if it’s a job well done or not.

Without knowing how to write copy, you can never effectively outsource.

You’ll never be able to decipher the good copy and ads, from the bad.

So this leaves you with a choice…


Learning Copy Well, Or Outsourcing Blindly - What Would a Pro Business Owner Do?


So imagine you’ve got a service or product (or many products), and you’re sending your advertising dollars straight into the trash can.

Why are you doing this?

Well, because you show your prospects (would-be buyers) something they don’t know how to respond to.

At the heart of it, you don’t know exactly how to write copy that sells.

Whether it’s for:

- E-commerce businesses (like Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Private Brands)

- Service-based businesses (like Graphic Design, Web Development, Content and SEO)

- Information product businesses (like Courses, E-books, and Events)

… You MUST learn proper flow, technique, and delivery when selling with your words.

Let’s take that a step further…

All humans selling to other humans need to know how to sell with words! It’s that damn important.

If you don’t know how to move another person to action, to buy a product that’ll help them, then you’ll never grow your business.

Duh. Basic stuff, right?

And if you want to actually help your targets, (hopefully why you’re in business in the first place!)...

... then you need to know how to get them to do stuff in their best interest, so you can get them great results.

That’s a win-win situation.

Your people give you money for the valuable product or service you offer (that’ll improve their life).

The only thing I entertain in business are win-wins. Hopefully you think the same way!

But there's one little problem blocking you from getting your products into their lives, and we'll talk about that in a second... Keep reading:


There's A Better, Far More Reliable Approach to Writing Copy. Here’s How I Started:


Initially what I started doing with my E-commerce store, was testing out every way I could write copy to sell the products I was drop-shipping.

This is the part where most people say: “I tried this, I tried that, let me sell you my super-expensive formula (that’s really just trash re-packaged).”

But for me? I pretty much started blindly and came up with my own ways to sell products on my product pages.

My mind was taking in knowledge from credible sources, but I was putting together my own way to sell E-commerce physical goods.

Remember, when selling anything online, (like the title of the first chapter of that book you just downloaded)…

It’s reeeeally key that you’re explicit in detail, honest in emotion, and represent your product fairly.

This makes the prospect see themselves, in their mind’s eye, already possessing your awesome products.

They can’t touch it, they can’t smell it, they can’t feel it in their hands.

So… how are they supposed to understand what it’d be like to own what you’re selling?


  • Incredibly persuasive copy, and
  • Your proper targeting & matching their needs,

... are what they can rely on, to digest the product with their five mental senses.

This is what helped me earn six figures a year in revenue from my initial stores, and move past that.

Now, you know I always keep it 100.

Some of the conversions were lower than the 1%, because the products are extremely high priced for E-commerce sales. If you divide the year's revenue for just one traffic source ($79,xxx) by the number of sales in that line (48), you'll see the average price was $1600 on average.

People moving above this price need to usually talk to somebody before buying. On top of that, the profit margin was below the revenue number, obviously, as with any business.

But the point is, with my optimized stores, marketing, copy, design, and brand...

I was able to get my customers to pay over $2,000 each for some of my E-commerce products.

Pretty fun stuff. But enough about me; how are you supposed to achieve this, with just one small piece of the puzzle that is copywriting knowledge?


Diving Deep: Beyond One Small Chapter in the Most Important Skill For Online Success


Now the first chapter of TUCGSAO is great; don’t get me wrong…

I poured tons of work into dialing down my concepts into brief, digestible chunks that you could go forth and “make it rain money” with.

But it’s short. You might be thinking that right now!

I know for a fact it doesn’t fully satisfy your quench for wealth and freedom through a dialed, online business on auto-pilot.

But, what can I say?

We hardly ever value what we get for free. Plus, we tend to have the attention span of a squirrel (myself included).

So I wanted to deliver immediate value to you, so you could go out and use it today.

Besides, most people are going to download it, never look inside, and allow their lives to stagnate in the same way, day after day...

Going to that same boring job they hate, pushing pencils, working in cubicles...

Or maybe even working in their own business (that seems to own them like a job). It requires loads of upkeep and they can never step away, because their profits are too slim to hire out.

They’re comfortable to stay in the same spot, even when they’re not getting the freedom they desire with proper advertising skills.

Why will so many people do so little to progress? That’s human nature, but that rant is for another day!

Most people are totally content to sit at home, living the same existence day in, day out, never challenging or upgrading their lifestyle and passion for life.


But You’re Not Most People... I Hope (Fingers Crossed)


Here’s a quick list of what “most people” do… The average among us:

- Do not invest in themselves or their education (even when the dollar amounts pale in comparison to value)

- Never believe that they, too can become successful or build a business

- Complain, whine, b*tch, moan about their circumstances

- See every product offering as a scam, rejecting any hand that tries to feed them

And of course countless other points, as I’m sure you’ve seen in your own life.

Hopefully, you crossed yourself out of that list very quickly.

If you did, I’d like to invite you to check out what I have for you today…

Today I am offering you the only next step that makes any sense, in a crowded, hype-y, loud market (teaching the same overused garbage).

I’m offering you a hand-up (because I don’t give hand-outs) to install tools into your business that boost actual cash in your pocket.

What I have in store is a more complete version of what you already downloaded today.


Introducing: The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Complete PDF E-book Volume I]


Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online

If you want to have four more jam-packed chapters inside Volume I, this is the best time to do get ‘em. Soon, the book will be much bigger and much more expensive, but for now, I’m practically giving it away at a steal.

This Volume is only for the ambitious, who count themselves out of the previous “average people” list.

Volume I is for the people who are serious about taking their online business (whether E-commerce, Service, or Info Product) to the very next level, in the quickest way possible.

It’s for people who need quick windfalls of cash in the short term, to fund their long term vision.

It is taking selling with words to the level of supreme importance, where it should be.

Remember when I told you about the proven E-commerce formula that helped me convert over 1% of my visitors for items $1k and above?

That easy formula’s in there.

You can literally plug it in and watch conversions go up overnight. Tweak it to fit your products, add on to it, take away from it, test it for higher conversions.

Oh, and a few other important things are in there, too:


1) Headline Formulas That Help You Target Your Perfect Prospect & Sell Them Your Goods Quickly, While Establishing Rapport


This is perfect for you if you’re stuck writing advertising pieces that you don’t know how to start. It’s also plug n’ play: plug it in and get the exact customer you want to pull out their wallet and do business with you.

It’s ideal for E-commerce businesses, long form sales letters for one-time offers, great for info products like E-books and new courses, and will boost your conversions no matter what you’re selling. It’s universal. (Remember, selling to humans).


2) Little-Known, High-Converting, Unconventional E-commerce Product Title Formulas


These are easy to use copywriting ideas and guidelines that let you put your unique product into an ad or product page and watch it sell like mad.

I’m giving away some E-commerce secrets here, because most of the industry sells in an extremely boring way.

They use only their titles and product SKUs (or similar) to introduce their products. The way I’ve used, and suggest using, gets people’s mouths watering for what you’ve got to sell, before they even read your body copy.

It’s really special. That chapter is inside this first Volume, waiting for you as well.


3) A Special Deep-Dive on Exactly How to Target the Most Likely Person in the World That'd Want to Buy Your Goods


Selling fish to meat vendors is useless.

In this chapter, you’ll learn the exact way to not only pick your target, but get DEEP inside their head, emotions, and life situation.

This allows you to speak to their soul and show them you’ve got exactly what they need. You help them solve their unique problems, and lead them to the exact place they want to go, (which is through your business).

It’s magical. And the best part?

Hardly anybody sells like this.

Most people just start writing copy, spitting in the wind, hoping that their words will land and their bank account will magically fill up.

Not a chance, unless you figure out this crucial component.

Oh, and I almost forgot - there are small, profit-boosting extras inside, like:

- The only two real reasons people buy anything (miss just one of them and you’re toast; hit both of them and you’re golden)

- How to sell tangible or intangible goods when the barrier of a computer screen separates you from your customer

- Primal shortcuts and psychology hacks that you can use to move your products much quicker, even selling them at a higher price for fatter margins

… and of course much more, such as…


BONUS # 1:

The Evographics “Hushed Secrets” Guidebook: The Closest Thing on Earth to Reading Your Prospect’s Mind & Getting the Sale


There’s something very special included with The Ultimate Copywriting Guide, but only if you’re willing to commit to your future and pick it up today.

After writing and selling my copywriting guidebook and hearing from customers,  I got to thinking:

“Who really needs another copywriting book? My insights contain new and unique combinations, but what more can really be said about writing copy, and how is another book going to help?”

So I considered what I’ve learned over my years of consulting with private clients, and I recognized something extremely important.

I recognized that the very first thing that we do together, (after payment and signing my simple agreement) is we get really focused.

We focus on finding and targeting the perfect customer profile.

What do I mean by “perfect customer profile”?

I mean the person who’s:

a) The most in need of your product

b) The most willing to pay you money ASAP for it, and

c) The easiest to convert to a sale, and money in the bank

We go through a complex process together, of targeting this perfect person, which always results in massive sales. This is because we’re just so clear on who needs their products and how to reach them.

And while I can’t share my detailed “Perfect Customer Profile” sheet and insider process with people outside my client base, I can do something just as powerful…

I can reveal in depth my own creation of “Evographics”, and share the powerful profit potential with you and other marketers. Remember, there’s Demographics, Psychographics, and my own creation of Evographics.

As you’ll see when you grab the copy book, we dive deep into each concept. However, there’s one more thing you can do to actively read your prospect's mind, practically controlling it to give you money.

Before you roll your eyes at that last (half-joking) statement, hear a guy out.

The reason Evographics are so fundamentally business-changing is that we focus on a myriad of topics in which we practically predict the next move our customers have, before they make it.

And when you successfully do this, you attain an ability to write copy that puts hands in back pockets, retrieves wallets, and sends money to your checking account.

It’s that powerful.

Without unveiling too much of the Evographics process, I outline topics that are practically push-button solutions to doubling your conversions and getting the sales that enable the lifestyle you want to live.

Remember, in this game, you’re staring at an open ceiling with infinite potential to hit any profit goals you’d like.

There’s just no limit. We jump into:

- Evolutionary Psychology insights that encapsulate the most basic drives of your market (and any market, for that matter). I show you how to covertly sell to these desires without the prospect knowing what you did and getting turned off to your sales message

- Behavioral Economic keys to the kingdom that reveal what actually makes people buy. This includes the factors that influence their decisions, and what they’re thinking while reading your copy and buying your product

- Game Theory concepts that you can summon immediately - These get you to a point in your business where you can laugh in your competitor’s face, leaving them with zero idea how you got so far ahead of their sales

- A way to combine these three concepts in your deep grasp of Human Evographics, that frees up your time; you can knock back margaritas on the beach OR grind even harder on passion projects that bring you more money; it's your choice!

- Pivotal market research and targeting questions that’ll hyper-select the most profitable customers for you, frame your copy tone so they’re magnetized to you, and attract high level customers (while weeding out the annoying tire-kickers and cheap-skates)

So as I mentioned, my private clients get executive-class priority to hushed targeting methods. We apply methods that help them channel their marketing message to a hungry crowd.

However, with this Executive Package I’ve engineered for you, you get many of the same methods I use. These tools are yours today, for (quite literally) .001% the price of my cheapest consulting package!

And though I ask myself “WHY” I’m giving this away at such a ridiculously low price, I remember that the more people see it, the more people I help.

That’s their benefit and what they get out of it. My benefit is that as I distribute this introduction-only price, I’ll get even more raving fans and customers who will give me kick-ass testimonials that’ll help my future conversions increase even further!

As I’ve said, everything I do in business is win-win.

But as a side note, in the Game Theory section (you’ll see on page 14 when you grab it today) we cover how to handle those competitors and customers who are playing different ethical games than you. People who stand for dirty motives and lack of morals, and exactly how you can beat them in the marketplace, fair and square.

Even if, like me, you always advocate win-win, the fact (covered in this section) is that you really don’t have the option to stand by on the sidelines and just 'watch the game'.

Either you’re in or you’re out, and if you don’t have the guts to put the gloves on and box, (which at times can get thick!), you might not have what it takes to be a superior marketer and copywriter in your space.

If that’s you, it’s better to not grab this extra Executive Package....

You might not be able to handle the rawness contained inside, that dissects the truth of human nature for profits.

It's for serious and committed freedom-business owners only.

It’s called “hushed secrets” for a reason; it’s not for the weak-stomached.



The Official Profit & Conversions Sheet:

A Tasty Bone for the Grizzled Vets -A Few ‘Graphics You Probably Know
(And Some You Probably Don’t!)


Inside chapter 5 of this Volume I, you’ll find some revolutionary concepts about targeting.

Some you know, especially if you’ve been in business for a long time.

These consist of three primary necessities:

- Demographics

- Psychographics, and

- Evographics

Now, demographics is pretty straightforward; everybody seems to know what they are and how to use them for targeting.

Where did Mr. Johnson go to college, how much does he make per year, what’s his profession, does he have kids, is his dog a Labrador or Collie?

Logical, basic things like that.

This is helpful to know, it’s a fundamental, and we brush up on this in the book.

But… the two more important categories are that of the Psychographics and Evographics.

Psychographics has been hashed out briefly by some marketing books. But in this book, we dive into what it really means and how to use it for wildfire marketing.

But... the Evographics is more about my creation from necessity.

These last two 'graphics are where the BIG money is made.

Let me repeat that in another way: selling to a demographic is not where the big profit comes from...

Selling to a Psychographic and an Evographic is.

We dive deep inside these concepts to wring the highest profits possible out of your own products, and these two alone will absolutely set you apart from your competition.

Everybody wants to differentiate their business. Almost nobody knows how.

So when you buy The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Volume I] today, for its one-time limited introductory price, you'll get this "Profit & Conversion Sheet" FREE.

This will allow you to laser-target your ideal customer who's most likely to bring you the money, and differentiate your business with supreme ease.

Buy The Ultimate Copywriting Guide & Get the Online Business "Profit & Conversions Sheet" FREE!

This bonus is the biggest, fastest step in the direction of learning your target and moving them to action. It’s yours free when you grab Volume I of T.U.C.G.S.A.O. today!



“Evan’s able to create visions and attract them like a magnet, so he doesn’t have to do anything more. Seeing him have his clear visions and build purpose, is truly remarkable.

He has changed my life with my mindset, how I approach entrepreneurship, and how I solve my problems.

On top of that, he closely guided me to the point I began making $3-5k/mo. with my drop-shipping store, and then was able to sell that for $12,000! Without his key insights, including my store's theme, optimizations, copywriting, and graphics...

... It never would've happened.

Work with Evan.

motive in motion






Asheer A. (E-Commerce Wealth Coach)
Minnesota, USA



An Unusual 30-Day Guarantee For Those Tip-Toeing Around Committing To The Life They Know They Should Be Living...


Is there a guarantee for The Ultimate Copywriting Guide Vol. I?


I absolutely guarantee you that your life will be exactly the same in 30 days if you keep doing whatever you've been doing for all this time.

That's a fact. And if you're not willing to change something you do daily, then you can be 100% certain your life will always stay the same. Success is found in daily actions.

And like I said before, I’m practically giving this book away at a steal, because this price is ridiculously low, and it's taken me years to assimilate this stuff into one actionable playbook.

It’s only $40 because I want to get it into more people’s hands, as well as get new reviews for this volume. I’m also building out the full version which will make this price and the total price go up.

So if I were you, I’d take advantage of this ASAP, before it’s gone forever. (This page could come down at any time).

I also guarantee that the type of people who need to "test drive" $40 products don't belong in this community, as it just won't be the right fit with current members.

I'm proud to say that all of my current clients and customers are committed.

They're committed to better lives, better education, and becoming wealthier... They don't dabble. If you're a dabbler, Motive In Motion is not the right place for you anyways.

This is a brief, actionable book to install its concepts into your business and increase (double or triple) your profits...

Go all in or all out, baby. No in-between.


“As soon as I applied Evan’s work and copywriting to my E-commerce product descriptions, I saw sales increase. It began a bit slow, but as I showcased more reviews and proof, my product took off.

Once we started running advertising, we doubled revenue again until we were making around $100/day on ONE product!

Evan is our new marketing consultant for the future – highly recommended."

Panthip (Amazon FBA Seller)
Bangkok, Thailand




So Here’s Exactly What You Should Do Next…


This book is stupid easy to use.

It’s stupid cheap.

There’s nothing standing between you and the future of your dialed, profitable business that brings you however much freedom you choose…


The price of a few vanilla mocha-frappe-ccino-whatever-the-hells from Starbucks.

Is it really a hard decision?

Click the ‘Download Now’ button below to get the guide to profitable business copy, a fuller bank account, and relieved stress of writing hard-hitting sales copy from scratch.

Forfeit a couple trips to the movies today, for endless days of choice every single day.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

People are waiting on your massively helpful business or brand to supply awesome products to them at fair prices.

Even if you have the best products in the world, I repeat:

They WILL NOT sell themselves.

I’ve been there.

Frustrated because I had such valuable products for people, but I couldn’t get them in their hands because I didn’t know how to market or sell with words, or in person.

This book tells you exactly how to do both (extremely well).

It’s what high-achievers and people with huge net worths are very good at.

It’s the only thing you need to plug n’ play with copy that converts, with accuracy and predictability, and that actually builds your cash flow so you can grow your business quickly.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to download The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Volume I] instantly!




Maybe you’re an efficient time-investor like myself, and you love to get the rundown on things quickly.

Well, here’s the deal:

You just downloaded quick, actionable copy techniques that you can plug into your business, and improve cash flow and profit with immediately (for free).

But you’ve only scratched the surface with Chapter I.

The copywriting world gets much deeper and more difficult from here on out.

Learning to sell with words effectively, targeting accurately, and boosting profits consistently, has so many moving pieces.

So many that you may lose focus and momentum, if you don’t have the copywriting skill dialed.

So, for uncommonly quick, above-average results, you need uncommon solutions.

I’ve put together the entire Volume I of what you just downloaded Chapter I from.

It’s got four more chapters, packed to the gills with the wisdom you need to reach unseen profit and freedom levels with your online business.

It’s perfect if you’re:

- an E-commerce business owner (Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Private Brands)

- a Service-based business owner (selling Graphic Design work, Web Development, Content or SEO)

- an Information product business owner (selling Courses, E-books, and Events)

All people selling online, (and offline for that matter) need to learn how to sell to other humans with spine-tingling accuracy and empathy.

Most start out wrong, and waste thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours!

I certainly did.

But now, I’ve put together:

- E-commerce formulas you can swipe and deploy for boosted sales on your site

- Branding and Direct Response Copy tips that you can plug and play in your ads and letters

- Targeting methods that attract your perfect prospects, getting them hungry for your products

- A blueprint of unique, little-known methods that only elite marketers use (Demographics, Psychographics, and Evographics)

… plus a whole host more.

You can grab this book right now, for a measly $40 bucks.

It’s insanely cheap because right now, I’m still getting new reviews for it, and rolling this into the full book with many volumes. It’s going to be epic.

Right now, you can grab it before this page goes away (it could at any time) and start using these leveraged concepts in your business for massive profit, wealth, and building the future security of your family.

Right now, you have two options:

a) Buy the equivalent of two popcorn-and-sugar-filled movie trips that make you fatter, or

b) Forego that, and invest that money in your future, increasing your monthly cash flow, travel budget, and marketing plans that are proven to convert

The choice is yours, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not much of a choice.

You choose: your rich and successful future, or the downfall of your physical body.

When you’re ready to choose the smart choice, invest in yourself, and boost your profits with ridiculous accuracy…

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to download The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Volume I] immediately!

I’ll see you at the top of that business food chain...




Damn! You're still here reading this?

I know you're not actually worried about losing your $40 investment... are you?

Just picture some of your entrepreneurial idols for a second. What do you think they would do?

Would they cower back, hesitating on investing in tools that help them jump forward in life, quickly, and learn from people who've already spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars tweaking and trying the things you want to skip ahead of?

No. Of course not!

They'd be jumping at the opportunity to snag the quickest and most impactful tools to build their ideal lifestyle. That's what they've done all along, whether you follow anyone from Tony Robbins to Richard Branson, Frank Kern to Brian Tracy.

Remember what they say?

If you want to get similar results as the successful people, all you need to do is model their behavior and be willing to take a chance on yourself.

There are no guarantee on this price.

The book has already gone through several iterations; it first started at just $9! Then it jumped to $19, then $40, all through quality feedback of my customers, improvements on the packages, and more...

That means it's liable to go up and up again, if you don't act now.

The absolute only way you could NOT get value from this, is if you bought it and didn't do anything with the material.

That's it.

But if you're still on the fence, read some of this insanely powerful testament from an E-commerce CEO client of mine. He speaks of the very keys I'm going to teach you inside this Ultimate Copywriting Guide...




"My business partner and I worked with Evan for 3 months on our supplement brand. Ultimately he delivered 3 Amazon listings with our 21-e-mail autoresponder back end.

He crafted a relatable story with our brand avatar and delivered a segmented auto-responder that spoke directly to our target market through storytelling.

Some of my favorite things were the depth and psychology of the mind maps and avatar, the emotional and relatable story, and the high caliber Amazon listings with engaging, and overall better copy than our competition.

He helped us position our brand to be able to command and convert high quality buyers at a premium price. Speaking to that, the superior copy resulted in impressive conversion rates quickly upon our launch.

These conversion rates consisted of 25.8%, 30.2%, and 38% for our 3 listings!

We felt a high energy and passion for the work when working together and it built our confidence in his ability. There was a general air of professionalism from start to finish! I’d recommend new clients who are looking for a strong foundation and brand direction to go to Evan for their new company."

motive in motion






Winston C.,
CEO of E-Commerce Supplement Brand
Te Aroha, New Zealand



You know what you've got to do.

Commit to changing your future for the better, so you can:

  • build a powerful, profitable business, straight out of the gate
  • improve and optimize any current business venture for massive profitability
  • free up your time and location to work anywhere in the world, and
  • empower and equip yourself with tools to control and mold your financial future

It's up to you, and your most valuable asset is ticking away.

On top of that, this volume won't be available for long, since four or more new volumes will be coming out and changing the structure up completely.

So scroll down and click the button now to get instant access to the extremely powerful, Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online!


Sincerely, your man,

Evan Teague

Motive In Motion

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The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Vol. I]
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The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Vol. I Executive Package]
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