Time Is Ticking: Never Trade Finite For Infinite

Time Is Ticking: Never Trade Finite For Infinite

Throwing a finite resource away for an infinite resource is a fool’s game. Time is finite; money is not. Time is ticking, so never waste all your time chasing money.

You can gain all the money on earth that you require for your purposes, no problem. It’s out there for you and you can have however much you set your sights on. The same cannot be said for time. It’s not possible to go out and purchase 100 more years.

Money is not something to be “made” or “chased”, but the value and needs to be filled should be. Don’t throw all your energies around trying to accumulate a big pile of goods or money for the sake of it.

Rather, focus on how to bring an enormous amount of value and worth to other people’s lives. That is how you can make money.

If we’re not placed here to make life more livable for our fellow man inhabiting the planet with us, I’m not sure why we came.

The time we have on this planet is limited, yet hardly anyone treats it like this.

There are so many people who are patient and wait for things to fall in their lap. Others decide they will urgently go out and take what they want and need.

Time Is Ticking: Develop An Urgency

Some of my close friends in my short life have passed away with no notice. No one could have seen that coming, but it did.

People often say that these people were too young to die. Maybe that’s true, maybe not. The point is that everyone I know who died young lived an extravagant life and is remembered by many.

Be it for their kindness, inspiration, or uniqueness, these people came here and did what they were supposed to do. Who is to say that they were “supposed” to live longer?

Since we don’t really know how long we will live, a 9 year old could be older than a 99 year old if the 9 year old is going to die in 3 weeks. Birthdate is only a number, and what really matters is the relativity of our life now to how much time we have left.

If you treated every single day like it was your last day living, what would you be doing?

If that thought does not call you to urgency for your purpose, I don’t know what will.

To people throwing their lives away at a job they hate, what would be the point of doing that on your last day of living? To people living to please others, what is the real point?

To others who are scared to take the leap, would you do it if you would die tomorrow?

It is unlikely that we will die tomorrow, but on this earth, our time is ticking away and our money is abundant and here to stay. We can get all the money we need or want and yet we still have not figured out how to live forever. 

We only act like we have forever.

How to Get Money & Enjoy Time

The key to developing lasting, abundant money while utilizing our time fully is accomplished by doing what you were made to do.

Don’t waste time fulfilling someone else’s purpose.

Find out what your strengths are, how you can improve on them, who else is also good at these things, and find needs only you can fill.

This is the only piece of advice you will need to prosper gallantly.

 To Make Time Seem Infinite, 3 Rules Must Align:

1. You Must Be Obsessed With What You Do

2. You Must Find A Customer

3. You Must Create a Vehicle to Collect Rewards

Find an area where you can work all day if you like and have it not feel like work. Find a customer, then another, then another. Then offer them fantastic value and create an adequate channel to collect your rewards.

Sam Walton spoke of work in a positive, infectious way:

 “If you love your work, you’ll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around you will catch the passion from you – like a fever.” 

If you only have one of these three rules, you will not succeed. If you have two of these three, you will not succeed.

All three must be in line because if you can’t stand what you do, you will be bored and won’t stick with it long enough. You will always watch the clock and see that  time is ticking against your favor.

If you have no needs to fill or customers to pay you, there is no revenue or profit.

Finally, if you’re adding enormous value and there’s no way for people to reward you for it, you become a charity. This means you are contributing value but while your time is ticking on; you are losing money, not gaining it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is your choice. If you want to make a living, something will need to be different.

To do what you love, prosper from it, and keep growing, you will need to have all three rules working synergistically in your favor.

Myth of Work/Life Balance

The only people who have work/life balances are the ones who need to get away from their work.

Instead of this dichotomy, why not entertain the idea of building an ideal lifestyle as a bigger picture? This would be a much more efficient flow where you can focus on your life’s mission anytime of the day, and have it also be your income source. 

If you need to get away from your work, or take vacations from your job, you’re probably on the wrong road.

Turn around, take a left and build a life for yourself where you’re never working! You’re just doing what needs to happen, and it doesn’t feel hard. The lines should blur between work and life because whether you’re actively contributing or not, you’re still building – consciously or unconsciously.

If you want to work more on furthering your goals, you do it. If you want to take a break and mull over some new ideas, you do it.

Your subconscious will be constantly building that ideal life you have created in your head, no matter what you’re doing.

When you’re on this type of path, money truly becomes abundant and not a worry once the correct systems are in place.

This is the best way to create a feeling of infinite time.

When you’re pulled by what you want to create you have no limits to what is possible, and your work doesn’t feel like work. You can work for hours on end and look up at the clock to realize you forgot to eat or sleep.

When you’re staring at that same clock while doing things you hate, it seems time is ticking at a rate of one mile per hour.

To take control of your life and your time, you will need to pick the thing that invigorates you and leap into it headfirst.

There may be two, three, four or more tries before you get it right, but your sole responsibility is to pick what you want most, understand what you are strongest at, make a clear mental picture of it and take the first step to move it forward.

That’s it.

Stop trying to work so hard at achieving all you want. You can work smart, and show up more consistently, but you don’t need to push yourself and constantly stress.

Your conscious mind is responsible for deciding what you want and visualizing it.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for creating it and deciding the path.

Hustle by all means, but release some of the control you’re forcing upon your conscious mind to figure everything out at once.

William James once said:

“When once a decision is reached and execution is the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome. Unclamp, in a word, your intellectual and practical machinery and let it run free.”

Essentially, do not worry and fret after you’ve made a decision and it’s time to make moves. Instead, once you’re committed, work in the best way, and do not try to force yourself to do everything. Your subconscious will help you along even when you’re not working on it.

This is the power of consciously deciding on a target and striving towards it.

Time is finite so you must take it one day at a time and apply your absolute best so you will never feel like time is ticking.

If you would die tomorrow, what would you be doing right NOW?

Go do that.

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4 Replies to "Time Is Ticking: Never Trade Finite For Infinite"

  • Good writeup Evan.

    For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I’m following MY heart, MY dreams, MY goals. And not someone else’s plan or path.

    The feeling is unmatched after working all day. I feel fulfilled and completely at ease with myself and the world.

    I’m not making money yet with my blog, but it doesn’t even matter. I know it will come in time. I could go three years without making a dime because I’m expressing my creativity and following my heart. Nothing else matters other than that.

    Thanks for the words. Gonna share this on Twitter for you.


    • Ben,

      With that mindset, you’ll smash every goal you set your sights on.

      Live your life the way you want and build your own dreams, or else someone will hire you to build theirs for you!

      The payoff will come. The scales must balance and if you’re producing value in enough people’s lives you will be rewarded.

  • This website is a gem Evan, where have you been hiding! This is only the third article I have managed to read but you hit this stuff out of the park. I will be back for more on a regular basis!

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