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When to Teach, When to Learn…

I’d like to share an important strategy to learn if you’re looking to optimize what you gain and what you give to the world.

It’s very important that you’re constantly keeping a balance between what you’re contributing and what you’re receiving from society.

When an imbalance is in place, there is lack on one end.

If you’re not contributing enough to the world, you won’t be fulfilled and you likely won’t be very valuable to the marketplace. This will reflect itself in your personal, financial and physical freedom and in your bank account.

When you’re contributing to the world in an enormous way, but not taking care of your own needs, you’re likely to become over-stressed and spent. You put others’ needs before your own and don’t know how to say “no” every once in a while.

Neither option is a healthy or sustainable way to go about life. Instead, utilize this alternative that is sure to help you with the imbalance in life that you might have.

Become a lifelong student and a lifelong teacher.

However, only become a teacher of crafts you’ve mastered. Never catch yourself being a dilettante or speaking about what you don’t know.

By taking full advantage of both sides of learning and teaching, you will understand what it takes to both acquire success for yourself and spread it in full effect to others.

You absorb, and then disperse. You pick up knowledge, and then lay it down in your own way. You get inspired, then inspire. Your cup must be full first.

It’s impossible to give if you aren’t already filled up. The powerful dichotomy of this is that the more you give out, the more you will receive. Let’s break this down so it gets past its cliché.

If you’re constantly receiving value, knowledge, and education through external sources and you are filled up with inspiration, motivation, and experience, you can easily turn right around and distribute the same type of power through your own channels.

You take what you learn because you’re in a constant state of learning and flow, and you distribute and interpret it in your own way. This allows people to easily digest what you have to say, it provides value to others’ lives, it makes ready information that might not have crossed their path without you, and it shows others what is possible.

There are no downsides to sharing a wealth of knowledge and information.

How to Set This Chain Reaction in Motion

1. Absorb Knowledge Daily

You cannot expect to spread much value if you don’t have any of it, have any experience, or learn from credible sources. Read a book. Invest in a course. Go to a seminar. Network with successful people. Learn a skill. Conduct a case study.

Find something that you can do that others are looking for. Then, increase and expand upon the value you can deliver in that direction by looking for proactive ways to deliver it and go above and beyond. Ooze value.

2. Get Around Others On a Similar Mission

It’s so important who you spend time with, because you end up becoming just like those people. Get around others who are looking to be of service and add to the world.

Don’t waste time with people only looking to take and be energy leeches off the world. Look for the people who are improving themselves in order to become the type of person who is able to spread knowledge and wisdom.

3. Find a Channel

The importance of a channel can’t be overlooked, because if there is no distribution, there is no action towards that goal. There is nothing being spread to others because there is no way to get it out there.

This channel can be a YouTube series, a blog, a speaking career, mastermind groups, development workshops, book clubs, seminars, webcasts, podcasts; the possibilities are endless.

Find a channel that fits with you and your style in order to maximize efficiency and distribution.

Any project takes time to build and create, especially if you’ve never done it before. Starting out, your learning curve will be larger than usual, but if you educate yourself daily you can shorten that up.

By deciding and creating what you want, going after it harder than anyone else, and surrounding yourself with people who are headed in the same direction, you are sure to reach exactly the amount of people that you want.

Over time, you will develop an audience who are aptly listening and just as interested as you are in the topic you are expanding on.

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