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One Quick Negativity Trick to Snuff It In Its Evil Tracks

Tons of negative thoughts come into our reality that we often aren’t even aware of. They are perilous to our success and homicidal to our progress.

These thoughts must be decapitated before they grow, they must be acknowledged and pulled out by the root. Don’t identify with them, and don’t let them stay in your head rent-free. They always take a toll.

I’ve come up with a quick way to notice, remove, and then replace these negative thoughts when they come knocking. This is the moment they must be deleted because any slower than immediately will allow them to find a home and grow roots in your mind.

Snap away negative thoughts.

Literally? Yes.

It can be done physically or mentally, but physically snapping carries more weight.

If you notice a disempowering thought enter into your consciousness, you must recognize it for what it is, damaging, and remove it at once. The easy way to do this is to snap as soon as you notice it and physically snap to change your pathways of thought.

The reason this works is because of a little concept known as neuroplasticity. It states that our brain wiring is completely malleable. What we feed our brain changes the physical structure of the brain and allows for reinforced habits to become new structures.

When you snap away negativity, you are encouraging your brain to physically change shape and to form new connections and neural pathways.

But recognizing the destructive thought is only the first part of the process. You must learn the rest in order to change your neural pathways, and therefore, your habits.

The Complete Process

1. Snap To Recognize Negativity

You must consciously become aware of what you’re looking to uproot. To figure this out, ask yourself if your thought is building you up and growing you or invading your happiness. Does it uplift or tear you down? If you still can’t figure this out, check your gut and feelings. How are you feeling when entertain this thought? This indicator should be listened to because it’s a great way to get to the root of what’s helping and what isn’t.

2.Uproot That Thought To Remove It Fully

In order to quit thinking the thought that is harming you, a thorough destroying is necessary. Pull it out by the roots. What this means in practical application is to get to the very bottom and underlying cause. A great trick for this is asking yourself “why?” three times. This allows you to examine your own beliefs and get to the deepest root of what’s trying to bring you down.


“Why is this thought here?”

Because I believe x.

“Why do I believe x?”

Because my parents told me it was true

“Why did my parents tell me it was true?”

Because they believe it.

And so on and so forth. This way you will be able to get to the root cause of what thoughts recur in your mind and why.

3. Replace Negativity With A Positive Thought

The constructive ending to this 3-step process is a necessary conclusion of the two prior steps. If you are able to find a new, positive thought to add to the empty space you created in step 2, you will be able to start feeling better immediately. This is because you reconstruct your brain and thought pathways by doing so. This is the most important step in the process and it must be completed for full effect.

At this point you have identified the thought hurting you and snapped, stopped its progress and uprooted the negative thought, and finally replaced it with something constructive.

A practical example goes like this:

  1. “I’m so incapable of making money right now.”
  2. *Snap!*
  3. “I’m valuable to the marketplace, always learning and growing, and there are thousands of ways for me to make more money because money is all around me.”

If you can execute with accuracy, you will prosper from this process.

Scientists think there are some significance in the numbers 7 and 22 when we’re learning new skills. They believe it takes about 66 days to re-route a new habit in the brain.

Stay on this consistent pattern and repeat the process at least this many times.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results or able to immediately uproot your negative thoughts.

With consistency and practice you will benefit from this easy process.

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