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Simplify Your Life: Utilize All Your Faculties

A simple life is one worth living. It is something to be enjoyed and to prosper. Even when it dips low into hard times, it is still something to be appreciated because of the lessons you can salvage from your setbacks. Learning how to simplify your life is the greatest way to be able to handle setbacks and learn their embedded lessons.

When you’re working passionately on something that is close to you, if you’re fully committed, you will inevitably hit roadblocks.

These are not meant to stop you, but more to give you feedback and guide your path to correction. Picture a heat-seeking missile. It receives feedback and corrects, then receives more feedback and corrects again. It finally gets to its destination but never lets these course corrections stop its progress.

When your life is as simple as it needs to be, you can clearly tackle problems and approach any success or obstacle with a calm and level head.

To Truly Simplify Your Life…

To reduce extravagance in life is to cut out all the clutter. To clean house of anything and everything that does not serve a direct or indirect purpose.

There are many vices and needless interactions people put themselves through on the daily. These include addictions, wasted time, negative thoughts, and unclear purpose.

To cut out all of these things is to clear up much room for the important things that will help propel you forward to your goals.

These include: exercise, focused and sustained concentration, pursuit of worthy goals, positive and constructive thinking, and contentedness with life at any and every stage.

To be content at all stages of life is a gift and a skill to be cultivated. When things are rough, it’s easy to get down and out, but it takes a true warrior to be a calm, even keel person through highs and lows.

Simplify your life in all areas including wealth, love, finances, business, success, and health.

This doesn’t mean you can’t live the lifestyle you want, but your possessions and actions should serve a beneficial purpose to yourself and others.

As an entrepreneur, you will be out on your own figuring things out first hand. Sure, there are resources such as guides, courses, books, mentors and success clues but you will need to figure a fair amount out on your own.

It’s not to say you can’t learn from people who’ve done well, but the part that is up to you is figuring out how to fit this into your mission and life path. It’s not going to be an easy task, but when you simplify your life you clear up all engaged faculties that are not currently being used to drive you forward.

You need these faculties.

You need as many working for you at one time as you can.
This creates what Charlie Munger would call a Lollapalooza effect, or a special mix of factors working together to form a strong composite of results. Simplifying your life is one of the easiest ways to create this composite in your favor.

Why Simplify Your Life?

When you’re tied up worrying about petty things that will not matter to you in one year or 10, such as your choice of clothing, the news for that day, the outcome of sports games, and more, you are not fully driven towards your goal and getting closer to it bit by bit each day.

In these cases, you’re taking unnecessary detours costing you money, mental energy, and precious time.

Balance is found in all areas of the universe, and this is no different. There must be a symbiotic balance in your life.

Many people out there are huge sports fans, love to think about clothing and fashion, and care about the everyday news. There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking from a variety of subjects; I’ve been known to enjoy watching BJJ matches and UFC too.

However, my two points are these:

  • when we are too heavily focused in these areas and don’t focus enough on our life mission, we can get mentally cluttered or feel lost
  • we can find ways to tie in our passions and our work so we can always feel balanced with the interests of ours and how we make a living

By learning how to simplify your life, you prioritize what is most important at the very top, you cast the smallest things to the very bottom, and you focus on balancing the things that rank in the middle.

If you’re not sure where you fall on these scales, take a look at how you spend your day. Your time spent each day doing what you do will be an enormous indicator to where you’re going, how quickly, and what you place the most value on in life.

This is a simple test to quickly find out the answers to the aforementioned questions.

By going after the simple life, you’re not missing or sacrificing anything. You can still live a simple kind of life and purchase what you want, live extravagantly, or travel often.

Simplifying your life is less about giving up and more about gaining and progressing. When you do give up the petty things, you focus on and gain the more important things.

Petty things to focus on would be: talking about people, worrying too much about your looks, and wasting energy on things that will not last.

Important things to focus on would be: utilizing your time wisely to improve your life and others’, understanding complex concepts and discussing how to use them for increased efficiency, and prioritizing helpful things in life.

Simplify: How to Organize Your Life

In order to understand how to effectively organize your life, you will need to prioritize what is most important to you and give it the most time in your day. Like anything, learning how to simplify is a skill to be learned and nothing more.

Also remember to invert the problems you deal with and find what you do not want to do or be. When you discover these things, it will be that much easier to clarify what you do want to do or be.

How to Simplify Your Life With Finances

The money we spend can also be an extremely valuable indicator, like time, of where we are placing our importance.

Does most of your earned money go to things that rust, rot or depreciate? Or are you constantly investing in things that will make you smarter, earn you more money, or increase your freedom?

If you’re spending your money investing in things that will bring you greater return, you are not wasting it. You are investing in yourself, which is always the most important asset. One of the benefits of living a simple life like this is putting your money where it can make a difference.

Great minds and enormously successful people understand this and that’s why they commit a certain portion of their income to getting stronger, smarter or wiser in some way.

It’s important to gather and retain your focus for the difficult tasks you may have ahead, because make no mistake: any endeavor that will be successful must require insane amounts of focus and determination.

If you’re willing to simplify your life and learn how to organize your it according to proper priority, you can succeed.

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