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Sharpen Your Skills Before the Opportunities Show Up (Pt. 1)

A daily practice of sharpening your skills toward what you’re aiming for is a crucial part of success. There’s no way to hone your craft if you won’t sharpen your skills. You cannot avoid this process because there is always so much to learn when you’re consistently working towards a desired outcome.

The important part of honing the required skills in your chosen craft is the fundamental understanding that you will never see the full picture as it will play out. There are inevitable variables, obstacles, and curveballs that will come up in this crazy experience of life.

Why It’s So Crucial to Sharpen Your Skills

Since there are so many things that can come up in life that we didn’t expect or predict, your must constantly be honing your craft. It’s expected that to reach success in our endeavors, we will need to be working on getting better every day.

To take this a step further, we need to realize the necessary process of always sharpening skills of ours even when we can’t see the entire path with every obstacle included.

Visualizing the end game is strongly recommended as a daily practice and in as much vivid detail as possible. This allows you to create the initial vision in your head and reverse engineer every milestone. You will no longer need to push yourself from behind, because you’ll be gravitating constantly towards this grandiose achievement.

A new spin on this is also visualizing what could go wrong and planning around it, seeing yourself conquering it, and picturing life on the other end.

This is missing in so many self-help and development books and courses because there is no mention of what could go wrong, or it’s nervously approached like picturing what could happen is harmful.

On the other hand, it’s integral to picture what could go wrong, and plan around it still.

This will not make you depressed, worried or bring it to you faster, but instead will adequately prepare you to deal when it comes.

I used to believe this thinking would steer you off the right path, and without the proper trajectory, it will. If you leave the thoughts unfinished, it will destroy you, just as worrying does.

However, if you understand there will be struggles, try to foresee them, and then planning yourself successfully navigating and smashing through them like every champion does, you will come out victorious.

Sharpen Your Skills & See the End Goal

It’s been said many times before: visualizing success in the form of exactly what you want is the way to get it. We know this, we understand it, and we implement its power.

However, we can never see every single detail in our path before we begin, which is why committing is so important and predicting certain setbacks that could happen is useful too. 

You should be able to have visions of the victory and feel it with every sense in your mind first.

Smell the smells, feel the textures, see it as reality, and taste what you’ll be eating and drinking at your destination. Also remind yourself to factor in the difficulties you’ll need to overcome, the challenges that will pop up and the strengths you’ll need to construct to get where you want.

This way you are setting out on your journey with a fuller bag of tools and tricks because you aren’t naively going in with the unicorns and rainbows approach.

Nothing ever happens exactly the way we predict without variance.

Because of this, we’ll need to only focus on the things we can control. If everything besides what we control could change on a dime without our notice, why worry or try to predict its course of action? That would simply lead to chaos and personal suffering.

Plan as far out as you can into the future of your goals and desires, because the longer you can plan, the more successful you will be. This is because the more we expect and work towards, the higher levels we will reach. We’ll be able to see further into our path because of our power to decide on them.

Always Know How You Will Hone Your Craft

How can we be sure we are honing in on the right craft?

As a general rule, entrepreneurs are going to need to learn sales and marketing.

Entrepreneurs need to know how to promote and market themselves because without these skills, you could have the greatest content in the world and no public availability. Sales and marketing are general skills for anyone looking to become successful in business, really.

Past these two vital skills, the specific skillsets you decide on will usually depend on where you choose to invest your energies. It depends on your chosen industry, what will help you progress the fastest, your learning styles and more.

Once you choose a focus and an industry, the rest becomes simple. It’s all just a game of fitting in relevant skills to the picture you see in your head. If you know where you’re headed in the industry and in your life, you’ll have no struggle deciding on what is necessary to learn.

Remember this and build on only what you need to help you win. The rest is irrelevant.

* This is part 1 of a 2 part series about sharpening your skills. To read Sharpen Your Skills (Pt. 2) click here.

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