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Nature Laughs Last: Beware the 4-Term Seasons of Life

There is a certain natural, harmonious progression that is continuous and omnipotent. These have often been referred to as simple seasons of life.

This article is simply an observation and suggestion of how to allow this inevitable four-season-cycle to back you and your efforts.

Generally speaking, four separate cycles occur in life, sometimes in order, sometimes out. They sometimes vary and blur the lines between but they are persistent and evident in our daily lives. Certain times you will be on top of the world, reaping what you’ve sown, and other times you will be at the trough of a curve and re-strategizing for a new plan.

There is no need at any time of these cyclical seasons of life to get a big head over wins, or beat yourself up over lack of success. Both of these reactions can be detrimental to what you’re striving for. If you think you’re the best in the world, you will soon be humbled. If you don’t ever think you’re good enough you will never achieve all that you’re capable of.

Learn to take each in stride, constantly striving to learn and become better.

It is damaging to compare yourself to people far down the road, and equally, far behind you on the path. Don’t ever compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end in the seasons of life.

Each cycle in the seasons of life will bring a new set of emotions, actions, thoughts, and ideas. Flow with them. Study them. Perform with these fleeting moments as best you can.

You must remember that the species that survives is the one with the best ability to adapt.

In order to get through all the troubles and opportunities that will come up successfully, you must understand that an adaptation is necessary for each. View your problems as opportunities in disguise, faithfully knowing that something beneficial will become of it on the other side. They are simple challenges to test you.

Everyone you look up to due to success has gone through their fair share of trials and tribulations. Absolutely guaranteed.

If you’re viewing a situation as bad, or good, you are simply looking at it with a shortsighted vision. You’re seeing it through the lens of only the present moment, for a situation is not negative or positive, but part of a complete whole.

For instance, if someone’s father dies, this is a sad event for most people, understandably. However if that death in turn causes the impetus for a non-profit organization to help continue what the father believed in, it is a balanced situation. Most people view death as a tragic event, but why does it have to be? Perhaps it’s only based off the feelings of missing those left behind. Why not celebrate their life with gratitude instead?

Taking a similar approach in this form of understanding in balance and wholesomeness, you can really benefit and more easily weather the four seasons in life.

Here’s a general breakdown of the four seasons and what will tend to happen inside their rough outlines. These are available for application to any section of life including business, family, contentment, and love. Keep this in mind when looking to identify the multiple outcomes that evolve in the cycle.


This cycle starts off with much experimentation; it is the planting and discovering phase. It can be rather frenzied, it can be chaotic yet exciting.

It is inevitably where much growth and development begins, yet its growth is not yet significant. This is the idea-forming-into-foundation phase. It’s getting started before you have all the information. It is progressing rapidly by trial and error and learning from what others have been successful with.

Spring can be classified by taking massive action, a good bit of naivety, excitement and a bit of core progress.


Summer is a good chance to build off of the foundation you have built in spring. The seeds are planted so to speak, and it’s time for learning how to take them to the next level and grow. Much of the initial heavy lifting is done, and you will need to keep adapting and building onto this base if you are to grow and succeed.

Summer can be classified by improving your approach to projects you are developing, to learning more at a rapid rate, and to seeing heavier results due to your grasp of each concept.


This stage in the cycle is where a significant amount of work has been put together, and now it is time to reap your harvest.

Fall is set aside for those who’ve diligently tilled the lands, planted and grown their seeds, and have stayed consistent in their ever-progressing works of life.

With all the work that has gone into beginning something anew from absolute scratch, to developing the foundation, to full grown plants, this abundant period of gain is well deserved.

Fall can be classified by receiving the benefits, or the fruits, of what you’ve cultivated over a long and insightful period of time.


Here is where you are likely to hit the drawing board. You will want to plan out where you’d like to go next and how you will perform to get there. Your fall harvest has come in, if you’re wise, you have collected it and figured out where these proceeds should go next.

This is no time to rest on your laurels, because spring is coming quickly. Once spring hits, it will be go time and you must prepare to be ready for the massive action phase you will take again soon.

If you have measured each season and cycle correctly, you will be far more prepared to weather each evenly. You will know how to handle yourself well in the terms of saving, investing with compound interest, and giving back. One of the easiest ways to acquire more of something is to be faithful and consistent with what you currently have.

If you’ve heard the talk of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer, those that have being given more, and those that have not being taken from, these terms are from major world religions, philosophers, and others throughout history who understood the natural flow of the seasons.

The reason they are true is if you prove you can handle what you’ve got, you will inevitably be awarded more. If you’re always squandering what you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire, you will never be able to develop the level foundation to acquire more.

It’s a simple law in this world that your output governs your input. Whatever you reap you will sow.

Whatever you are willing to give out will come back to you in droves.

Why not take advantage of this?

If you are wise in your cycles of your life, you can optimize them so you will allow them to be the wind in your sails, as opposed to placing them in front of you so they stop your progress.

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