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Your Critical Perspective on Scarcity vs. Abundance

Listen up, because what I’m about to say is paramount, in terms of resonating with what you want.

It’s something I’ve continually been coming to grips with and fleshing out over the previous years…

Let’s roll.

The universe/nature/God is abundant in every way; there’s no shortage or lack. It’s an illusion.

What you’re doing when you feel scarce, or like things are limited is putting a facade, a fake blockage, between yourself and the real nature of God.

It’s like you’re huddled over a little fire of scarcity…

trying to shield it from wind with with your arms and back arched over it…

protecting the little you feel you need to cling onto…

When the nature of the universe is a raging bonfire.

This visual is akin to having a small dash of light in a corner that you want to cover up and protect…

but behind your arched back and arms is everlasting light and massive brightness.

You just need to get out of the way and embrace the natural light! It’s easy to manifest your dreams, not hard.

If you make it hard, that’s on you. It’s unnecessary. You’re just shielding yourself off from the ease and joy it should bring.

Are there going to be challenges? Sure.

But it’s the way you view them, what stories you attach, and your beliefs relating to the challenge that’s important.

Ok, this next part might lose you, so stick with me here…

When you look at at your bank account, your health, your state, your relationships, and believe THAT is the reality…

You will only ever keep creating the same.

Want lasting change?

Then look at those things and know they’re false, temporary.

Know that everything including whatever amount of money you want, whatever level of health, happiness and success you want is already 99.9% manifested for you.

People are living like you want to live, right now. All that’s ever happened or will ever happen, is happening right now.

It’s up to you to align with that last .1%, and most people stay stuck here their whole lives.

How do you align?

By using positive feelings of it being here now, gratitude that you already have those things, and FEELING how great it’ll feel to have them…

All before you have them.

If you can know the things are yours before they’re in your physical realm, by recognizing your power to create your own reality, you can’t NOT feel happy.

As every second goes by, you’re creating your reality.

You don’t get the choice to not BE creating, just the choice of WHAT you want to create. Every sentence that follows “I AM…”, and “I HAVE” is creating more of that.

Choose your words, thoughts & feelings wisely.

You will always bring in more of the like.

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