Motive In Motion Official Resource List

What’s up, and welcome. Evan here…

I blocked off some time to share the resources that have fundamentally shifted every move I make in life. Every thought I have. Every way I steer my lifestyle.

100%, without a doubt, I would not be able to do what I do now without the contribution many things on this resource list, including books, products, courses, and more.

Every resource has helped mold me into who I am, and helped me live my ideal lifestyle.

This resource list includes only products and services that have helped me build my online businesses, travel the world, and progress daily as an entrepreneur. I don’t recommend things I’ve never used.

Everything below is legit, and used by me.

Must-Read Books By Category

We’ll start with the books that have made revolutionary changes in my life, by category. Each book has played its unique role in my thinking, mindset, and interaction with others. The business books have absolutely changed the game for my development, strategies, pricing, marketing, psychology, and much more.

[Mindset & Inner Game]

As I’ve said countless times before, if you do not dial this area first, you can expect to fail, repeatedly. This inner game is the most important part of winning in the physical world. This is because without a sharp mindset, all your actions will be for naught.

Everything you touch will crumble if you’re weak in the mind.

You’ll never see things through, stay consistent, set big enough goals, and create processes to get there.

On the other hand, if you take control of this area and tune it up to near perfection, you can expect more money, success, and fulfillment than you know what to do with. There’s no point moving onto the hard skills like design, advertising, copywriting, etc. unless you master this area first.

1. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

In Hill’s resume, we must include being mentored by Andrew Carnegie, and interviewing 500+ millionaires including Henry Ford to find out how they did it. Atop this, he wrote one of the most influential thought, money, mindset, and business books on earth.

His 13-step plan for achieving every one of your goals and desires is near flawless. He helps you understand how to make money and learn skills, be extremely effective, and communicate perfectly.

I wrote down and posted up his other 6-step daily business plan and used that to build my first E-commerce business, which I sold for close to $10k after 6 months.

This is the best book to revolutionize your entire mindset, get crystal clear on your life’s mission, all by answering the hard questions. Most people drift through life, and don’t get what they want because they don’t buckle down on a target.

Don’t be that person. Get this book. 

‘Nuff said.

2. Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Charlie Munger / Peter D. Kaufman

Looking back, this is the pivotal book that really got my mind rolling into new dimensions.

This is the book that introduced me to a whole host of new ways to think, primarily because of what Charlie Munger calls “multi-disciplinary mental models”.

This essentially speaks to your ability to concoct new mental mixtures, assimilate diametrically-opposed ideas into one cohesive philosophy, and branch out to build up your own unique ideas and structures.

In short, this multi-disciplinary approach helps you get smarter, wiser, and more efficient in the fastest way possible.

Amidst all of this greatness, Charlie Munger is the back-half of Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet’s holding company) and has a personal net worth of $1.7 billion.

Much less known than Buffett himself, Munger is said to be one of the wisest men on earth, according to Bill Gates, and Buffett credits him with having larger wisdom and intelligence than himself, as well.

It’s largely due to the combined wisdom of Munger and Buffett that Berkshire Hathaway rakes in over $24 billion per YEAR, and looks after $620 billion in assets.

That’s 620,000,000,000, or 620 thousand million dollars.

So needless to say, his mental cognitive abilities, approaches to investing, business focus and intellectual capital and growth are scarcely matched.

This is a must-read book to open up neural pathways that’d be disconnected otherwise, and encourage your own neuroplasticity to pick up and assimilate new idea structures and experience breakthroughs in your own life.

Pick up this book as soon as you possibly can, for the maximum (80/20) results on your thinking and mental capacity and efficiency.

It’s a monster of a book, but is worth every letter captured on its pages.

Go grab this book here.

3. Il Principe (The Prince) – Niccolò Machiavelli

This book is a foundational pre-requisite to social mastery. It’s an incredible resource for dealing with others, concealing your intentions, leveraging situations to protect and advance yourself and others, and more.

This is not common knowledge.

As a matter of fact, those who don’t deeply understand Machiavellian thought call it evil. It is not. It is a clever balancing of fox and lion energies, which stands as a vital understanding to help you navigate our current social waters and all possible interactive scenarios.

It is simply a way of effectively navigating our present world. Of co-operating and being situationally aware. Learning how to get people to like you and engage in what you’re bringing to the table.

It is also a thrilling, invigorating capture of what the king’s courts looked like in 16th century Italy and surrounding countries.

In these times, you needed to conceal your motives, and navigate to what you wanted without directly offending or upsetting others. This approach was considered ruthless, but there now exist benevolent ways for you to execute them in our modern world.

This book is a must-read for all entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Grab this book here.

4. Unbeatable Mind – Mark Divine

Mark Divine, a former Navy SEAL wrote this incredible book. With special operations as his forte, he’s learned to create an airtight mindset and forge the trust of his brothers on life-threatening missions.

Inside, you’ll find basics and all-actionable strategies. These include meditation exercises, mind-emptying routines, breathing practices, situational awareness drills, and mindset tiers.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to master business, get solid control over the unit that runs their entire life (mindset), consciously and unconsciously.

Grab this book today.

As I’ve said a trillion times, I can’t think of a more important area to master, in every dimension, than your mindset. The personal growth, self-control, limit expansion, money, abundance, and happiness you unlock with a dialed one…

Is priceless.

5. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

At the risk of sounding airy-fairy, yes I recommend this book. The Secret has exceptional qualities that sum up the law of attraction, and visually, emotionally, and physically creating anything you want.

This stuff exists, using scientifically quantifiable levels of frequency and vibration. And, I’m not sure of a better place where it’s summed up better in one location.

DISCLAIMER: This book’s major flaw was the absent focus on action. You must take massive action, that is repetitive and effective.

To get what you want, you must “stay with it”. There’s no way around this; just combine incredible action with thought and imagery clarity.

What you feel, resonate with, and think often is what you create in your life. Think like a victim; you have no control. Think prosperously and you create anything you want inside your life.

Take control of your mind and future today.

6. 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success & Failure – Grant Cardone

By reading and learning from Grant, you’re literally installing your success mindset as you progress. It’s impossible not to be influenced by Grant’s infectious and successful mindset.

This fills in many of the gaps that The Secret left out, and strategizes your main secret to success: massive action.

Your targets should always be set 10 times above what you think you’re capable of. Your actions should always smash what you think you need to do to achieve your goal. This thinking almost guarantees that you will hit your original goal.

Learn how to take correct levels of action to build the life you want here. It’s a mandatory skill, and part of the reason 1% owns 99% of the wealth is this reason right here.

Grant’s focus on domination is important to note, because he wills himself out of the competition paradigm. This thinking aligns with Zero to One, which you’ll find below under “Modern Business Building”.


1. The Sticking Point – Jay Abraham

Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read on marketing, Jay Abraham’s classic explains the 9 main ways businesses get stuck.

This book has so many applicable marketing strategies, positioning secrets, and confidence-builders in your prowess. It’s almost impossible to leave this book without strategies that will impact your business in profound ways for maximum sales and market authority.

Learn how to find under-recognized needs, and take advantage of these hidden profit centers.

Understand how to lead your market with the concept of Pre-Eminence.

Calculate your Return On Investment properly. Discover your customer lifetime value and build a marketing plan around it. And much, much more…

Quickly optimize and level up your business here.

The fastest way to reliable results, is to install proven principles that get you there. Objectively look at your reality at all times. You’d better believe this includes business.

2. Purple Cow – Seth Godin

“The essence of the purple cow, is that it must be remarkable.”

The premise of marketing a business that will succeed, in a crowded marketplace, is the purple cow strategy.

It’s how I’ve built every one of my businesses. This marketing strategy has had profound impact on my thoughts and actions forever. This book shows you how to determine the exact person likely to give you the most profit, likely to share your message, likely to be the early adopting sneezers.

Find out what the hell that means, and differentiate your entire business here.

Seth Godin, a modern marketing magnate, has rightfully earned his position.

His insanely popular blog (with daily posts) is read by hundreds of thousands every month. Seth’s been interviewed on all the top marketing sites and shows for his prowess.

He’s written loads of successful marketing books. Additionally, he’s built many successful companies, and shows you how to do the same in his books.


1. Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords – Perry Marshall

This is an incredible introduction to one of the largest advertising platforms on the net.

If you’re going to run paid traffic, you need to learn and master at least one platform, be it Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram, Bing, etc.

Google is one of the best places to start, to test your ad copy, calls to action, offers, and conversions. This book highlights Google’s subtle nuances, including keyword research, copy formatting, rules and bidding strategies.

My favorite piece from this book, was the “beat your best” philosophy. This applies to life and business, but Perry highlights it as the quickest way for advertising success.

The fastest way to make a successful ad, is of course to test it against your others. We call this a split-test. In this, you’ll change one element of your ad, maybe the headline, the CTA, or some phrases. Then you run almost identical ads to see which pulls.

The “beat your best” philosophy is to always run another ad that is trying to beat your highest performing ad. I highly recommend this book for all Google advertisers, and all those interested in buying traffic.

Do NOT go in blind. You will lose your shirt.

I built my entire first business off of Google’s ads alone (risky and one-dimensional, I know), but this book was pivotal to that success.

This guide helped me get the initial sales I needed to grow, when I had a small budget. You’ll also get a great background on the search algorithm, and an understanding of Google as a search engine, which will help you rank organically by best practices. It’s a win-win!

Grab this fantastic book here. It’s constantly updated and packed with value.

[Direct Response & Copywriting]

1. Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

This is one of the absolute classics of Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting.

Eugene Schwartz’s book has become the foundation of how one should learn to market. Forget all the common tactics of building a business that do not result in the sale.

Stop focusing on parts like branding, “getting your name out there”, referrals, and all the secondary stuff until you have sales. Before you make sales, you’re not in business, so nothing else matters.

Learn exactly how to formulate and develop a prospect’s desire, how to speak to them in the right market sophistication stage, and lead them emotionally through to a sale.

This book is absolutely packed with strategies to sell products and services.

There is no better starting point (except, perhaps #2) for a newbie marketer, (and even seasoned veterans of sales) to learn human psychology, influence, and copywriting tactics that stand the test of time.

Grab this book here and drastically increase your marketing genius, leading you to incredible sales and business potential.

2. Scientific Advertising – Claude C. Hopkins

This is another no-B.S. breakdown of proven advertising principles.

To get good at marketing, you must understand humans. To understand and influence humans, you must know what makes them tick.

If you don’t go back to the industry foundations, you will constantly try to copy and piece together random new strategies. This book outlines exactly how to write fantastic sales copy, how to influence your buyers, and how to speak to one person at a time.

Claude was a copywriter who worked with David Ogilvy, and with other legendary copywriters, built the Direct Response industry.

He shows you the importance of headlines, how to write headlines that sell, and how to research markets for guaranteed sales. Hopkins demonstrates how to craft long copy that converts, how and when to use images (and what kind), ways to beat competition and convert their customers onto your brands, and much more.

Think of this book as a setting-straight of all the lies and myths you’ve been told about marketing. Hopkins re-routes your energy to the proven principles. The purpose of Scientific Advertising is to take the guesswork out of selling things. He directs your way when calculating customer lifetime value, and split-testing your advertisements for absolute maximum ROI.

A true must-read for all marketers and business owners. In reality, there’s no separation between the two. Marketing is not a “department”, it’s a necessity emanating from every touch of your company.

It’s a real gold mine, and for some crazy reason only 99¢ on Kindle.

Pick it up to master Direct Response and reduce it to an easy-to-follow science.

3. The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan S. Kennedy

To sell physical goods or services with words, you need to know how to write good copy.

Writing copy that converts is about understanding the consumer. Understanding the consumer includes dealing with his fears, pain points, situation, and vocabulary.

This can only come from research or past experience. You must know how to write effective copy that moves people to action. Using Direct Response is the quickest way to success in this category. Hundreds of studies have proven that long form converts better. This long form style is often called a sales letter.

Dialing the ideal format for the perfect sales letter is an invaluable skill. You can use it to sell your own prospects, sell your copy to clients, or build businesses that bring you freedom.

Writing the perfect sales letter is laid out beautifully in this book.

Getting your hands on this book is the shortcut to understanding copy format that converts, and exactly how to write it.

[Modern Business Building]

1. The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

Most modern business books are trash, or filled with fluff.

This one is not.

The majority of current marketing books outline an up-sell seminar, speak way too much about their next-level programs, or stroke the ego of the owners. This book does none of those things, and only provides 100% actionable value.

When it comes to building businesses, there are specific guidelines, and road maps to follow for ultimate freedom and success potential. A few of these include the Sidewalk, the Slowlane, and the Fastlane.

You can figure out where you stand by checking the requirements laid out in this book. The Sidewalk is usually the 9-5 labor job, simply trading time for dollars. Escape looks dim, work is futile and stressful, and the money sucks.

The Slowlane is where you trade your future for a career in “the real world” and you have a 401k, a pension, and a desk job of some sort. You were sold the dream of a rich retirement at 65 that never came. This lifestyle allows you little to no location freedom, no money in your sleep, and not much security to speak of.

The Fastlane is where you invest or build a business that brings you wealth, residual income, plus the ability to travel and create your ideal lifestyle. Life, business, opportunities, and potential are all up to you.

There are other guidelines laid out in this book, and they ensure you have money coming to you every day, you protect your assets, you automate and hire your team, and much, much more.

Click here to pick up The Millionaire Fastlane and change your life for the better forever.

2. The 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Still the bible for the digital nomad movement, 4HWW will change your entire mindset and thoughts about work and travel.

I read this book right before I made the big shift and dropped out of college, and it was instrumental to my approach. With the outline of DEAL, Tim shows you how you can design any lifestyle you choose, and fund it easily as well.

D – Definition – Define what your ideal lifestyle means. What’s your ideal day look like? What do you want to work on? How much do you want to make?

E – Elimination – What are you doing that you hate? What do you need help with, and what slows you down? Most people waste mass amounts of time on e-mail, texting, perusing Facebook and other platforms. Eliminate what bogs you down and doesn’t help you get what you want.

A – Automation – Time to delegate all the stuff you don’t want to do. All that bogs you down can be outsourced. People would be more than happy to help you organize your life, and it’s cheaper than you think. You can have almost anything automated, including e-mail sequences, ordering groceries, doing menial tasks, updating your website, social media, and much more.

L – Liberation – With all that newly acquired free time, you need something to fill the void. Otherwise, you’ll be purposeless and aimlessly drifting. With so much of your life automated and taken care of, you get much more time to do what matters and focus on results in your business.

This is only a sliver of the entire value you get from this book.

This book helped me challenge and destroy my fear, increase my risk tolerance, make the shift to freedom, build my business with supportive mindsets, and see the process from a unique angle.

I wrote an outline on this book here, as well.

Most people think about business in a traditional way they’ve been taught. It comes from either school, family, or some other dogma that doesn’t have to be followed. Once you unlock those shackles, you are free to create whatever you want.

Become more free in your lifestyle here.

3. Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Can’t get much more of a direct manual for a successful business than this…

Billionaire Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, lays out the principal necessities for building a lasting brand, with seven main guidelines. He then shows you how these specific guidelines reaped success for companies like Tesla, PayPal, and Zappos.

By profiling these billion-dollar brands, the highest levels of capitalist companies, you get a sneak peak on how to replicate their foundations.

He stresses the importance of building a brand that is a monopoly, rather than a commodity.

Peter states that capitalism and competition are antonymous.

The way he reveals solid platforms to build a monopoly on, and actionable strategies (like starting in small markets and dominating) is sound advice. Just like Jeff Bezos built Amazon, and before him, Sam Walton built Wal-Mart, you too can start in a small niche, dominate it, and expand.

Just like The Millionaire Fastlane, this book gives you required foundations, so nobody can come rip your business’s rug out from under you. Make sure to build your castles on solid rock, and not on sand.

Otherwise, all you’ve been working for might crumble to bits, at points outside of your control.

Build your business on solid rock, dominate, and scale your monopoly here.

[Body Building]

1. The Education of a Bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is one of the most complete guides to bodybuilding you can get.

With a fantastic introduction to building muscle, losing fat, sculpting a great physique, learning nutrition, and practicing proven exercises to get there, you have your complete handbook here.

A massive added bonus is the mental aspect. Arnold’s mind is dialed solid. He shows and proves this inside this book, allowing you to build the massive confidence it takes to build something worthwhile.

This man started in bodybuilding as a random Austrian boy, conquered the industry, and became the most well-known bodybuilder of all time. He then segued into making massively popular movies, and became famous in America, learning fluent english and working on his accent. He then ascended into government and successfully became the governor of California for eight years.

He mastered three industries!

Not dabbled, or hit the top in just one, no. He mastered three.

Pick this book up and get your body and mind into shape for success.

Socrates said it was a waste of a man to only develop one side of your life: body or mind. We humans are meant to leverage both to the maximum capability, and wield both to be successful in this world.


1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

To be fair, this is not a sales book, per se.

However, it’s one of the most revolutionary books you’ll ever read on psychology, persuasion and influence. It lays the foundation if you’re brand new at these methods, for a very profitable future.

Let’s face it; dealing with people is what we’ll be doing for our entire lives. Selling to them, courting them, dating them, teaching, learning, and connecting with them, etc.

Therefore, we must be well-versed in the way of the Homo Sapiens, and our actions, stimuli, and tendencies. The man or woman that understands humans better than anyone, will profit more than anyone. The person who remains in ignorance, will stay insignificant, poor, and unhappy.

Instead of getting emotional, let’s take a stark look at reality and adapt to how the world presents itself.

This book has influenced me (no pun) to the nth degree, with its succinct persuasion tactics. It’s made a very large difference on my consulting work, my copywriting, and my E-commerce businesses all around.

This is because Cialdini, an Arizona State professor has tested and proven each of these concepts in depth, and shared them with the world.

There are 6 main principles or “weapons” which every powerful man or woman has always abided by, and leveraged to create what they wanted. You’re at a loss until you discover and master them in your life, sales process, and business.

Master the influential weapons here and forever increase your status, financial abundance, and influence over others.

I also completed a write-up and video on influence, in the beautiful mountains of Vietnam, by the ocean for you here! This breaks down exactly how you can ethically influence anyone you choose, bring the highest value, and encourage action.

2. Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone

I’ve put this book high on the list because it hammers home the significance of the most important sale you’ll ever make in your life.


You are the seller and the buyer in this situation, and if your alignment is off, you can expect to forfeit thousands of sales until you fix it.

To be a successful businessperson, you must be absolutely 100% convinced of your methods, value delivery, and purpose. You need to sell yourself, on yourself, every single day to increase your conversion ratio.

Grant’s book also shows you exactly how to use whatever you’ve got at the moment. Don’t know where to get started? Then this is the book for you.

His methods include leveraging your power base (AKA your closest circle) to get some initial momentum, practice, and results when you’re first starting out.

Starting small, in one specific area or market is the key to domination.

Selling yourself on yourself, your movement, and your purpose is the most important sale you’ll ever make. It’s a lot harder than it seems, and you’ll see this when you put your name, face, or signature on a product you sell.

It changes your perspective and ups your quality of your product. You step outside your comfort zone, and push yourself to create bigger and better every time.

Level your confidence up here, and sell yourself on yourself, so you can rake in money you deserve to make over the long haul.

[Money & Financial Wealth]

1. Richest Man In Babylon – George S. Clason

There are rules to money. Laws of gold, if you will.

Ignore these at your own peril; you will wallow in poverty for a long, long time without them. However, if you equip yourself with them, recognize them, learn, and memorize them, you can reach financial abundance.

5 Laws of Gold:

  1. Gold comes gladly and in increasing quantities to any man who will save at least 10 percent of his earnings to create an estate for his future and his family.
  2. Gold labors diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field.
  3. Gold clings to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.
  4. Gold slips away from the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar, or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep.
  5. Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who follows the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers, or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment.

When you read this book, you’ll understand exactly how to apply each law, reach financial freedom, and protect yourself from poverty.

If you just run in blind, and spend all of your money, or invest in something you know nothing about, or never save enough… You will fall.

Invest in your future, and plan for it. Learn these laws, and pick up this book to become as wealthy as possible, and avoid many mistakes that don’t have to happen.

2. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker

T. Harv’s whole mission is to increase spiritual contribution, and wealth at the same time. Most think they’re antonymous goals, but they align perfectly.

The more money you make for yourself, the more you can share and contribute. The more stress-free you will be, high-level in business, and able to give and contribute to society and others under you.

This book is an excellent explanation of the money blueprint you have, right now, that plays on auto-pilot, and brings you the same money results, year after year.

Until you dive deep and change this money blueprint, that is subconscious, you will never have opportunities to create the wealth you deserve. Most people have no idea what their money story is, and they don’t do the work to reverse the negative side of it.

This book is a great place to start, because you destroy the harmful and limiting beliefs that block money and opportunities from you. You take initiative to build a different future for yourself and your income than your family had for you.

These are the necessary steps to getting financially free, yet 99% will never take them.

Online Business Building Resources

First things first. We’ll learn from the top down.

I’ll treat this section as if you know nothing of starting an online business, and want to get in the game.

Even if you know what you’re doing, below you can find at which level you stand, and atop that, see my favorite resources for building successful online companies!

For starters…

1. Namecheap Domain Services

You need a domain to do business online.

If you don’t have one, you cannot create a website, cannot get hosting (more on that in a sec) and cannot make online sales.

This applies to E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Consulting, Service Business, and pretty much anything else.

I’ve bought every single domain, ever, from and can’t recommend them enough.

It’s a fantastic service, where domains are about $10 and the dashboard is extremely easy and manageable. You can create your own domain (if it’s available), you get automatic renewal options, and they remind you tons of times before it expires too.

You also have an option to do their attached e-mail service which is its own server and very helpful as well. They have SSL certificates available, and “WhoIsGuard” so you can protect your details online.

Get your very own domain name set up here, for dirt cheap.

2. BlueHost Website Hosting Packages

When you’re not using a CMS service like Shopify or Magento, you will need to get your own hosting.

Domain + Hosting + CMS (Like WordPress) = Functional Website

This site runs on BlueHost, with the assistance of CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network).

I’ve purchased my SSL certificate from Namecheap, mentioned above, and have a hosting package with BlueHost.

The site has had no problems, it’s quick to load, and ranks well in the search engines with time and organic strategy.

Set up your very own website with BlueHost hosting here.

3. Shopify E-commerce C.M.S.

If you’re looking to start any E-commerce store, of any kind, I cannot recommend Shopify enough.

Shopify has stellar customer service, stupid-simple setup and layouts, easy and accessible free and paid themes, and much more.

I’ve built every single E-commerce business I’ve ever created on Shopify, and highly recommend them as an E-commerce CMS (Content Management System).

They will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your site if it messes up, go in and check your code, respond to you quickly, and follow up with e-mail.

On top of that, it’s the best platform available for building your E-commerce business, because of its ease of use, accessibility, and user-friendly interface. There are many to choose from, including Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and tons of others.

Shopify beats them all hands down, because their service simply is that good. It is that easy to get a brand new store up and running. And their themes convert prospects into sales that well.

You can start absolutely free for a full two weeks, and if you e-mail them, most of the time they’re happy to extend that to a month! This means you can start your E-commerce business and get all the basics finished for a month before you pay.

Get instant access to Shopify, integrate a domain you own, and host your website here.

This triple whammy of domain, hosting, and CMS, takes care of the most important parts of beginning a website.

You don’t need to know any code at all. You don’t need to be a developer, designer, or anything else to get started.

4. ActiveCampaign E-mail Auto-Responders

If you’re going to build an online business, you need e-mail.

There are no two-ways about it; you need to follow up with leads, prospects, committed customers, and move them down your funnel. You do this to increase the value you can deliver to them, and further the products you can sell to them. And, of course, the deeper levels of a business relationship are available with constant communication.

Again, there are loads of services in the mix including MailChimp, Aweber, Ontraport, Clickfunnels, and tons of others. I recommend ActiveCampaign because of the simplicity, the support, and the user-interface.

Again, these things are super important when you’re brand new, and even if you’re an established business yet. You want to waste the least amount of time when building your business, and go with proven services that won’t jerk you around.

ActiveCampaign can be started for as little as $9, and there are increasing plans. You can send unlimited e-mails, tag and mark specific users, funnel and automate them, and sell to them based on their interests. Aside from that, you can design custom templates, create the perfect e-mail design, and brand your e-mails beautifully.

It makes no sense to be screaming at young millennial women to “get huge and swole” when you need that message to go the guys. On the same coin, you don’t want to talk about sexy hips and curves when all dudes want, is to get bigger and stronger.

The reality is that people forget about you. People aren’t always thinking of you, so you need to remind them what you do and how it benefits them, and let them know when you roll out new products too.

You can target your exact message to your target in ActiveCampaign with ease.

That’s All for the Resource List – But Stay Posted!

For now, this is what I’ve got! This list will be frequently updated as new resources, books, courses, and other things make it on to my list.

Thanks for checking out the Official Motive In Motion Resource List!