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Problems Are Prospertunities (Pt. 2) – Leveraging Your Life’s Struggles & Burning Off the Gold Dross

* This is part 2 of a two-part series on problems and prospertunities. To check out the previous article, click right here.

Problems are great opportunities to grow. Always be keen to notice the opportunities that can pass you up if you’re not paying enough attention!

This is a key paradigm shift that must become your new reality if you’re to use these tools to grow. The tools I speak of are the opportunities and leaps in success disguising themselves with the false appearance of problems.

These opportunities are hiding in plain sight but we’re often too oblivious to pick up any sort of lesson from what life tries to teach us.

The struggles are what make your life great when you overcome them and become a better person.

Of course, if you let problems defeat you, you’re not going to become very great. On the flip side, destroying your limitations and pushing past your self-accepted barriers brings enormous peace, confidence and charisma with it since you’ve grown a thick skin. The sunshine wouldn’t be quite as sweet if the rain of life was not constant.

Be Thankful For Your Problems – They’re There For Your Growth

The first step of growing through a problem is being able to recognize it as a benefit and not a hindrance. The second step of maturing through a setback is being thankful for the opportunity to shed off useless, weak parts of your old self in pursuit of your full potential.

It may be a long road, but if you want to become the person you’ve set your aim to be, this trial-by-fire growth is a necessity.

Ask anyone who’s achieved anything worthwhile. It likely wasn’t easy or a straight path to the top like they might have mistakenly foreseen.

This is a blessing, not a curse.

From James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh:

Ninth Morning: Whatever conditions are rendering your life burdensome, you may pass out of and beyond them by developing and utilizing within you the transforming power of self-purification and self-conquest.

Before the divine radiance of a pure heart, all darkness vanishes and all clouds melt away, and he who has conquered self has conquered the universe.

He who sets his foot firmly upon the path of self-conquest, who walks, aided by the staff of faith, the highway of self-sacrifice, will assuredly reach the highest prosperity, and will reap abounding and enduring joy and bliss.

The myth of the overnight success is a dying one, and has been a ridiculous mirage in many people’s path. Begin to adopt this key paradigm mindset switch and you’ll reap benefits of perspective and inner growth.

Look at these struggles as they approach in a positive light so you can recognize each setback is a setup for a comeback. Whenever you happen to hit a block in the road, and navigate over and through your worst struggles, there is more money and wisdom for everyone involved on the other side.

The Gold Dross – Burning Off Useless Parts of Your Old Self

You are a piece of gold.

Unrefined, yes. In the middle of your journey, yes. Needing extreme heat and pressure to change? Absolutely.

But you are gold nonetheless and your full potential is still waiting for you to achieve more of its expression daily.

Start to think of yourself as a piece of unrefined gold, slowly going through a painful and fiery yet worthwhile transformation.

Each day that you develop your skills and progress, you burn more useless parts of your dross off. You shed the old snakeskin that’s been entangling you so you can feel a fresh new level of life again.

New information and experience replace old mind scripts and past experience. More and more healthy relationships replace the old ones no longer serving you. This process is similar to the refinement of gold and you are always benefitting from it. 

The metaphor of dross being burned off of gold signifies the end of your struggles.

Once you’ve learned your lesson, burned off what was no longer helping you, and become a new and different person through a struggle, it ceases to hurt you.

This is because you’ve completed all you need to complete for now! It’s on to the next struggle opportunity.

How to Tackle Problems: Move Forward Confidently & Grapple

There’s only one main, effective way to conquer your fear and problems. It’s to feel the fear and acknowledge the problem, and push forward anyways.

Strongly move forward and grapple that specific issue to the ground. Even if it shakes you up and you come out battle-scarred, you still will be victorious because you will not quit. You will simply find an innovative solution. 

With this winning attitude and confidence, you cannot slip and fall.

If you cower back and let a problem show you it owns you, and it establishes your limit, you will never achieve the goals you’re after. In contrast, the attitude of success and a proactive, conquering mind defeats all obstacles in your way.

Identify Opportunity In Recession

Recessions in capitalism are cyclical due to the nature of the beast.

People are out for themselves, people are looking to gain, businessmen buy stocks in companies, start and fail businesses, lose and acquire jobs, and the markets inevitably fluctuate.

This is not something to fear, but rather something to prepare to (ironically) capitalize on. If you’re the one who’s ready for these struggles before they happen, and you have already discarded your fear of them, you can take advantage of great opportunities because others will be hiding and running in fear, unprepared.

Boldly go forth and offer something that people are in need of, and you will increase your likelihood of success. Boldly go forth and offer something in the time that people are scared and looking for answers, and you will double your chances.

The producers are increasingly scarce in times of fear and this is a great time to shine.

Adopt the Paradigm That Problems Are Helpful & Necessary

No matter what you do, see problems in the right light. The most efficient light I have found to see problems in is one of unwavering confidence and momentum. You will make it out the other side stronger, richer and happier.

Do not entertain the possibility of failure for a second.

By viewing problems and setbacks as necessary impurity and dross-burning sessions, you’ll move through them and cut through the adversity with ease.

Champions cut through adversity like a chainsaw through butter.

– Conor McGregor

Become a champion, someone who is used to winning. Do not be surprised by success when you deserve it.

Move forward when you’re scared and seemingly out of options and create new options.

Confidently grapple problems with your desired end goal in mind, and if you persevere long enough in the right way, you’ll make it out the other side.

The process starts with a core understanding of the big picture. With the right keenness to notice that this is simply a speed bump to fine-tune your goals, you’re readily able to adopt the right mind frame needed to alchemize this problem into multi-faceted learning experience.

You can also seek to emulate others in their success habits so you don’t make all of your own mistakes.

* This is part 2 of a two-part series on prospertunities. To check out the previous article, click right here.

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2 Replies to "Problems Are Prospertunities (Pt. 2) – Leveraging Your Life’s Struggles & Burning Off the Gold Dross"

  • Hey nice post Evan. I resonate with this. I look back on my life and every problem I’ve had has served a purpose in making me evolve my consciousness and grow stronger.

    Now that I have the mindset that problems are just opportunities, it makes me look for ways I can always step into my fears because I know, at the end of the day, I’ll be able to look back and be proud of what I accomplished.

    It’s a much better feeling than looking back in regret of what you COULD have done.

    • Absolutely Ben!

      Outside the comfort zone is where the most growth happens and many people are scared of problems.

      The untold reality is that they’re actually there to help us out enormously.

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