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Positive Self-Talk & The Kind Discipline Secret

Your speech has power. Mastering and utilizing positive self-talk is one of the greatest lessons to freedom and success. You must realize this fairly early on your path to your peak potential or it will take a greater amount of time than it needs to.

Every single thing that comes out of your mouth is a reflection of your internal state. It proceeds from you, the creator of words chosen along with sentence structure.

Positive self-talk is essential in creating your ideal life. If you never realize how to talk to yourself kindly, you will not create what you want in your reality and believe you can have it.

The words you string along in sentences reflect how you view things. Those words, in turn spread your thoughts to others, and on a cellular level affect your own body.

Words don’t just have power because of the weight we give them, but because of the feeling we attach with them and the truth we hang on the end of them. Through our own positive self-talk, we can decide if we’re utilizing our full power or not.

If you’re constantly omitting positive self-talk by tearing yourself down in the form of words and blame, your emotions will plummet and your inner state will inevitably be affected. This is why the way you speak about and to yourself is so powerful. 

Remember, speaking is not always verbal and when you don’t utilize positive self-talk, your own thoughts are deteriorating you from the inside out.  

This is why your self-image is so vital to uphold and keep fluent. If there are holes in it, make sure to patch them up at once and assert proper attention to them, because they will only grow in your disfavor if left alone.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, who will? It starts with you.

There are a certain amount of ways to motivate and help yourself through affirmations, positive self-talk, powerful positive thinking, and ambitious goal setting. 

The Ultimate Hybrid Of Positive Self-Talk 

The most effective way to apply this power of positive thinking is to understand that you must achieve a healthy balance. There is a secret in which you can achieve this healthy balance through a hybrid of sternness and kindness.

The secret to this balance is developing a kind discipline through positive self-talk.

When applying the balance, you’ll need to learn how to speak to and about yourself with a discipline that is rigid, yet constructive. It will be direct and helpful, however you will do no such thing as tear yourself down. This is the ultimate key to positive self-talk. You must speak at yourself with a kind discipline that does not commend excessive mistakes, but does not excessively reprimand them either.

You should be hungry enough for success that you’re always improving, but you should not allow yourself to stop your own progress. This progress block is provided by many negative sayings such as “I’m stupid” or “I cannot do this.” These weak sayings instantly take all of your power away.

Avoid these helpless and weak sayings like the plague.

Do not be weak, but do not be too harsh on yourself. Either extreme can be harmful. There is a point where you’re pushing yourself forward with eustress and there is another where you’re blocking new ideas with distress by focusing only on weakness.

You are a solution-finder, not a problem-dweller.  

Focusing on the problem, for any other reason besides seeing where you can improve next time, is a waste of precious and finite energy.

If you’re not willing to progress and learn from where you slipped up, you will never be successful. However, if you start recognizing what you could have done, you see how to do it better next time. This allows you to carry yourself through positive self-talk and you will be able to pass on to the next hurdle successfully.

Make no mistake; there will be another hurdle. This is another reason why it’s crucial to get better and better at this process of building yourself up through your speech, and building confidence through repetitive, consistent action.

Build Your Confidence Through Repetition

Want to know the number one, hands down, best possible way to build up your confidence for future moves you will make? Stay in the consistent flow of building. Keep going, at minimum, a little bit every single day, and be consistent with your effort levels.

This approach holds the highest probability to convince yourself day-in and day-out that you will win. It is powerful, positive self-talk in action. It is the epitome of having a kind discipline towards yourself.

If you keep moving forward, no matter what, you make progress. When you make progress, you develop skills and habits. When you have these in place, you are prepared to launch forward when an opportunity presents itself.

Step by step you are building the life, goals, relationship, and personalized dream that you want. You don’t necessarily jump ahead often, but through this process you build discipline to prepare for the time that you will.

Like Charlie Munger says:

“Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.”

He’s right on the money with that. You’ll be preparing and working every day while building your own confidence and developing the way you use positive self-talk to speak to yourself in self-constructive behavior.

It’s not every day that you get a break in the form of an awesome opportunity to act on. These can be very elusive, but this is an extreme point of confusion for most people. When you’re prepared, it will come. Not a second before.

How Most People Look At Opportunity

They call it luck. They pretend what you did was some random turn of events that happened in your favor and you became an “overnight” success. That overnight is almost always at least 7-12 years for extremely valuable contributions in the world to compound.

Most people don’t know this. It might not be their fault, due to the media bias that is apparent everywhere. But they also are not preparing every day, every hour, plotting on how to improve their movement 24/7.

But you are.

And it takes lots of gumption to get where you’re going. Their ideas, the ideas of average millions, violate Charlie Munger’s and every other successful man or woman’s laws of success.

You must work. Sweat. Bleed. Cry. It’s going to take a lot out of you, but the way that you keep it up is consistently, piece by piece.

Through your positive self-talk, you are developing a kind discipline that will be able to serve you for the whole ride of success and throughout the rest of your life. When you’re down, when you’re up on top of the world, when you’ve reached successes you only dreamed of, and when your sphere of friends starts rapidly changing.

Applying Positive Self-Talk

Getting down to the every day self-talk to improve your mood, discipline, functionality, self-image, productivity, and more will take a thought overhaul if you’re not already doing this.

If you need some basics to get started, here are some simple affirmations to keep you moving along in your progress.

  1. “I can do anything. If I don’t know something, I’ll just learn it.”
  2. “I am worthy of being happy.”
  3. “My positive self-talk shows that I respect myself.”
  4. “Money and success are simple to acquire, I simply must do the work.”
  5. “If other people who are no smarter than me can do it, so can I.”

If you’re hustling on a craft that you love every day and focusing on providing the most value you can, over time you will get ahead. Step by step, and as long as you don’t quit, you will make it to your goal.

Recognize that it will take years of consistency and practice to improve, it will take everything you’ve got (especially as an entrepreneur) and it will require that you never entertain the thought of stopping. Not even for a half-second.

If you can keep these guidelines in mind, speak to yourself with positive self-talk, take action daily to increase your consistency and confidence, develop a kind discipline, and believe you will have it, then anything in the world can be yours.

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