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How to Never Again Lead a Life of Quiet Desperation

Let’s face it. The majority of people out there are not living in the exact way that they want. The irony is that they really are, they just don’t know it. Unfortunately, like Henry David Thoreau famously said:

… the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

They’re not living the way they really want to be, but they are living the way they’ve chosen for themselves. Regardless of the external factors that have influenced their decisions, they are living exactly how they’ve decided to.

But who exactly are they?

Thoreau defines the masses by the enormous populous of humans that settle in life. They’re people who are not striving for their goals, or perhaps even have none. These people wake up and live the mundane routines that they are not anywhere near satisfied with and they’ve chosen to do it again and again, day after day.

Every superior man and woman has risen above the menial difficulties of living this way. They have chosen a challenging, yet exciting path for their lives. They will get up daily in excitement, often even dreaming about what they’re doing and where they want to be.

These humans are caught up in the exhilarating pursuit of setting their sights on their desires and working towards them inch by inch.

Success Has a Lot to Do With Timing

I’m thankful I’m fortunate enough to be here at an excellent time for the explosion of the Internet, and the possibility for online retail, along with the opportunity to learn how to be an investor with every second and dollar.

In this book it heavily suggests that success is very much a part of what was available to the successful person at the time. It’s got some great points about how successful people are the ones who saw opportunities, took the proposed “risks” and flowed along with the possibilities that were presented to them at the time.

For instance, hockey players that made the birthday deadline that the older team was classified as got in more practicing hours. Bill Gates was fortunate enough to be in tune with the newest technology and stayed up all night coding at a college that was a block from his house.

The Beatles were fortunate enough to be in a position where they could be picked up by the big leagues, but they still had to put in their 8-hour days for years.

I was born in the last generation to ever see physical, printout photos. Everything has gone digital; there are hardly any tape recordings, VHS tapes, camcorders, or physical photo albums anymore.

Everything is either on a memory card or inside a digital brain! This means that my generation was practically intertwined with computer technology at birth.

We millennials have become increasingly familiar with screens, buttons and memory sticks. We knew how to work the technology that our parents still needed help with. We understand the current technology instantly, and when we don’t, we can easily pick it up and integrate it into our lives.

Because of this, I was savvy with computers since my kid years. I knew how to play the games, operate different functions, learn shortcuts, and work the programs. This of course has played a large role in my ability to live off my laptop and command it to print money.

The same chance lies with the ‘masses of men’, though it might be a bit more of a struggle up front. Most people are highly capable of learning since we’re all born with the capacity to learn massive amount of information. People could live the exact lives they wanted to, but they simply don’t.

This is part of the reason I feel compelled to help people recognize their full potential.

A Glimpse Into My Day Today – How Am I Any Different?

Today has been great so far. It’s just starting out, and yet it’s already different from 97.42% of people in the “masses” category. That’s an exact and precisely made up statistic, but I believe it’s fairly close to reality.

I woke up in a foreign country around 7a today, walked to the beach, did some pull-ups and stretches, then went for a rejuvenating swim. I caught some good UVBs around 11 a.m. and kept exercising and swimming for a while.

I came back, drank some black coffee, started on work, and continued writing this for you. I had lunch, and am off to a shoreline coffee shop soon to pick up more work that I left off yesterday. When I get done, I’ll catch the sunset on the beach, hit the gym, and prepare a massive feast for dinner.

None of this would be possible 50 years ago.

I could own a business, but it would unlikely give me the freedom I enjoy now. I was born at a great time and the valuable skills and opportunities were in front of me all along, I just needed to pounce.

But what is the difference between me and someone who does not get to enjoy this type of freedom?

Decisions, my friend. Decisions.

That’s it! That can’t be it. Oh but it is…

Sort of…

I decided that I would drop out of school.

I decided I would never work for anyone again, unless I decided that too.

I decided to put in 19-hour days for a year just to get started on my entrepreneurial journey.

I decided to move to Thailand, to spend less than $500/mo. for however long it took, and I’ve decided to work online and build up the projects of my choice. That’s it.

I’m not special for doing what I do, I’m not a pro, nor am I an expert. I am a sponge. I absorb any and all things relevant to my craft and things that will get me closer to my goal. I am a teacher, but I am first a student.

To get where I am now, (which is just the beginning), I have made a set of decisions that are currently available to almost everyone in the developed world, and even most people in developing countries.

I’m not naive to think there are places where this type of “choice” is not possible, which is why I give thanks every day for my position.

Most limits are simply mental, yet there are some very real limitations in many countries across the globe.

However, everyone’s got the capacity to learn and in most countries there is a severe gap between wealthy and poor; the middle ground is an illusion. Just because people can live in huge homes on mortgage and put downpayments on cars, does not make them wealthy.

The wealthy are more often the ones in power, or the business owners, investors and entrepreneurs that have picked up books, read about necessary lessons, and spent years tweaking skills.

I’ve met the rich and I’ve met the poor, in both types of countries. I’ve met poor people in developed countries, and rich people in developing countries.

It’s possible for anyone to learn how to make money, and also nowadays how to make money solely from the computer.

So how do you do live the life you want?

You Must Take The Looming “Risk” Into the Oblivion

People that are in a comfortable path, that is the same every day, will often see the necessary next steps as a big obstacle. It is not so. It will seem scary and confusing, as if their ideal lifestyle is a huge risk or jumping-off point. I was there, and I completely understand it.

However, the actual reality is that if one person controls your only source of income, and can end it at any time, then you’re the one at risk. If you’re spending your time on a mundane lifestyle in hopes that you’ll be able to do something great later, you’re the one at risk.

Put in the work long before the opportunities start showing up for you.

The other side of taking chances and demanding that you get what you want out of life is the less risky side. Setting goals and smashing them, because they’re aligned with your perfect day is far less risky. You’re consciously taking life by the handles and steering it where you desire. That seems like a more certain and less risky path to me!

Whatever the jumping-off point is for you, you’ll have to face it, feel the fear, and do it anyway.

People that keep living their normal lives, hoping something will change, will never see change.

To see change, you must embody it.

It can be scary and it can be strange but what is worse? Being scared and growing, or simply cowering back to ride out a life of mediocrity?

My jumping off point was selling everything I owned, dropping out of college and moving across the world to Thailand by myself.

I knew I would make it. However, this looked like a completely obscure future of blackness.

Not in a negative sense at all, just a ginormous question mark and mystery. I had no idea I would meet so many free entrepreneurs, mentors, see so many beautiful places, and learn heaps about life and myself.

You must address whatever that point is for you and confidently stride into it.

Combat Ambiguity With Enormous Doses of Action

Do the thing and then you get the power.

Confidently go in, and reap rewards. We already know that when you’re consistent, you increase your will and certainty of victory.

So why would there be any room for slacking or second-guessing? Why would it be acceptable to take anything less than giant steps of action?

If you’re unsure about where you’re going or what you’re doing, one really quick way to figure it out is to dive headfirst in that direction with lots of work. You don’t want to be busy for the sake of it, but when you tackle your uncertainty with forward motion, one of two things will happen.

  1. You receive crystal clarity on what to do next
  2. You promptly see what you don’t want to do

Either way is progress, because if you are clearer on what to do next, you get quicker results. Where there was only a question mark before, you will see a more outlined version of your options.

If you find out what you don’t want to do, you can take initiative to navigate around it. 

This is why some people are simply stuck analyzing.

They are scared to shoot one way or the other for a career, girlfriend, or business partner. They don’t take the supposed “risk” until they know every fact up front. This moment of course never comes, so they’re waiting for the perfect sign from the gods to put one foot in front of the other.

Stop trying to be perfect and just get going.

The reason risk is in quotations is because it’s not risk if you know what you’re doing.

It’s impossible to risk when you’ve studied what will need to happen, what you’ll have to do, and what type of person you’ll need to become.

It’s risky when you have no idea, no goal to shoot for, no plan to get there, and toss the keys of your destiny into somebody else’s hands.

Either Build Up An Existing Skill, Or Choose One to Master

The importance of focus cannot be exaggerated.

It will make or break everything you’re working on. It will determine your results and ultimately, your sanity.

To get what you want, you’ll need to deserve it.

What this really means is that you will need to commit to mastering a skill or skill set in order to achieve the goal you aim for.

It’s easier to build on strengths than on weaknesses, so you will want to either build on some skills you already have, or pick a relevant skill to start from scratch with.

Either is fine, as long as you’re committed. Build your weaknesses to a passable level, but do not dwell on them, trying to make them perfect.

They will never be.

Choose your strengths and your natural interests and build a business around them, where there exists a hungry market to serve.

Find all the skills you can either master or delegate, then work on them every day. Figure out how you will get a first customer for your business, and calculate basic sales and profit numbers. Sometimes these will be a guess, but it’s important to take the action and find out, confirming or disconfirming your original assumptions.

They are only assumptions until proven with fact.

Going beyond this point requires far more depth than the scope of this article can contain, but the main point is that you can absolutely have whatever you want if you put in the time.

A Life of Continuous Growth & Gratitude: The Quiet Desperation Remedy

The best substitute for a life of hoping and wishing is a life of thankfulness and fulfillment, radiating from the fact that you’re living just how you want.

This morning, while gazing at this…

Quiet Desperation
Pretty nice to have this setup within walking distance of the pad…

… I was ecstatic I was on the exact path I chose.

I am chasing all goals that I want, I’m traveling, I am my boss, and I’m still always on the grind, but at my own pace; no one is breathing down my neck to get things done, except my higher self.

When you’re on your path, you don’t even have to be at the final destination yet to be fulfilled. In fact, I’ll give you a secret… there is none!

Getting closer to it everyday is fulfilling and awesome already. Science has proven we are the happiest when we’re consciously creating and pursuing goals we want.

We’re usually not the happiest after we’ve achieved our goals, but during the time we spend to get to them.

Instead of quietly desiring what we know we can have, we’re actually living it, fully and truly. Let this be your day-to-day reality instead of your day-to-day pipe dream.

The ideal life you want will never work until you start building it and it’s not going to start on its own. Visualizing is perfectly helpful but it only goes so far. The next step is consistency and deliberate action.

Get up, get out, and get something.

Destroying Quiet Desperation Forever & Forging A Surefire Path to Personal Success

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I’ve carefully crafted the most important parts of creating your own purpose in this life, attaining your biggest desires, and following the proper roadmap to what success means to you.

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It’s exactly the same process that allowed me to wake up today and do whatever I wanted, putting my health, business, and lifestyle at the top of my list.

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  • Nice post. “Most people are highly capable of learning since we’re all born with the capacity to learn massive amounts of information. People could live the exact lives they wanted to, but they simply don’t” agree one hundred percent with this. We all have the capability but you have to be willing to put in the work and effort.

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