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No Free Lunch: Offer Hands Up Not Handouts

When people hear about something desirable that you do in your life, they will often want to know how you made it happen. How was it possible to make it from where they are to where they would like to be?

Ever Heard the Expression ‘No Free Lunch’?

Almost everyone says they want to travel more, make passive income online, and increase their overall wealth in life. These are common desires, because they free the person up from obligations they have lost interest in such as boring jobs, schedules and other people controlling their time.

It makes sense. I desired the same thing when I was back in school and I had no idea where to even start looking. I wanted to be free and travel, learn how to make money while I slept, and control every aspect of my life instead of have a set schedule in a job.

However, when I learned that it was possible for me, I just went into full research and study mode. I learned about hundreds of ways to make money on the internet, I read about people who were doing it already, I learned of a whole new realm of people that “went to school” by being taught by life and the world at large.

These people were free completely from the conventional script of what has been taught for the last century, which is being safe and secure in a nice job with opportunities and benefits.

The main contributors in the industrial revolution were extremely entrepreneurial, and even further than that, men such as Franklin and Edison were always trying things out on their own. They made a point to employ hundreds of thousands of people, and that enormous event was where this mindset got started of being safe and looking for security in jobs. It carried out through the years and has now been broken, and is continually being reinvented.

The main downside to this job mindset is the lack of actual opportunity and creation. 

Instead, when you’ve got food and your bills are paid, you have 24 free hours to decide what direction you will take your planning and action. You are the creator of your mission in life and your destiny.

You don’t have to take any clues from anyone unless you consciously choose to follow in their footsteps. Even better, when you make your own path you decide to forge new footsteps in a completely new direction unique to you.

There are some killer intrapreneurs in major startups and companies, and they have a real creative talent for seeking innovation and progression. Just because you have a job, doesn’t mean you can’t love it and be extremely happy working in it. I’m not speaking about these ambitious individuals; they have their priorities figured out.

What I am speaking of is the person who does not enjoy their job or life, and is doing just enough to get by and survive. They are usually paid a salary that is below what they are capable of earning on their own. They do not have control, freedom of time, or their destiny in their hands.

They know there is more, though.

Other times, people get by in labor jobs or hourly positions and they are simply passing time because it is ticking by slowly while they do what they hate.

Remember, a job is trading time for money.

A career is trading performance for money and benefits.

A business makes money 24/7, while you’re sleeping.

What Is An Energy Vampire?

Regardless of where they come from, there are energy leeches that want to suck you dry for every bit of knowledge, information or way that you could help them.

I’m all for helping people achieve their greatness, that’s why I created Motive in Motion. I want to reach as many people on the planet who can benefit from what I know and learn.

I just do not have time for people that are not willing to decide on what they want, take action, and be consistent in their pursuit. I have filled my inner circle with the best.

How to Recognize An Energy Leech & What To Do

When someone wants to piggyback off of your years of consistent work and dedication, there are a few options you have. You can turn it into an opportunity to help them and yourself at the same time. You will help them by showing them where they can improve, and you can help yourself by knowing where to draw the line.

Remember, your time is valuable and the things you’ve learned to get where you are did not come easy, cheap, or quickly. It’s more than okay to put a fair price on that.

You can decide who you’re dealing with by giving out a few tasks to vet these people needing help.

1. Show Someone Where to Get Started

If someone needs help learning a skill or habit that you know and have developed, you are able to point them in the right direction. This is a vital step to helping people because the first way to tell if someone is actually at the starting line is how much action they’re willing to take.

If people ask you a chain of questions one after another endlessly, chances are they are trying to gather all the answers before they start.

No one will be able to know everything about an endeavor before they get started.

People who try are really not committed to figuring it out. So when they see you, a person who’s achieved some success that they want, they want to gather as many things from you as they can, and if you spill a ton of things out without them taking action on any of it, it’s time wasted.

Everything has an opportunity cost and the time you waste teaching all of this could be spent building your own empire, or helping someone else who is serious. Don’t waste time like that!

It’s somewhat like a rich westerner going into an undeveloped tribe in the jungle who places zero value on paper money. The westerner could be leaving a trail of $10k stacks behind him for miles and no one would care or know what to do with it.

Instead of dispersing your value where it won’t be absorbed, simply sprinkle a few hundreds behind you as you walk and see if they are willing to pick it up. The hundreds represent nuggets of value. If people are willing to act on what you’ve taught them, you can keep giving them value.

This could mean dropping a few good book titles in their e-mail, turning them onto valuable resource guides on specific industry skills, showing them your favorite content sites, showing them places where they can get complete educations on something industry-specific, or what have you.

If they pick this value up, and take action on it, keep sporadically giving them more and more. They are serious.

2. If You Decide They Aren’t Serious, Move On

 If the people you’re willing to set aside time to help are not taking your advice, or not even moving forward in the direction they want to go, then you should not devote more time and energy into trying to make it happen.

You cannot make people do what they don’t want to do, anymore than you can push on one end of a string to get the other end to move.

Instead, it’s far more efficient and easy to pull from the other end.

If you know you’re doing what they want to do, just live it up and keep improving, and if people want more information on how to do it, they will contact you.

It is never worth it to work with people you don’t get any reciprocal value from. Value can mean people teaching you something, people learning from your mentoring, and improvements in the right direction, or just general friendship.

If an energy vampire just wants to come by and take everything you know without contributing their effort, time, money, open-mindedness, or collaboration, you need to move on to different opportunities.

3. Teach / Sell Something You Know A Lot About

When people get exceptionally skilled at certain tasks and habits, they can start mentoring others. When there is too much demand for this to be handled by that person, they can hire teams to help out. When there is too much demand for teams, they can sell physical or digital products like training courses, videos, e-books, and physical goods to aid in the development of people’s progress.

Many successful people have combinations  of teams, courses, and products! The possibilities are endless. This is why it’s important to recognize all you can do as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur.

Your income potential is unlimited with your own business.

Your freedom and possibilities only stop with your accepted limits. You can grow into an authority and a life-crusher all while doing it your own way.

Decide Who’s Like-Minded & Who Isn’t

You are allowed to be picky with who you spend your time with. This applies to clients, friends and relationships. It is your time after all, and when you create your own empire you are in charge of where your time and energy will flow.

Don’t put up with pushy people or those who aren’t going for goals like you are. Demanding people will often make unreasonable requests or threats and you have no business being swayed by these things.

There was a short story in Psycho-Cybernetics that was all about visualizing yourself in a comfy chair at home. When you’re about to read and relax for a few hours, the loud phone starts ringing off the hook.

Well, you’re in a comfy chair. That phone is in the kitchen, and you planned to read!

You always have the choice in life to not pick up that phone, because you have complete control of your reactions. 

We don’t have 100% control over our circumstances, although we do have immense power in creating them, and we do have control over how we respond to them.

With these lazy or demanding people, are you going to choose to pick up the phone?

If they are worth the time and energy, I would say invest in people who are like-minded, take action, and whom you want on your team.

Everyone else can receive a loud, director’s “NEEEXXXXTTTT….”

There’s no free lunch. Offer hands up, not handouts.

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