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ISSUE #1: [F&F 001] Direct Response Old vs. New: Direct Response Has Changed And You Should Too

ISSUE #2: [F&F 002] High-Leverage, High-ROI Weekly “Thinking Time”

ISSUE #3: [F&F 003] Grow Or Die. “Maintenance” is a Myth

ISSUE #4: [F&F 004] Kick “Em in the Feels & Sign Some Deals

ISSUE #5: [F&F 005] Find the Leaks & Fill Your Profit Buckets

ISSUE #6: [F&F 006] Master the Value Ladder to Create Cash Windfalls At Will

ISSUE #7: [F&F 007] If It Ain’t Broke? Fix It!

ISSUE #8: [F&F 008] Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

ISSUE #9: [F&F 009] How 6-Course Meals Can Transform Your Business

ISSUE #10: [F&F 010] The Tale of Two Dating Expert Info Product Businesses

ISSUE #11: [F&F 011] Ever Feel Like You Should Be Further Along?

ISSUE #12: [F&F 012] The #1 Marketing Mistake I See Most Expert Brands Making Today:

ISSUE #13: [F&F 013] Your Inner Circle Should Make You Feel *Inadequate* About Your Skills & Results

ISSUE #14: [F&F 014] Why Using “Negative Marketing” Can Blow Your Sales Numbers Up

ISSUE #15: [F&F 015] People Only Hire Experts; And Laugh At Amateurs… So Be The Expert

ISSUE #16: [F&F 016] Build It… And They Won’t Come?

ISSUE #17: [F&F 017] My Complete Year In ReviewYear In Anticipation Process Guides

ISSUE #18: [F&F] That Time Microsoft Paid Me $12,000 to Help Recreate Their Office 365 Landing Page

ISSUE #19: [F&F] Leaders, Followers & Umbilical Cords – And How It Applies to Your Marketing Copy

ISSUE #20: [F&F] Don’t Be Like Moses With the 10 Commandments – Monetize Your Expert Brand’s Audience Properly

ISSUE #21: [F&F] What My First 3,000 Cold Emails Taught Me About Direct Marketing & Leading With Value

ISSUE #22: [F&F] How I Went From BROKE To Changing Minds For Money:

ISSUE #23: [F&F] How Much $ Are You Leaving on the Table From Your List?

ISSUE #24: [F&F] Do THIS When One Offer Starts Working (and not this other silly thing)

ISSUE #25: [F&F] Use *This* Sequence to Start a Buying Relationship With Your Customers the Right Way:

ISSUE #26: [F&F] Are YOU The Clueless Fat Guy at the Pool?

ISSUE #27: [F&F] “Hello Sir. Give Me Money!”

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The F&F Newsletter:

Bi-weekly emails that get you paid.

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