CONGRATULATIONS For Joining the Ultimate VIP Membership (Modules 1-7, 8 Calls, E-mail Access)

That's right, if you're seeing this page it means you're officially part of the Ultimate VIP insider's circle...


Where you'll get lifetime access to every piece of content that this course will have to offer as soon as it comes out!

Also as an added bonus, you will never have to pay more than you already did for this course. Your price is locked in for life. No matter if I change this to a monthly membership, raise the prices, or both. You will never pay more than you did already, as a thank you for becoming one of the first 15 adopters of this awesome product that will change your lifestyle, habits, mindset, and future.

Right when the content becomes available, you'll be able to access, view, study, and download everything from every module on the inside of the course. Every module, audio, video, handout and PDF, will be yours as soon as it's produced and you help create it.

For now, it's time to get acquainted with the other early bird members, and receive your special invitation into the private Facebook community & show up to the live calls.

Here's why:

The live calls are exactly what will make this course great. They are what will ensure you get what you want, and learn what you want to learn.

You get to suggest content you want to hear about, speak with other entrepreneurs creating freedom lifestyles, build your own unique network, and pose your questions for Evan in the exclusive live calls.

Are you ready?! It's going to be epic.


Here's What To Do Next:

  1. Provide the URL to your Facebook account, so Evan can send you a private request to the VIP Facebook community. As soon as you do this, you will see an invitation for the group. Once you're approved and on the inside of the private group, make a post about who you are, and where you're headed, introducing yourself.

(Step 1)

Login and go to your own Facebook profile



(Step 2)

Go to the URL bar and copy and paste that link into the survey on this page when it asks you to



       2. Provide a range of times below that you're free to hop on the calls. The official details of each weekly call will be e-mailed to you when a final time is set. There will be many people on these calls, so there will have to be a time that works for everybody.

(Step 3)

You'll be contacted and the live calls will be set up as soon as all the other members have specified times to hop on the calls. The Facebook community will be the place to check for all updates and call times.

Leave your information below and what country you're in, so we can get the most ideal times for the weekly calls.

(Step 4)


This is the start to your freedom lifestyle, a life that you can be proud of, because you're in complete control of it. Life was meant to be LIVED, not settled on and skated through in the masses of average.

Pat yourself on the back, because this is the first real step to you creating something different than what you're used to. Your friends and family will soon notice your massive changes in intelligence, work ethic, and success.

If you've got the guts to continue through this whole program, build it to your liking, and persist through a few challenges and setbacks, while building a profitable network, then you're in for a huge treat.

Sit back, strap in, and get ready to take your life to the ULTIMATE next level financially, freedom-wise, network-wise, and happiness-wise!


As always, if there's anything wrong, you've got a question, had a problem at checkout, anything... let me know! Hit me up at through the contact form in the header bar, or simply drop a line to [email protected]!

(Thank You)

And the last point. Sincerely, thank you for getting your access to this course and community; you'll grow tremendously if you actually take the actions necessary. If you're wise enough to help me guide you, with no reservations, I'll actually be able to lead you to a better lifestyle. All I ask is that you're honest with your situation, and you're ready to make some changes and take action.

This is what's required for change, for stepping out of your current situation into the one that you only dream of now. Show me you're serious by letting me guide you with your best interests at heart.

Congratulations and welcome to the program!


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