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Move Out! Step Up Your Independence

Depending on your age, location and norms, if you’re of adult legal age and still living at home, there’s a huge possibility you are unknowingly stunting your own growth.

When you reside around the same outside influences, stimuli and friends that you grew up with, you never know about the immense possibilities that lie outside of this particular comfort zone.

You are limited in a certain number of ways when you’re not responsible for your own bills and food.

What Moving Out Does For You

The benefits of living on your own are many and they’re not limited to freedom, independence and decision.

When you are on your own, you are fully responsible for yourself in every way as an adult. You can decide where to go, when, with whom, and for how long. You are dependent on yourself for protection, shelter, food and network.

This instills enormous responsibility and creativity upon you, especially if you have no strings attached from guardians. You can decide how you will spend your days and what mission in life you’d like to achieve.

It helps put many things in perspective as you go along and gather the important parts of life and survival. It’s up to you to find out where the food is coming from, where the money will come from, how much of it is really needed to live off, and what you will start to build.

This is a super exciting and freeing process that comes to many after college, or high school.

Why I’m Thankful For My Parents’ Rule

My parents told me young: “When you’re done with high school at 18, you’re moving out.” One way or another. “You can go to college, or move out to your own place, or stay here and pay rent and food.”

I always grew up with this idea in my mind so I knew I had to start planning. I never understood why other parents were so lenient and let their kids hang around long after they graduated, without really pursuing anything.

I’m glad they decided to set that deadline for me because it taught me a few things:

  • In the real world, you will need to meet deadlines and due dates
  • You always need to have a destination in mind to stay focused
  • Handouts are unrealistic

In America, if you’re 18, you are an adult. You can buy tobacco, you can be tried legally as an adult, and you can do actual jail time as opposed to juvenile hall.

You can stay out past curfew, and no matter where you live, in the eyes of the law, you are a grown-up. In many other countries like England, you can buy drinks legally and some countries are even more lax with that age and do not ID youngsters at the clubs.

With many Asian countries like Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, the child will live with the parents into their 30s or until they move out to get married. In Japan you are not even a legal adult until 20.

There is no right or wrong, our thinking colors it as so, but the way that you can push yourself to grow tremendously is getting out of your old environment by transcending into an adult.

It is literally like growing out of a shell you’ve always had on, but never knew it.

I’m glad that I was pushed to do it at 18, and I chose to go to college. Although I was out of the house, I still had strings attached in terms of housing and food. I always wanted even more freedom from every string so I could make my own decisions, and sometimes, mistakes.

I chose to move across the world, and that seemed like a drastic risk for me at the time but was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

My Experience Leaving My Home Country Headed For Thailand

Before I even got on the plane, I knew it was go time. Everything from this point on would be up to me. My choices in business, my decisions on living arrangements, my network and time spent with them, and much more.

It was a vital learning experience that grew me up a lot quicker than anything had before. I paid my first rent. I started paying for all my meals. I made my own money to survive off of.

I proactively learned skills of business and networking. I made a ton of mistakes and learned from every setback. I experienced real customers in my own business. I learned what it took to make my own creation successful when prior to this trip I had no idea.

When I got on the plane in Denver, I hopped over to LAX. That was my first plane trip by myself. On the way from LAX to China, I was on a 14-hour flight by myself with one bag and absolutely zero white faces.

It was a trip to say the least.

All throughout the flight, I was reciting the reasons why I was doing this, I talked myself up and encouraged my own progress. I decided that I was not coming home until I made it. What that meant to me was being completely financially independent and not relying on anyone or anything to provide me with money I didn’t earn.

I knew as soon as I touched down I was going to work like a dog until I was making money online and would learn anything and everything I needed to know.

I would obliterate every obstacle in my path.

Conor McGregor once said that:

“The true greats cut through adversity like a chainsaw through butter.”

I knew that I was underfunded, I knew that I knew zero people in Thailand, I knew I barely knew how to say hello and had never even traveled internationally before. 

It didn’t matter.

I said to myself “If this is an uphill battle, so be it”.

But, I was and always am ready to tackle everything in my path. Even since then, I have survived greater struggles, including losing access to money the day of traveling to a new country.

Getting down to the smallest depths of my bank account.

Selling my first item online after months of 16 hour days without seeing a dime of profit.

When I landed in China I had an 8-hour layover on my way to Thailand. I found the nearest coffee shop in the airport and got to work on my business.

I was going to use every single second of my time to build what needed to stay there, and if I had not approached it like that, two weeks of rest would have cost me over ten grand. The timing was perfect for a project I pulled off and would not have happened if I were not preparing daily.

I truly believe you should meet all of your problems and difficulties actively with a winning attitude.

This attitude can be developed and improved by understanding the fundamentals that you learn when you’re out on your own.

It’s exciting, unpredictable, and an experience that everyone must go through.

But if you’re looking to be challenged, to take risks that force you to succeed.

When you throw caution to the wind, let ambition and survival instincts take over, amazing things can happen. From the moment you commit fully to something, and decide you will not fail, there is hardly any way that you can.

The way to fail is to quit. All else is simply learning.


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