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One Crippling Money Belief That Is Repelling It Away From You

It’s long past time to drop a very commonly thrown around term that is misquoted anyways.

“Money is the root of all evil!”


There is nothing evil about money. Money is nothing, it’s paper, it’s an effect of a cause, and it’s an after-product of effort and value production.

How can that by itself be evil? Money has only the power we give it or use it for.

If you accept this misquotation, it is undoubtedly harming your ability and potential to earn the amount of money you desire.

Let me digress into good and evil for a second anyways.

“Good” and “evil” are just results of the intentions of people. The cause that creates these begins in man’s intention for things.

For instance, if you focus on the helpful things in the world, like Ralph Waldo Emerson always did, your life will be harmonious, peaceful, and happy.

Emerson was one to focus on nature and inspiration, sources for fulfilling humanity, and lifting consciousness. He taught people how to rely on themselves more and travelled extensively speaking and teaching.

His main focus was on the “good” that we would consider and he was one to focus on things that helped people and inspired them. Where did they originate? His thoughts and intentions.

Thomas Carlyle had a dysfunctional life because he focused on destroying the bad, the evil things in life, and it showed in his rugged and cynical style of work.

He became a recluse; he developed sicknesses and was isolated from his family. He focused on his disdain for the things we perceive as bad or evil in life, and his life reaped the seed he sewed.

The negative, the perceived evils of this world were cast upon him, and where did they originate? His thoughts and intentions.

For those quoting the Bible are referring to this passage anyways:

1 Timothy 6:10, NIV:

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”


So how did the above passage get twisted into money being the root of all evil? I’m not sure.

What I am sure of is that it says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. When people talk about all kinds, they are normally referring to many. Not literally every kind…

Also, it says some people have wandered from the faith because of their love of money.

So how about you? What types of limiting beliefs do you have about money or the love of it?

Do you think it’s possible that these are holding you back from reaching your full financial potential?

To change your life, you absolutely must know where you’re going and also why. This is going to reflect itself in your money and the wealth that you acquire.

Actual Ways to Welcome More Money Into Your Life

It’s helpful to realize that you can have it but it will take a serious amount of focused, dedicated, and consistent effort.

To help you along this process, there are some affirmations that will uproot any beliefs that you have about money itself being evil. These, stated daily, will increase your positive feelings towards money.

This will encourage the flow of money to you and help you to increase your production and value to the marketplace so you can bring more of it in your life.

Money Affirmations

  1. “Money is everywhere and it’s abundant.”
  2. “My money is out there in the world, hiding under the value I produce for others. I simply need to go and get it”
  3. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase my income.”
  4. “The amount I am paid is in direct proportion to the value I add to the world.”
  5. “I can do far more productive good and create much more with money than without it.”

How To Assess Value You’re Delivering to Others

First of all, check your bank account. Is that enough for you? That’s a reflection of what you’ve produced in the world to this point. If you can increase the value you put out to people, set goals, and work tirelessly until you’re there, you will see that number rise.

There is only a certain timeframe in which you will be producing more value than the world is paying you. They absolutely must balance out, but you will need to produce first and consume later.

The world, people, audiences, communities and the marketplace will not reward you before you produce; it doesn’t work that way. You will, for however long is necessary, be creating far more value for people before you will be accurately compensated for it, but the scales will balance. They always do.

Earl Nightingale always talks about the three main factors of accumulating wealth in form of riches. They are as follows:

  1. The ability for you to do what you do
  2. The demand for what you do
  3. The difficulty to replace you

So there you have it. Launch your value into the stratosphere, and the market will reward you by giving you more money than you could ever imagine.

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time, but we get paid for the value, not the time.” – Jim Rohn

Learn how to increase your value in the marketplace here.

Remember that you will be toiling away for a good while before you see the return from this effort, and that is okay. You must be patient. The scales must balance out as they always do, because everything in the world has balance.

What the greats understood about creating an enormous amount of wealth was to focus on creating an enormous amount of value first. Put money to the side for a second, and pour your powerful focus, thoughts, words, and actions out to create a better world for other people to live in.

How to Create Massive Value

  1. Be Able to Increase Your Generosity

Give as much away as you can to help other people. Ask yourself which ways you can be of service and improve, inspire and uplift others. There is an enormous benefit for both parties in this mindset shift as you go from ordinary consumer to massive producer. Which leads to the next point…

  1. Shift From Consumer to Producer

Consider the two endgames, one of the selfish, and one of the helpful.

The selfish person will be focusing on all that they can get, all they can buy and all they can experience from their money.

Money is eludes this person because there’s no reciprocation of their efforts by chasing materialism or consumerism for themselves. They’re the only one that benefits, they’re not looking to help others and improve the qualities of other peoples’ lives in some way.

This could be through education, humor, commodities, entertainment, revelations, and indeed much more.

Enter the selfless producer. Look around at people who are at the top of the economic food chain. Ah, the revered and hated 1% of America. This is how most of the world works, with this extreme power and wealth imbalance. It is for a reason.

These people control enormous shares of market, they can buy and consume anything they like, and they’re mostly free to do as they wish. The vast majority of people only focus on these facts rather than the sweat and toil they inevitably endured just to get where they are.

Here’s the catch: they became incredible producers, they unleashed market potentials, they connected the world’s social media, they created revolutionary products, etc.

These people didn’t just wake up one day and control 1% of the world’s wealth. Well, most of them anyways…

Avoid This Money Mindset Trap

There’s another caveat that you should consider when you’re producing this enormous value and taking massive action.

You can actually be a selfish producer by not going as big as you could. Most businesses are just obscure, which is their main problem. You’re actually being selfish by either not looking to go big enough, or hiding your gifts and knowledge from the world.

There’s something that everyone could do for at least one other person sharing the same space. Even if you don’t know how to find it, it is there. Maybe you’ve gone through a struggle that would help someone grow in their journey.

Maybe you have a special blend of knowledge and resources on tap in your brain to share that are exactly what someone else needs. Perhaps you met certain people that shifted your mind in a way that would flip on the switch for someone.

Even if it’s just for ONE person, it’s worth it.


Because by putting out what you’re hesitant to, you push past your own fears and limitations to get out of your comfort zone.

When you learn something, you can help someone, and you think more about the bigger picture than you do about your own limits (which by the way are only imposed and accepted by you).

It’s your purpose and obligation to ignore the limits that other people listen to. These include money being evil, it being bad to want more, or struggling to increase your wealth.

Don’t waste the talent you have and potential skill that you can build upon its back because these can help other people where they are.

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