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[Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 1] The Foundation: Planting Your Seeds

The most important tool in your arsenal, that you will use hundreds of times a day, is your bulletproof mindset.

If you want the highest ROI, you cannot beat the mindset area. When millionaires and business mentors speak about “investing in yourself”, they’re talking about the mindset, your skills, and your internal game. The asset that you can expect the most back from when you invest in is always yourself.

The powers of the mind are incredible, and we are just at the beginning of understanding what this thing is really capable of.

We are just now coming to realize the potency and potential of this asset, and how we can optimize it, program it, and route it for success.

This cannot be substituted for anything else, because nothing else is like it.

In your quest for success, your mindset is the single most important place to start work on, build and improve if it’s not already bulletproof. Even after you’ve achieved a bulletproof status mindset, you must critique and tune it all the time, lest you slip back into harmful habits.

This is because with a strong mindset, anything, and I mean absolutely anything, is possible.

A weak mindset will slowly destroy you from the inside out.

It all comes down to your self-talk.

If you can figure out how to build yourself up through your internal conversations, your mind will respond in positive ways and give you more to be happy, excited and thankful about. If you’re not commanding it to aid you in your journey, it will only tear you down and put a damper on your full potential.

You want your mind to be like your well-mannered dog. He brings you the ball, he waits for you to throw it to him and he would never start tearing up pillows in your home at random, unless you commanded him to. He helps you along your morning run and looks up to you for his behavior cues.

A disciplined dog with an organized and driven owner is a happy dog.

Similarly, a mind with a driven owner is a happy one.

On the other hand, if you don’t take the time to make your mind obey you, it will destroy you from a deep place inside. This type of dog will wreck the home you’ve worked hard to build. He’ll track mud into the house. He will rip open bags of food on his own, and it’ll be very difficult to get a handle on him.

To learn this lesson the hard way, you will need to pass through the obstacles that your own mind will try to throw at you. To come out on top of these issues it’s essential to learn how to make your dog wait patiently for his food, if you will.

However, the occasional destructive thought might try to weave its way back in there and I keep the gates of my mind securely locked. I now recognize these types of thoughts at the door far quicker and nip them in the bud.

I do not allow negative thoughts to roam in my domain, and I do not permit negative self-talk. This includes harmful physical body reflection, achievements, doubt; I don’t let these things inside my gates.

Plant the correct seeds in your mind for it to feed off of. The plants that grow from these seeds are directly proportionate to the seeds that you planted.

Your mind is fertile soil and it doesn’t care whether you plant positive and empowering seeds or negative and disempowering seeds. It will simply give back a more developed version of what you gave it in the first place.

To plant helpful seeds means to always approve of the man in the mirror, to know your worth, and do things that make you feel positive by working on your mission with a consistent effort.

It is the continual self-improvement, growth and learning process. It means visualizing what you will achieve and also knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will become reality.

With this type of bulletproof mindset, you cannot fail because you will not let yourself give up. Make no mistake; the key component in bringing it into reality is, was, and will always be right action.

Always take action, but be wise and patient enough to know the right moment to act. Do not just act for the sake of acting, when you have no plan.

5 Key Bulletproof Mindset Shifts

  1. You approve of and respect the person in the mirror with no ifs or buts

You lift yourself up consistently, always believing your worth and potential. You’d never allow negative thoughts to grow and tear you down.

  1. You know you will achieve whatever you choose, as long as you don’t die first.

That is to say that the only thing keeping you from what you will achieve is time. You must be driven and know that everything you want is yours for the taking, but it will take some time to build. Death is the only thing that could stop you from achieving.

  1. You view yourself as an already successful person who keeps gaining more success, learning and growing each day.

With each new insight, you’ve got new homework. You know that with everything you learn, you have a responsibility to do something about it. This “hustle muscle” will only increase in ability.

  1. You don’t tolerate subpar effort or settle for second rate results. You know you deserve the best, and will create exactly that.

You focus on exactly what you want and unceasingly go after it until you have it. You repeat for every new goal.

  1. The only way you can fail is if you quit.

Every time you have a setback, it’s just a learning lesson to strengthen your mindset. There are no failures unless you quit. Hell, you don’t even need to make all your own mistakes! That’s called failing to fail. Don’t fail for the reason of failing. Just learn what other people have made mistakes on, and adapt accordingly.

Have you ever figured out first-hand that a bonfire would burn you? You don’t need to, you know not to go in there. The same is true with learning from others’ mistakes.

Anything you learn you will apply and roll into the next project so it can get you that much further to your destination.

With these main frames of thinking in order, you are prepared to tackle any and all problems that come your way.

You are responsible for making your success happen and this is the first piece of putting the whole puzzle together.

The second piece after mindset is getting on your G.R.I.N.D.

You will take action each day and consistently keep your goals in front of you so you remember where you’re going and why you started in the first place.

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