Mind Power Techniques: 4 Fundamental Mindsets That Get You Everything You Want In Life (Every Time) Motive In Motion

[Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 4] Mind Power: A Strong Mind is the Top of the Waterfall – Master These 4 Areas

This set of mind power techniques is part 4 in the series of the Bulletproof Mindset fundamentals. Click here to read part 3.

Your mindset is what dictates your future actions, and therefore results.

The strong minded mentality you carry into life is paramount, because it decides all other aspects of life for you.

[Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 4] Mind Power: A Strong Mind is the Top of the Waterfall – Master These 4 Areas

Don’t believe me?

Take a quick examination of the last 5 or 10 thoughts you had in your head.

Were they empowering and helpful, or did they leave you feeling disparaged? If they leave you in a less powerful state, it’s time to do some inner work.

See, the mindset sets the stage for everything you do in your life.

Your mind frame affects what you believe you can get done, because it affects the confidence in your own abilities. It affects the effort you put into your craft, by affecting your willingness to network, your sales ability, and your full potential.

Let’s dive into each section to demonstrate just how powerful a strong mindset really is. These are the mind power secrets scarce talked about, but are some of the most important keys you could ever learn.

Hence, when you get it right it cascades down to every other aspect.

Direct Effect: Your Effort. Indirect Effect: Your Results 

You can only control the effort you’re willing to make in a certain direction. However, your results don’t always stem directly from them.

You can decide how much effort to dedicate to your tasks, relationships, and your overall mission. If your output is at a low level, your mindset could use some foundational tuning. Click here to check out Pt. 1, thereby starting at the beginning.

The state of mind in which you enter a task or challenge is the determining factor to what effort you put forth. 

Therefore, since that is the direct control you have, you alter the indirect result as well. The control and strength of your mind dictate your output, and the proportionate results must follow.

These two are inseparable. If you need better results, pay attention to the cause of those results and what you can do to improve them.

Fix today’s habits; fix tomorrow’s outcome.

The best way to change the tree is to change the roots.

Those roots include four main areas that your mindset drastically changes. These are not all inclusive, but they will change your life one by one.

We’ll go through the four main areas of mind power, in the Bulletproof Mindset series now.

These mind power basics are ranked in order of importance, because you simply cannot have one before the other.

Let’s jump into the number one mind power hack in the list:

[1] Your Confidence Through Life In General

The way you frame things, and how you perceive them is your reality.

Perceiving is mostly passive. Framing is an active choice, that you can choose to participate in to have confidence and purpose in your life.

The reason you might not be very confident, is due to the current reality-windshield you’re seeing through.

When there’s the dirt and grime of self-doubt, fear, second-guessing, ambiguity, and past mistakes clouding it up, you can’t see through it clearly.

If your windshield is clear of all that junk and you always focus on your best self, you can be absolutely confident of who you are. This is because you see why you’re here, and what you want to do moving forward. This helps you focus on your full potential rather than your past.

Confidence can come from many areas of life, such as achievement and success, but these are still external. One of the most sustainable, improvable areas of confidence is radiating from a place deep within you.

It is a byproduct of you being sure of your values deep down. It comes from the fact that everything you do will be manifested for the good of all parties involved.

Confidence comes from knowing your value, because knowing you can play a part in helping people with something, is a direct result of the mind and its power.

Let’s roll to the next step in the mind power fundamentals, so we can install a new paradigm that comes before the transaction.

[2] Sales – Another Byproduct of Confidence of Mind

Selling something to someone else requires you being sold on it yourself.

How can you be sold on something you do not believe in? If you don’t believe in something you’re selling, you can stop right there.

If you are confident enough to persuade another person to buy into something, whether it’s yourself or an idea, you are essentially saying that you’re confident in that thing.

Mind Power
Crispy Foreign Bills From Domestic Sales…

I just showed you how it takes a clear, straightforward mindset and conscience, in order to be truly confident. The power of your mind and thoughts can lead you to anything you want in life.

See how they all tie together?

To learn how to sell something, whether online or in person, it takes consistency.

To do something over and over again, you’ll need continual self-selling and belief in the process and product. If you don’t deal with this head on, you’ll delude yourself. You will never feeling great about what you’re selling, which will tank sales too.

It doesn’t work for long…

The mind frame you approach consistency with will determine how committed you are, thereby influencing how consistently you act in one direction.

If you never believed in yourself, you would never be consistent because persistence is synonymous with faith.

Can’t have one without the other.

[3] Your Action Is A Representation of a Successful Use of Mind Power

If you think what you’re currently doing will never work, you should quit before the first day.

The fact that you’re willing to take massive action is a testament to the willingness you have to succeed.

If you were shortsighted, had no vision for the future, and were not strong minded strength, you would never persist. Mental toughness is a pre-requisite to taking the action you think is possible, because it will get hard at times.

Understand the whole breakdown of potential – belief – action – results here.

Need proof that you can dictate your own actions? Check the level of belief and conviction you carry. That is how you know you can make it in what you’re doing, or if you need to work on it.

See the bigger picture and take only the actions that will help you further that along. Focus on one thing that you need to do at a time. Whichever aspect of mind power you need to work on, give it more attention than the rest at one given time.

It takes an enormous amount of force and concentration to achieve one thing, so do not divert your energy.

The ability to take consistent and massive action stems from your mindset.

[4] Networking Is More Beneficial With a Strong Mind

With the right mindset tied to networking, (which is abundance) you can help others out by connecting people and learning how to help them out.

It is similar to selling yourself and your product.

Mind power
The boy cleans up for networking events. Gotta look and feel sharp!

When you have conviction that it’s the best need-filler and solves problems, you can network with others to make their experience better as well.

By proactively looking to add value to people you are putting yourself in a position for more business and building your own brand as a helper.

This will always lead to positive feelings about you, referrals, and increased closing ratios. It always stems indirectly from mind power, because if you don’t have this aspect dialed first, your direct efforts will fail.

Most do not know this about mind power.

They go through life, hacking away at what they want, but don’t know how to do. They pick up the hard skills and try to practice, but what they’re missing is conviction. They’re missing a tuned mindset with these fundamentals, which actually get them whatever they want in life.

They enable absolutely everything else.

Keep them close, to leverage them in every situation.

Network Positioning – Contrarian Networking Benefits

Network this way so you’ll oft be remembered as the one person at the event or conference who wasn’t shoving business cards in people’s faces and hoping they’d become a lead.

You’re not greedy, because you know all the opportunities are available for you. You also know the right ones will present themselves, should you stay moving forward, using momentum you’ve already created. On top of that, you’re listening and learning what people want, and helping them get it.

See Zig’s quote below for this mindset applied.

This approach works.


Because you can introduce opportunities to people, plus it will never draw from a competitive place or a scarcity mindset.

You are genuinely interested in the value they need. You know the more value you bring, the better experience you create for people, including yourself.

That’s positive, proactive business in a nutshell.

Starts with mind power; I can’t stress it enough.

This is a powerful, energetic approach, and in turn becomes profitable for you too.

All the best salesmen, copywriters, advertisers, and business owners know and knew this too. They leverage it every day.

People have a “selfish gene” like Richard Dawkins writes about. Everyone is out for themselves. They think in the first person, so speak to them that way.

Adapt to this, and approach them this way so you can sell more, meet more, and connect abundantly.

Tying All Mind Power Aspects Together – Actionable Tips

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by these points, focus on what you can control: your mindset.

Focus only on the things you can change, improve and control. All else is futile dispersion of your precious energy.

You can now see how the mindset of a modern day warrior will cascade to all other things that you apply yourself to in life.

To gain clarity and put forth the right effort, work on your focused approach.

In order to increase confidence and conviction, work on your framing and self-talk techniques.

To improve your sales ability, focus on your research, your approach, and the value prospects need.

Improve your consistency by moving the focus to your biggest purpose and vision.

To network more effectively, be sure to specialize in helping others achieve what they want and need in life.

How to Apply the Abundance Mindset Effectively: Combine the Four Simple Mind Power Techniques





Learn to combine these four, because they determine your entire future.

The best producers always understand they can have whatever they want if they help others, because that’s the rule of exchange. Therefore, they combine the most simple four mind power techniques, with a unique blend, thereby reaching their objectives.

You can have everything in life that you want, if you just give enough other people what they want.  Zig Ziglar

Value is the cause for making money, not the other way around.

Seek to tweak and improve each aspect of your windshield, while keeping it crystal clear. This way, you never let the disempowering thoughts creep in and set up shop in your mind.

If you do, they grow strong roots, which develops too much momentum. At that point, even those with the strongest leveraged mind power cannot combat them.

Show them the door and kick ‘em out! Your active and repetitive choice to do this will help you dominate every situation.

P.S. – This is Part 4 in the series on the importance of Bulletproof Mindset fundamentals, so click the links below to be taken to all other volumes.

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