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The Good Life: Integration & Transcendence [Pt. 1] – Balancing My Masculine and Feminine Energies

Today’s journey covers the masculine and feminine balancing I’ve just experienced. I take you through a brief summary of my past four months in Bali, and what that meant for me. I’ll continue the Integration & Transcendence series, and you’ll see it all unfold in the coming months. Let’s jump in:

Bali Magic

“8 hours. 12 hours. 14 hours. 18 hours…” Doesn’t matter.

Staying up ’til 5 a.m. to crush life and work? Why not?

My usual style. GO. Crush. Floor it.


Trying to “get somewhere” and get sh*t done.

My whole Modus Operandi is flooring and redlining the gas pedal until the engine blows out. I’ve already burned out twice in the few years I’ve been an entrepreneur.

This is likened to the masculine, egoic, plunging your will into the world and creating your destiny from dust. Don’t get me wrong; this has immense value, but until today, I’ve overindulged in it.

The Good Life, Integration & Transcendence [Pt. 1] – Balancing My Masculine and Feminine Energies

This is a masculine trait, far over on the scale of masculine and feminine, but is not necessarily a “male” trait. Women can exhibit this masculine just as well as men and vice versa.

These poles are up to the individual to direct and channel, so you hold the key.

They are the opposites, part of the same whole. They’re the very reason why women with feminine traits usually attract masculine men and men with feminine traits, masculine women.

I always resonated with this go-getter trait from the start of entrepreneurship. It’s what I base a lot of my content off of, what I execute on, and how I operate.

bali magic

Hell, I’ve always done this, long before that! I operated this way when learning BMX, drums, drawing, employee work, freelancing…

The curveball came when I felt driven for months to get to Bali, and I finally picked up and got myself here.

Now… Bali, Indonesia is Extremely Feminine

Its spiritual energy is soft, teaching, and healing.

They call her Mama Bali, for the lessons she gently brings back to your awareness, pretty much as you touch down. On the scale of masculine and feminine, she’s very soft, correcting, but stern.

Bali Magic

If you’ve got unresolved issues, they’ll be brought up and dealt with, whether you like it or not.

Humans have this uncanny ability to shove things under the rug when in peak emotional states (positive or negative), so we don’t have to deal with them until later.

Things like rage and violence, trauma and sadness, deep hurt and pain… These things get suppressed away so we don’t have to actually process the intensity of it in the moment.

Certain things that’ll remain nameless for me now have been pressed down at times of peak anger, which have blocked off significant areas like my heart chakra.

I don’t usually share this, but a few close friends know what I’m talking about.

(A quick recap of the chakras: The alignment of main energy centers in your body. This includes your solar plexus, third eye, stomach and root, etc. When aligned, clarity, flow state, and seamless communication from all health areas in your body will occur)

Bali Magic
Balancing Chakras…

The earth also has these aligned energy centers.

More on that later… Part 2 is coming soon.

For now, this whole diving in head first into everything, crushing work and life with no breaks, and giving 120% has been whittled out of a sharp edge to take back control in my own way.

With my mind captaining the ship and my heart suffering chained ankles in the slave decks, I’ve reached a crossroads full of subconscious, self-sabotaging blocks.

Now Is My Ideal Time For Releasing Them One by One & I’m Doing the Internal Work

I’m thankful to say that I’ve been learning from this beautiful island, balancing work, life and everything in between, and going a bit easier on myself inside my head.

Sometimes I’d think I wasted an entire day if I got up at 11 a.m. or something, felt guilty, and stayed angry that I wasn’t squeezing every ounce of juice from the day of work.

Life is much more than crushing work. Let it be said.

Up until now, the first 3 years of entrepreneurship has literally been a minimum of 10-12 hour days, on short days.

Again my network can attest to this; you can even look back in some of the “hustle hard” motivational posts in the beginning of Motive In Motion!

It’s not the ideal way to run life and business, and thankfully now I am learning from this island, its locals, the expats here, and my close friends who accompany me.

Subsequent chapters of”Integration & Transcendence” will reveal how my friends have influenced me deeply on this journey, so stay tuned.

Bali Magic
Spirit-Guards Locking Down My Compound From Evil Spirits…

For now, if you resonate with this, have learned some of my similar lessons, or want to know more as the tales unfold, COMMENT below:


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