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The Key to Getting Noticed, Gaining Significance & Having an Impact

How are you currently getting your value out into the world?

If you’re like many unsuccessful people, you are simply applying an average method of taking action to what you are working towards. There are far too many people who are obscure and don’t do take action necessary to win.

A Fundamental Layout For This Concept: Always Take Massive Action

If you’d like to rise above the people applying normal levels of action, you will need to get out there and produce more than everyone around you.

A good technique for this is not comparing yourself with people around your similar level, but going all the way to the top and seeing what business giants like Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, Grant Cardone, and Donald Trump have been doing.

These people are accustomed to taking action and improving their skills to elevate them to massive levels of success.

They know what it takes to do this, they understand they must stay consistent, and they realize that there is a certain tipping point to get things done. It’s really a critical mass issue.

You must push, push, push, push, and then push some more in order to get that roller coaster over the peak and roaring down. You need to do your fair share of in order to make it through to success.

Try to balance these two paradigms of pushing and pushing until you see initial momentum and still being pulled by your vision.

What makes this whole process far easier is applying effort to things you’re actually interested in. 

At that point it doesn’t even feel like work! It’s extremely hard to keep pushing on things that you don’t love. Make no mistake, you’ll need to apply massive amounts of effort and producing value before you start seeing any return on it, but the scales will balance.

Should you stick with it, you will reap what you have sown and it will all be worth it.

More Action, More Value, More Reward

The equation is simple: provide more value; receive more reward.

See, the universe is made up of plenty of water. The world is mostly water; we are mostly water. What we can learn from this is the fact that water is malleable and will take the form of anything it is contained in. It is also moved by any force stronger than it and adapts accordingly.

If you’re simply walking through a pool, you will make some small disturbances.

If you’re swimming or running through a pool, you will make a bigger commotion.

However, if you’re going 100% with a swimming stroke and pushing hard through a pool, you will cause quite a disruption.

The same goes for business. If you’re looking to build your own brand, to create things that don’t exist yet, or to start your own business, you will need to cause a “commotion” of sorts and be willing to get heard.

To continue adding value to many people, you’ll need to make sure you actually reach them. The more people you reach, the more of your ideas are spread and the more you can help. If you’re thinking local, you will only apply your mental energy and action to local. If you think worldwide, your goals, action, and follow through will embody this. 

To reach global, you will definitely need to make a ripple.

It must be unique to your character and the way you think. The more irreplaceable you are, the higher your income will be, the larger your reach grows, and the more your content can be amplified.

The same effect will simply not appear if you only ever apply marginal effort to things. Over time, you can grow a small project into a mid-sized project, and it would likely take years to get there. Alternatively, with a larger vision you can start with a small project that will progress to mid-sized fairly quickly, and then be well on its way to massive.

It depends on where you’d really like to take each project that you embark on. These can be contribution-based, relationship-based or business-based, to name a few. You can even choose to mix them and decide where you draw the lines. The attitude and goals that you approach the situation with will vary but are essential in determining the level at which you envision yourself taking it.

Decide on your aim, your desired level by reverse engineering it. Visualize the end very clearly. This is one thing many people never do, and a huge reason people don’t achieve goals.

It’s not that they can’t get there because it’s hard, it’s the fact they never set a goal high enough, or at all. Next, figure out what causing a ripple means to you and double or triple the effort.

When you want to know what type of effort it takes to get to the top, learn from people who’ve done it. Find their content and absorb it. Read biographies about them. This will help you understand fully how to create your personal ripple.

People who’ve been building for years, all the true leaders, have understood this. To get out of the obscurity, you need to do find whatever it takes and do it.

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