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Walking Around Tokyo: Make The Means Match The End

The importance of setting goals and deciding what you want most out of life is so vital to your success. If you make the means match the end, you’re preparing daily on a path that actually leads where you want to be.

This applies in every area: where you’d like your body to be, who your best friends are, what level of financial freedom you wish to acquire, what you’d like to do for a living, and what you plan to do with the level of wealth you reach.

How are you supposed to get to where you’d like to be if you have no idea where that is?

You must decide on a lifestyle and what your ideal day looks like before you set out to achieve it.

Interestingly enough, it’s more important that you decide on a goal first, before you know how you’re going to achieve it.

There’s no way you can achieve things if you don’t know what they are.

It seems obvious, but many people go through life every day without having any sight of the future or where they’d like to be.

This is really one of the most crucial first steps in creating your ideal life.

To make the means match the end is to pick the future in advance, then see how you can creatively get yourself there.

It’s up to you to pick what you want the most, and you can absolutely have it, but you need to set the destination first. Otherwise, it will never come to pass.

How to Make the Means Match the End

It’s important to set your goals inside these ideals rather than being open-ended going anywhere.

For instance, if you’d like to travel and live anywhere, but you’re setting goals to climb up a company ladder, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve this freedom.

This goal and the end lifestyle are likely incompatible. To match them up, decide what you want first, then decide what you can do to get there.

It’ll be hard to be a full time rock-climbing instructor if you’re setting goals to own a chain of restaurants. That said, nothing is impossible, but when you set goals that are incompatible with the ultimate end game, it does make much sense.

This is why it’s so important to decide what you want first, and reverse engineer it.

From the point of visualizing what you want to see in your world, you can gain a new clarity as to which types of goals you will set and achieve.

You want to have things align to where you want to be down the road. One exception to this is when you’re extremely wealthy you can have the freedom to create whatever you want. You must make the means match the end.

This could be your main focus, making money in a way that will allow you to be free, even if it’s not the most fun thing, and then deciding what you will create when you’re more financially free.

Just remember to set yourself up in a way that you can actually have the freedom to use that money as you please. All the money in the world, without time, health and happiness to enjoy it, is worthless.

My Example Anecdote in Tokyo, Japan

I once ran into a young man on the subway in Tokyo. He was in a suit and tie, working at his 9-5, taking an hour for lunch. I was traveling through the city with two friends, making money while touring around.

I am glad to have had our following conversation, because it’s one of the most satisfying things to me to inspire and uplift other people.

It went something like this. I introduced myself, as he was the only foreigner I had seen all day in homogenized Tokyo.

He and I started talking about work and what we did, and I told him (at the time) I was working on my online retail stores. He was so curious about this digital nomad concept and was wanting to travel and work, because he was in a job he hated.

Keep in mind, I am 21 here and he was about 28.

Anyone can set their mind on their goals and get them done! It does not matter who.

means match the end

Anyhow, he told me multiple times about how the money he was making was really good, but he was not a free man. I definitely was making less money than him but I was 100% more free.

I took the opportunity to give him some resources to look into to build, market, and sell in their own business, and some books to read on getting the mindset right. All we had was a five minute conversation and I was able to be living proof of someone who was making it work, and getting paid to learn on the “job”!

See, his means were not matching his desired end.

He wanted to travel and be free as well, with no job or boss, but he was working… with a job.. and a boss.

It pains me to see people who really want the life not be able to grab it.

But then I remember that they’re the ONLY ones holding themselves back, and all I can do is provide a mindset switch, or some resources.

If they take the necessary action, they can get what they want, too.

means match the end

Money without freedom is hardly worth anything at all. If you can’t spend the money in your own way by doing whatever you want with your time, then you’re not free, you are just accumulating paper.

Keep in mind that money is a reflection of how much value you’re adding to the world. They will always be in direct proportion to each other.

Earl Nightingale says there are three main facets that determine your worth in the marketplace and ability to earn money.

  1. The demand of that which you do
  2. Your ability to do it
  3. The difficulty of replacing you

So look for ways to increase and be available to that demand, cultivate your irreplaceability, and make sure you work smarter than anyone else in your industry so you can be a leading force to affect change.

If it came down to a choice for money or freedom, I would pick freedom all day, every day, a hundred times a day.

means match the end

Thankfully, the internet has provided us with phenomenal freedom, in which we can cultivate a life in which have both.

All we must do is choose it!

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