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Vital Keys to a Strong Personal Brand w/ Australian Lion Joel Brown (Addicted2Success)

Vital Keys to a Strong Personal Brand with Joel Brown

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with the Australian Lion, Joel Brown. He’s the creator of Addicted2Success, a website in which I’ve written for on a few occasions, including here and here. Joel is a service-centric human being with an unlimited mindset, which is why I aimed to collaborate with him. I wanted to provide Motive In Motion readers and Joel a chance to discover each other so all could benefit.

There are tons of takeaways from our conversation, and I’ll outline just a few in writing here so you can see the breakdown.

Joel has reached well over 85 million views with his Addicted2Success in just a few short years. Addicted2success reaches over 3 million page views every single month, and he’s had the chance to collaborate with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and many others through the RiseUp film that will be released soon.

He decided that he wanted to reach millions of people with his message, and did exactly that. He started small, but quickly ramped up to about 2-3 articles per day, back when the Internet had a lot less content around. He was able to rank his site, build his name as his brand, and really get the chance to show the world his unique talents so that others could achieve their goals as well.

Joel Brown’s Vital Keys to a Strong Personal Brand

1. Always Come From a Service-First Mindset

When you look to simply add as much value as you know how, amazing things happen. Things come back to you in ways you never expected and the possibilities are endless. If you simply seek the ways you can help promote or boost up what someone else is doing, and give them a platform to reach more people, you help them win.

Joel has done this many times in multiple ways including collaboration videos and podcasts, with Lewis Howes and Gary Vaynerchuk, and many podcast interviews with different legends of many industries.

He says one of the best strategies to do this is to get behind their motion and help them reach more people. Look for people that are about to drop a new project, or who are building something for a coming release. Then, reach out to them with what you’ve already built, aiming to help them get the word out to more people, which is what they’re after.

This builds a win-win because you’re not only helping them reach more people, which means wider impact, more sales, and more people reaching their full potential, but you get an awesome guest on your platform.

2. Be Like the Lion – Don’t Instill Fear, But Take Bold Action

Lions are fierce, and adaptable. They’re the kings of the jungle and they don’t take anything from other animals. The lion is not the biggest, or frankly the strongest, yet is feared and will demolish all other animals. The lion runs in a tight pack and there is always an alpha. He eats first, he takes care of his family, and he instills fear. More importantly, he is a quick action taker and will pounce on lunch when the opportunity presents itself.

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to be the quick thinker who takes action after some careful planning. Strike the balance between pouncing on the opportunity immediately, and sitting around waiting for perfection. Either one is bound to lead to mistakes so be careful to plan and then execute. Do not get tied up on either extreme, in waiting or quickly making rash decisions.

Joel has achieved a lot in his 29 years, and he attributes much of it to embodying the characteristics of this animal that does what he wants and gets everything. Then once he’s eaten and done well, he shares the spoils with friends and kin.

3. Look Up to the Greats, But Become More of YOU

Surprisingly, Joel Brown does not look up to a soul.

He used to, but now he takes more inspiration from his own life and his experiences. While he looks at greats, he studies how he can incorporate those lessons into more of his own character. This is a controversial, yet effective viewpoint because he pays homage to those ahead of him, while stepping into more of himself.

By learning to become more of you, you can jump into who you were meant to be, and like he says, “Save your own seat”. The aim here is to not take someone else’s place, or ever plan to. What they’re doing, how they’re living, and who they are is only for them. “They’re not keeping that seat warm for you,” as he laments.

It all comes down to what your purpose and values are… Which brings us to #4.

4. Know Your Core Values. Live By Them.

Joel’s three main values in life are: Self-Development, Business, and Contribution.

As you can see, he’s integrated his life so that it’s set up to represent these three. He doesn’t deviate, and he even turns down money opportunities if they don’t align. By knowing what you do not want, you can more clearly see what you do.

Some people never really establish what’s important to them, therefore are pulled in every which way. These people are letting the world and life happen to them, instead of moving the needle in the other direction. Instead of letting something pull you, how about exerting your energy and focus on the things that are important to you?

5. Give Something Back & Contribute to Others

Joel has lived this one out very well, because he’s met Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, and had him on the podcast. His donations and contributions to Pencils of Promise and other collaborations have made a huge difference.

Joel from A2S & Adam from PoP

Joel Brown personally raised $11,000 through his coaching services to donate to that organization, and with Addicted2Success raised over $50,000 in a short period of time too. I also had the chance to donate some money to this cause, even though I was at a very low-point with money at the time.

It always helps to get outside of your own head, and the focus on yourself, and give back what you can to help people who have less than you. Believe me, there is always someone doing worse than you, so when you focus on them and help in any way that you can, it makes a mutual difference for everyone who is involved.

If you cannot start this process when you have only $100 to your name, you’ll never be able to do it when you have $100 million to your name. Start now, give what you can, and don’t expect anything in return.

Help others for the sake of helping others, and because so many people have helped you become who you are. Many teachers have developed you, many sources of information have been provided freely, and you’ve now got the chance to return it!

Overall, it was a pleasure creating with Joel and I’m sure we’ll have future collaborations, so we can offer more value to every audience involved. For now, head over to and peep some of the content currently on there!

Also, be sure to check out Joel Brown’s and if you’re interested about getting involved with these projects.

Mindstrong will help you train your mindset so you can learn what it takes to be massively successful. There are many sources of content from beasts in the game like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Simon Sinek, and more on the inside.

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2 Replies to "Vital Keys to a Strong Personal Brand w/ Australian Lion Joel Brown (Addicted2Success)"

  • Just watched the whole podcast – nice work Evan and Joel, I thoroughly enjoyed all the information put forth.

    I just went thru some tough-stuff and will follow your advice next time “Whatever you do during the light, do in the dark” 🙂

    “Music is vibration” can’t agree more – it’s my cr*ck!

    • You said it brother.

      That strategy helped me a ton when I was dealing with some tough things as well! I didn’t frame it that way, but I had the same mindset…

      Like the Rock says: “Don’t say ‘why me?’ to life, say ‘try me'”. Thanks for stopping by, friend

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