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How to Control Your Thoughts: Re-Framing Techniques [Bulletproof Mindset]

If you’ve been tuning in to Motive In Motion for some time, you now understand that you must learn how to control your thoughts and keep killing the game with an invincible mindset. Learning how to control your thoughts is more than just state control or mindset. Each are vital, but learning how to control your mind comes down to framing and filtering.

Effective Framing: How to Control Your Thoughts For Real

Re-framing techniques are few and far between. The ones that actually work are fewer and further.

As a successful millennial entrepreneur, your top priorities include treating life like a neutral playing field.

Nothing is good or bad; it just is.

The reason this approach will free you is because you take everything in stride, with balance. You unlock your mind’s capabilities. You don’t allow anything to get past your frame or filter without conscious projection.

You see an event in the outside world. It passes through a conscious frame (that you create and control). Then it finally gets to your mindset.

Too complex? Hope you’re still with me:

In plain english, you color everything that comes to you before you allow it to roam in your thoughts and multiply.

It’s akin to having a definitive door between the world and you.

My metaphor of the frame, border, or door simply states that you’re the one projecting the thoughts you want and coloring your reality.

This is exactly how to control your thoughts.

Bulletproof Mindset Basics: How to Control Your Mind & Inner Fire

The baseline motto for every successful person in the world, is “reign over your inner domain”.

Every single person you’ve ever heard of or looked up to (that achieved something great) was very familiar with this process.

I’ve written, created, and produced extensive content dealing with this topic, and it’s the exact blueprint you need to learn how to control your mind.

I’ll repeat it until it sinks in. It’s the literal pathway I used to get to where I am today.

I always hammer this home: it must come as a precursor to all external, business, and monetary success.

Know how they say “the best investment is in yourself”?

Well, they’re almost there.

The best investment is in your own programming, your own positive brainwashing, mastering your F.M.C., and your complete mastery of yourself and mind.

Without learning how to control your thoughts, you’re wasting any and all time you apply to your business or success. Your mind mastery must come first.

Tame this outrageous bonfire into a controllable resource that provides you with food, warmth, and safety..

Here’s the exact blueprint, free of charge (but worth countless thousands):

Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 1

Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 2

Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 3

Bulletproof Mindset Interview

If you will only go through these three (plus the bonus interview)…

Your life will drastically improve.

You will understand how to provide value and service to people for massive monetary reward as an entrepreneur.

You’ll learn how to attract and create your ideal relationships, with the fundamentals of mindset, applied to love.

Plus, you will finally understand how to glide past your peers in success. You can and will make a difference by instantly increasing your practical intelligence. Book smarts ain’t worth anything if you can’t apply the concepts.

You will have the main plan to skyrocket to unheard-of realms of power, because you recognize the basics. The basics include giving others what they want, and profiting from the win-wins.

Conclusion: A Bulletproof Mindset is How to Control Your Thoughts

If you want to control your thoughts, you’ve got to master the bulletproof mindset. If you want to correctly master your bulletproof mindset without wasting years, you’ve got to control your input, content, and action.

They go hand in hand and cannot be separated.

The ultimate, quickest, most efficient way to get control over your mind, is by practice.

You can study all of this content all day, but couple it with no action and you get nowhere. Actually do something with this information, and go be a powerful force in the world with your ideas.

Watch the video and read all of the connected posts in this article. You’ll understand exactly how to create positive re-frames that boost your productivity, happiness, finances, freedom, and mindset.

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