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How to Develop Impenetrable Self-Belief

Succeeding at something is very simple, really. It’s not an “easy” process; it takes work and dedication, but it’s not that complex. It’s also not that hard to develop self-belief that lasts and pushes you from behind.

It’s not easy because many people are not willing to do whatever it takes. It is simple though, because people have every resource in themselves to be able to do it.

“All it takes is a choice. Just decide!”

– Will Smith

If you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, like hip-hop preacher Eric Thomas talks about often, you will need to believe in yourself SO much, that nothing can sway you from your goals.

Your drive must be so impeccable that you can never quit or talk yourself out of it. It must be to the point at which, if your biggest success idols and figures told you that you would never succeed, you would just laugh it off and keep going. If you know how to believe in yourself, nothing and no one can ever stop you.

Before this self-belief is possible, you must understand your worth. You must know that no matter who you are, you have the potential to bring something awesome to the world, to get on your grind and take action.

If you’re past this stage, and ready to do what it takes, then your mission is to develop unshakable self-belief and confidence.

This is the precursor to all success.

If you don’t get this essential down, then no one will believe in you, because you don’t. No opportunities can be taken advantage of, there’s no confidence to succeed, there’s nothing that proves you can accomplish what you want.

This comes right after taking responsibility for all your actions. This is because you won’t even believe in your own ability to do these things if you don’t master this and master yourself.

You have to want it, you have to create it, you have to commit to it, and you have to see it through until the end. It is utterly not possible to achieve any of these without the unshakable belief in yourself.

From this point on, you will be able to conquer any resistance, get right back up from all setbacks and push through with a driven focus and reason to succeed.

Creating Impenetrable Self-Belief: Action Steps

1. Recognize That You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind to

You can accomplish anything at all. When you hold that self-belief and bring it into every situation, you cannot lose. Especially if you never quit.

Against all odds, circumstances and locations. You just need to decide that’s what you want to do; that’s it! After this, figure out a way you can get that achieved. This is a basic outline of the rough steps to get from where you are to gaining momentum.

2. Put Something Into Action Immediately and Repetitively

Hindsight is 20/20, they say. This is because you’re looking back at what you did or didn’t do, and you’re constantly critiquing it, when in fact you did the best that you could do with whatever materials and mindset you had then.

But here’s the thing – the past is the past; you only want to move forward from here on out. With this attitude, you don’t beat yourself up for mistakes of the past, but simply look at them for what they can teach you.

The past can actually be a great indicator of how to do things differently, but only if you’re looking to gain something by the experience and not wasting precious energy beating yourself up for mistakes. This is why you must learn how to believe in yourself and your ability to get things done.

Once you figure out how to believe in yourself, you are a forced to be reckoned with because you will know you can do anything and others will see that you are serious.

It’s something strange and scarcely spoken about, however we’re all born with similar raw talents and abilities of the mind, our mental conception, and the power to connect into deep reservoirs of potential.

Because of these factors, opportunities are readily available due to the amount of enormous action you should take to achieve your ideal life.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? No one, that’s who.

The action is what inevitably must follow. You can believe in your potential ability all you want, but clearly it goes nowhere unless you get on your grind and start producing something of value.

Learn to believe in yourself and your innate abilities.

This is the starting key to all personal development.

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