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How to Be A Good Leader In Your Industry: 3 Steps to Authentic Influence

It’s time to introduce a new paradigm shift around the topic of leading. To truly lead others, you must learn how to be a good leader of your own personal state. Without mastering this fundamental, it’s impossible to progress from this point. Let’s dive into how we can manage a true alignment with our own core first, so we can consider how we would lead others with the same principles.

How to Be a Good Leader in 3 Bulletproof Steps

  1. First Order of Business: Create Your Own Lane & Develop Your Code

To really be able to tell yourself how you need to behave and improve, you’ll need a strong grip on what is important to you and where you are going. You must develop these fundamentals first before you can push yourself to get there.

The first order of business is deciding what you value most in life and what things shall never be compromised. If you want to know how to be a good leader, this is the beginning, since you’re putting the pieces together towards your end point.
Is smart work at the top of your totem pole?

Will you be the last person in your organization to tell a lie?

Would you protect your family at all costs, even if it meant your life was taken?

To understand the answers to these questions, you’ll need to do an honest deep dive into your own values and understand what the most important is thing to you. It could be (and likely is) a combination of all of these things.

Decide on which few things move you the deepest, which ones create your core personality the most, and which code you base your life around.

Every leader needs a code.

Find any person (past or present) in a regarded leadership position, in which the people put him/her there, and you’ll surely find they knew how to be a good leader with a code.

This code holds your most important values, which can never be compromised. These are the pillars that make up who you are and how you decide to conduct your being. We’re all on a unique journey but we’ve been given one body, one conscious mind, one decision-making apparatus, and we will never have another in this lifetime.

By deciding on how you will steer your vehicle, you are directly commanding your core self to action in a specific direction. This is the essence of leading yourself and it must come first, far before leading others.

  1. Second Order of Business: Lead Others By Osmosis

Think about how all the people you currently look up to got you interested in their material. Did they force you? Did they tell you what to do, or that you had to listen to them? Of course not.

Great leaders and people in admirable positions were never forceful, but acted more like magnets. They pulled the soft sell on you, they influenced you, and they inspired you.

Awesome people in society are looked up to because of what they bring to the table, and what they offer. Value first, even before money changes hands (like Jay Abraham speaks of).

They were interested in growth, learning and expansion, and they effortlessly got you to hop on board because you jived with what they said. The real leaders, who actually lasted a long time in power, were always uplifting people and spreading knowledge and ideas.

They got you interested in what they were interested in, and that’s true for anyone you currently admire; just think about it!

Hence, this is the effective way to lead people, by knowing and conquering all parts of yourself and leading others to create their own path in life too.

Create your own lane, become the best version of yourself that you can be, and decide you will never move backwards again.

Then, when other ambitious people see your progress, they will inevitably follow suit in their own unique way.

You need to be down to earth. If you aren’t your true self at all times, people will pick up on the fake persona and not want anything to do with you. Real recognizes real. Consistency of character is the one of the most important qualities in every leader.

“Authenticity makes leaders likable, for lack of a better word. Their “realness” comes across in the way they communicate and reach people on an emotional level.”

Jack Welch (Former CEO of GE – Rose GE’s Value 4,000%)

  1. Third Order of Business: Lead From the Front

The third and final aspect of every good leader is their ability to operate from the front lines of battle, to take charge of the team, by setting the best example.

The most prestigious leaders work harder than everyone on the team. They’re open with their goals and desires for the movement, and they show up before everyone and leave afterwards.

These top industry leaders truly put in 110% and are the best examples of the types of people that need to be on the team.

These kinds of leaders never slack off and they never ask their team to do things they themselves cannot accomplish. Delegation is one thing, but a real leader knows the ins and outs of his business more than anyone. He/she also knows who can handle which parts of it for maximum efficiency.

Leading from the front takes courage and resiliency and these are qualities that real leaders have mastered from the daily grind.

Men and women like this have done everything that team members do daily and they’ve put in more hours than anyone. They actually know what it takes to get ventures up and successful because they’ve done that very thing before, and have pushed through all extraneous positions to get where they currently reside.

It takes courage and decision-making capability to be a leader. It requires the skill of motivating other people with your words and actions and leading by example. To cultivate these abilities, the daily push is required to become the best version of yourself, while specifically spending time in each category that needs improvement.

If you can lead by:

  • Creating your own lane
  • Finding your code
  • Aligning with your core values first
  • Leading others by osmosis, and
  • Being the hardest worker that leads the battle from the front

You too can cultivate these abilities necessary to lead. Learn how to be a good leader in any industry by leveraging these three principles, because they’re relevant to any position you want to improve upon.

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