Reading Alone: Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Homo Deus & Sapiens Books From Dr. Noah Yuval Harari, PhD

Reading Alone: Thoughts & Musings

Reading Alone: Thoughts & Musings While Reading Homo Deus

A favorite pastime of mine is filling my mind with new ideas. This picture’s amalgam of ideas comes from the book Homo Deus.
I love reading alone, and learning the ideas of people far ahead of me. Ever since I read Poor Charlie’s Almanack, (an auto-bio written by Charlie Munger) I was hooked on the idea of something called “Multi-Disciplinary Mental Models”.
But we’ll get to that in a second…
Reading Alone
Both men read for hours on end every day. They read books, newsletters, papers, studies, and essays published from all over.
I find it interesting that people playing at the highest level of business, (who’ve achieved massive financial success) do this. They still fill most of their days with learning and reading alone, even though they have all the money they need at their fingertips.
The idea of the Multi-Disciplinary models is to grasp ideas from a vast array of topics. You get to build up and challenge your own thoughts while reading alone, never getting stuck in a box by other people.
For instance, reading about politics from both sides, history from multiple sources, science, money management, investing, psychology, sociology will help you have an eccentric view of the world and its past.
So when we hold two or more ideas in our head simultaneously, we experience “cognitive dissonance”. This is a beautiful space where we can dissect truth from falsehood and decide what our values are.
It can also be a painful space of releasing old beliefs that simply aren’t true, don’t serve us, or that somebody sold us wholesale.
Those who learn from only one source, doctrine, or dogma are absorbing just one side of a “multichotomy”, if you will…
But if you’re willing to let go of some of the cherished ideas you’ve had for years, and pick up new ideas that’ll help you move forward in the world, you’re emblazoned with new purpose and power.
For those into copywriting, creative writing, content, etc., reading is a pre-requisite for becoming a master. You must learn who and what came before you, to gain a foundational knowledge to build up your own voice and purpose.
I always view my journey as fresh, and just beginning. However, I attribute much of the success I’ve had thus far, directly to learning from people who’ve come before me. They’ve taught me beneficial skills, strategies and ideas.
For the marketing and sales wins I’ve had, I can go back and find you the exact resource that I built my strategy and profits with.
Keep reading, my friends.
Add to that a strong black coffee and let your ideas and visions swirl freely…
Book Pictured: Homo Deus Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Sequel to Sapiens)
Go and grab Homo Deus right here in order to find out:
– where humanity is heading
– what integrating with AI could do for or against us, and
– whether we’ll extend our lifetime
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