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I'm A Copy Noob. Teach Me How to Make Money Writing!

If you’re a rank-amateur at writing copy, listen up…

There is only ONE way to write copy that SELLS – it’s called Direct Response Copywriting.

I’ve been writing in this style exclusively for over 6 years now. Clients come to me to drastically improve their campaigns, and get sales results from the words they use with their customers.

I can teach you how to do the same… Learn Copy. Land Clients. Get Paid What You’re Worth.

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Write My Copy, Boost My Profits & Make My Competitors Cry!

If your business is validated in the market… Selling a product that should be slaying the competition, and rising to the top of the ranks…

But just... isn’t? I can help. 

I’ve written for dozens of industries and verticals, and have proven, documented results across sectors like Real Estate, Tech, Finance, E-commerce, Coaching and more.

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Whether Copy Noob, Or Business Owner...

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I'm A Budding Copywriter

Most New Copywriters Are Stuck At Square One.

They have ZERO idea how to attract, nurture, and convert those high-paying, quality clients they want to work with.

If this sounds like you, you need some assistance, and answers…

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I'm A Business Owner

Most Business Owners Are in WAY Over Their Heads.

Usually they’ve either got WAY too much business than their “systems” can handle, or they have NO CLUE how to grow their company’s profit margin.

If that’s you, what you’re doing now just won’t cut it…

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How I Live & Work

A Minimalist Lifestyle...

Minimalism is the way I run my whole life. 

From my minimal possessions, to the leverage and optimization I provide in my clients’ businesses… in true 80/20 fashion.

I leverage the most powerful actions, and outsource or delegate the rest. This philosophy pervades my business life, mindset, code, and my daily thoughts and actions.

Using the few markers that actually move the needle, you can operate with this principle in your company as well.

If your business is validated, profitable, and poised to grow, I invite you to get in touch by using this Application page. There may be some synergy to work together, and improve your funnels with my Direct Response Copywriting skillset.

Evan Teague

CEO, Motive In Motion

Direct Response Copywriting & Consulting

Direct Response Copy & Consulting

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