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[Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 2] Be a Heat-Seeking Missile Towards Goals

To get to your pre-defined success vision, adopting a heat-seeking missile approach will balance your progress every step along the way.

To make one thing work right, it’s imperative to set the clearest goal at the onset. By knowing exactly what you aim for, and your process, you’ll have a better time frame for getting it.

There are no other ways to define success, for you, than setting the most specific outcome you want to achieve and not resting until you get there. You’re the only one who can decide what success is and when you’ve reached it.

The Heat-Seeking Missile Approach Explained

What this approach states is that you will set a goal, allow your subconscious mind to help you build it, and bounce off of setbacks and detours in the way a heat-seeker uses its co-ordinates.

You will fly out of the gates, after some careful planning, with ferocious action towards what you want. You will commit to winning in that endeavor, or until it doesn’t align with your highest purpose anymore. Sometimes concentric circles of your purpose need to be burned off to get to your core purpose, and that’s okay.

Each time you hit a wall, which place somewhere on the range of little setbacks all the way to knee-shattering blows, you use it to dial in your goal that much clearer. You see what didn’t work, analyze it, and re-calibrate your path for achievement of that goal.

Using Setbacks As Heat-Seeking Missile Calibration

I’ve previously said that setbacks are advantages.

If you get used to thinking of them in this way, you’ll be more empowered for it, not less. If you were to look at your goal as a series of doors or pathways, you would be excited when you knocked down a new one.

The same goes for problems.

By looking at the problem as an opportunity to find out what not to do, and how to conduct yourself more efficiently next time, you inch closer to your goal day by day. Along the road, you’re also developing an iron resolve by tasting a bit of what you want, but not getting it you.

If you stay consistent, you can end up exactly where you want.

Use this newfound fuel to back you and get excited when you tackle problems. You know for a fact that more opportunity, money, and success are on the other side of the issue, in the form of a solution.

They say problems are not stop signs, but guidelines. If you can be guided by your problem and figure out how to fix it, you’re that much better off.

Visualize But Be Ready to Adapt – A Chess-like Trick

Most of the time when we visualize, the exact thing we wanted to happen doesn’t happen in the perfect manner we played out in our heads.

This is because hardly anyone visualizes the actual struggles and setbacks, and sees themselves overcoming them. They only see the victory.

Studies have shown that when we visualize the actual process of what we need to execute for success, we are more likely to achieve it. This has been proven multiple times with many separate test groups.

This is a superpower in your toolbox that’s ready to be channeled. 

Force yourself to see the hard things that may come up, plan around them like in chess, and visualize your possible answers to those problems.

By doing so, you prepare yourself for the unexpected. You start to adapt to the unexpected and understand that Murphy’s Law is real and it’s not your friend.

Or is it?

By preparing for the absolute worst, you’re far more ready to engage beast mode.

This way it’s very hard to get blindsided by something that wasn’t planned, because you’re waiting for it, planning for it, and expecting this type of thing to happen.

Charlie Munger has said that he’s spent his whole life planning for the worst that could happen in any situation and he’s not worse off, he is in fact more happy.

Finding Clarity By Avoiding What You Don’t Want

By figuring out what you don’t want to do, you can systematically decide what you’re really excited by. Bounce off of these setbacks and unexpected curves to get yourself closer to where you want to be.

When these things inevitably come up, and you weather their storm, you develop a thicker shell and become less risk-averse.

This approach allows you to see the entire picture as a whole, far easier.

Think forwards and backwards — invert, always invert. Many hard problems are best solved when they are addressed backward.

– Charlie Munger

At times it’s helpful to only look at the next step, and other times it’s helpful to visualize the entire picture and how it plays out piece by piece. The heat-seeking missile approach allows the latter.

As you can see, when you use the heat-seeking missile approach, you run a full loop.

Starting with clear and careful planning for what you want, avoiding what you don’t want, and bringing yourself back to the clarity and planning by bursting through adversity.

It’s somewhat of a catch-22 if you can see the irony, because to get what you want you must be clear, and to be clear, you’ve got to get out and take the action, try new things, and experiment with what your limits are.

By reaching the level of clarity needed to prosper, you are figuring in the setbacks and preparing yourself for whatever happens. You’re not afraid of risk, but you do manage it well when it’s time to take it.

Even when you know what you’re doing in a certain industry, you’re always taking on some level of risk when you invest into it.

When you place money somewhere in hopes of it increasing, you make a plan, and you follow through, there is always that level of risk.

If you can successfully manage your investment of time, energy, and money, and keep your composure, you’re that much more likely to succeed. This self-management is the pinnacle of your growth, and how you utilize the heat-seeking properties on the path to your goals.

P.S. – This presentation is Part 2 of the Bulletproof Mindset concept is second in the series.

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