Hey, I'm Evan.

Consider me your expert brand’s all-in-one info product & community Direct Response Copywriting solution…

Over the Years...

I’ve served countless clients across practically every domain, writing for dozens of industries, niches, verticals, products, and services:







Real Estate


… and the list goes on.

At Motive In Motion,
We Focus On

At our agency, Motive In Motion, we’ve zeroed in on EXPERTS…

… like course creators, brands, and authority figures who build their own niched memberships and communities. We help them launch highly-profitable products and experiences that measurably improve people’s lives.

Although we’ve done this for a wide variety of niches inside Information Marketing (like music production, dating/relationships, spirituality, and more)…

As the Founder, I’m personally doubling-down on:

What My Clients Are Saying...

So If You Are...

A LEADER of a niched corner of the internet, and established your expertise via content & information product material,

CURRENTLY MARKETING to an audience that knows and reveres you (but maybe aren’t getting the sales you want, scaling up, or being able to rely on proven marketing strategy and tactics),

– UNSURE what your next moves should be, when it comes to launching or scaling your information products, memberships, or communities – but you know the value of high-conversion copywriting,

EXPERIENCING inconsistent growth spurts or strategic implementations, that leave you confused & frustrated on what to do next,

STARTING / RAMPING UP your sales processes for your existing information products or communities, and have

VALIDATED your main offering – and want to build strong systems and communities that rake in more interested prospects, convert them to customers, and keep them onboard for life,

… then we should talk.

Three Options Exist To Collaborate:


This offer is a monthly service, where you’ll receive:

- Tailored strategy and copywriting consulting for your unique business and brand objectives,
- 2x monthly consulting calls lasting 1 hour each,
- Starting at $3k/mo. - minimum 3 month commitment

Typically, clients start out by receiving my professional advice, feedback, strategies, and critiques, and develop into needing the direct response sales copywriting and marketing services we offer….


This is also a monthly service, existing as a hybrid. You’ll receive:

- Tailored strategy and copywriting consulting for your unique business and brand objectives,
- 2x monthly consulting calls lasting 1 hour each,
- Custom copy audits and edits, focusing on one copywriting asset in your business per month,
- Starting at $5k/mo. - minimum 3 month commitment

This is for the clients looking for a little bit of “done-with-you”, which combines my monthly consulting with some fresh copy-edits, critiques, and rewrites - giving you the best of both worlds.

Want a little more than consulting, but a little less than a whole new marketing campaign of high-conversion direct response copy? Consulting plus is likely your lane.


This is a fixed price, high-end package of copywriting assets for your specific campaign.

You’ll receive:

- Front-to-back copywriting campaigns written for you,
- Tailored strategic implementations, copywriting funnels, and all assets ready to plug n' play,
- Perfect for large-scale copywriting campaigns where all research, background info, strategy, outlines, and copy are written and delivered to you,
- Inquire for specific pricing - Book a call

Other discounted premium packages exist. These align incentives, by sharing profits of our success on the upside.

Copywriting Solutions:

Choose the path that’s right for your business. If you’re not sure, book a call with me!


Personal copywriting strategy & consulting


3-Month Minimum Commitment

What’s included:

Consulting +

Personal strategy, copy-audits & consulting


3-Month Minimum Commitment

What’s included:


Inquire for specific DFY package details

Starting At $10k

Inquire for Package Details.

What’s included:

Book a Call

Learn more about our offers & how they fit in with your brand objectives, campaigns, or product launch!

Refer a Friend & Earn

Earn 5-15% revenue commissions, dependent on how much work you do to bring new clients our way!

A Note From ProdByOcean

Working with Motive In Motion was amazing.

They directly helped convert my audience into customers, with detailed research into their wants and needs, and carefully crafted copy that got them to take action and buy the new course I launched.

The launch of my new masterclass saw over $18,912 in new product revenue inside a single week. Overall, I’m very happy with our new product launch, and the results we received working with this agency. “

So, If You’ve Got An Info Product Brand?

And want to take it to the next level…

You’re in the right place.

Because with my years of writing millions of words in the trenches, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients, and serving dozens of industries and verticals?

I'M YOUR MAN - to craft the hardest-hitting, highest-converting sales copy - aimed right between the eyes of your ideal target customer.

I’ve worked in countless verticals like Tech, Finance, E-commerce, Self-development, Health, Wellness, Dating, and Relationships.

The way I see it? This is one of the most important areas to focus on when upgrading your marketing approach. Because mine is a thorough, proven methodology.

Years of getting clients extraordinary results, improvements, and lifts in sales and conversions through my writing has confirmed it.

Here’s What To Do Next:

If you know your brand could be leveraging the untapped power of:

  • buyer psychology,
  • behavioral economics,
  • marketing strategy & campaigns, and
  • proven processes for selling your digital products

… then I want you to click the button below, and see the options I have available to you.

Here’s To Your Brand’s Future 🥂

Whichever path you choose, we will CATAPULT the success and longevity of your brand in a major way.

We will help your audience reap the exact transformations they’re looking for, and profitably serve them with your highest skills and expertise. So take a second to inquire about which option suits you best right now in the table above, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Here’s to your success,