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Give What You Want to Receive – More Than Just Giving to Get

One of the most fundamental concepts in the world is giving to get. There is no such thing as something for nothing, and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Whatever you’d like to receive yourself, you should focus on giving more of. Distribute more of what you’re looking to gain in return and it will bountifully and faithfully come back to you.

When you give to get, you are deciding to increase more of what you want to, it doesn’t matter who or where it’s coming from or going. You are simply increasing what you’ve chosen to see more of.

You need to be the one to give more of the thing you want to see more often. If you want it, you create it. To think this way is to approach it with an abundant mind and not always be looking only for your benefit.

Don’t Always Be Looking for Your Return

When you’re increasing something you want to see more of, and not just giving to get, you are likely going to be helping others out in some way. It’s important to not be always only looking for your direct benefit. We are usually inclined to think of our own incentives first.

When you think like this, and utilize your abundance mindset, you are becoming a stronger person and slowly releasing all selfish tendencies. When you proactively think of ways you can help out other people and their mission in life, you are using the right giving model.

The trick is to give without measuring and calculating how it will be coming back your way. The fact is that it always does, in some form or another. This little-known secret is the way to getting more of what you want, but only when you forget about what you will gain and focus on how you will help.

Mother Theresa spoke about never seeing someone going broke due to their giving.

You won’t have to worry about this either.

There’s a more efficient way to give than always using an investor’s mentality for your own benefit. By all means, calculate returns and the way things can compound and improve over time, but think about more people than yourself when you are consciously giving.

This can be giving your value, time, money or contributions; the form doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it’s constructive.

With this approach, everyone wins.

Successful people always think about the win-win scenarios.

A Sensitive Caveat to This…

Now that we know we’re not just giving for our own benefit alone, but for the benefit of all involved…

There’s a caveat.

It’s something you’ve got to remember when contributing, because when you’re giving, you’re invoking a certain “Dharma”.

Dharma is Sanskrit, and holds countless meaning and translations from Indian religions like Hinduism. But in this essence, you’re contributing to the flow of Dharma, or the “supporting of more life” by giving.

Dharma: The root of the word dharma is “dhri”, which means “to support, hold, or bear. Also cosmic order, purpose, divine order.

You will always be rewarded for this. 

However, you’ll hardly ever be rewarded from the same source you gave to, and that’s important to remember.

But this sensitive caveat is even more important.

Opening up the pathway for things to come full circle is essential.

Because of our programming from early childhood, many of us feel resistance when it comes to receiving (anything). There is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving, especially as a reward for contributing to Dharma (that which supports life).

On top of this, most people simply block the flow of reception, for anything, all the time. Give them a compliment? They shoot it right back.

“Aww, thanks! Your shirt is really great also; I like how it matches your shoes.”

Buying meals, drinks, or taxi fares for people can be an empty experience for givers. This is because many people don’t know how to truly receive the gifts life doles out. It also robs the giver from the joy they get from simply giving!

So do your best to not be one of these people, and not only for the social reasons.

When you engage in behaviors like this, you’re kinking the flow of blessings that life is looking to bestow upon you, whether it be money, unique gifts, relationships, chance synchronicities, and more.

Don’t close yourself off to these; keep your path open and watch what happens with an attentive eye.

Remember Your Abundant, Prosperous Nature

You are a physical piece of nature, integrated and connected, (though through modern lifestyle very separated).

Your natural state is overabundance, just like the orange tree, or the pumpkin stalk that produces more fruit and vegetation than the plant can even hold, leaving more than enough for every being in its ecosystem.

Without getting too deep into this nature, you’re a piece of source energy, incarnated into a physical body to have your one-of-a-kind human experience.

Higher realms exist than you can even imagine with your mind’s eye.

Therefore, this scarcity-thinking, fear-based non-reception, or resistance to receiving fantastic events and people into your life is simply a petty human creation.

Again, this error of ways has been programmed into your powerful mind from a young age. You’ve been inundated with media messages, propaganda, and subliminal industry.

It’s up to you to take control of your mindshare back.

What you entertain and bounce around inside your mind, is the outer reality that will eventually, and inevitably manifest.

Every. Single. Time.

You’re supposed to be abundant, yet you can actually block it out with your mindset and your expectation. On the other hand, if you expect your experience to get even better by the day, and for positive events and gifts to cross your path, that is exactly what will happen to you.

Not only because your R.A.S. (reticular activation system) will notice them and be on the lookout for them, but because your thoughts will actually resonate with a traceable, tangible frequency in the realms of man and beast.

This in turn will bring you all you desire, feel, and expect to happen, in due time.

Benefits of Giving a Little to Get a Lot

When you’re giving in a helpful way without thinking of yourself, there are some massive benefits that are created in chains of reaction because of what you do:

1. Giving to Get From Unknown Sources

It’s hard to tell what comes to you from your generous actions, but it has to (by law).

This type of energy you are creating is one to be modeled and repeated by many. It’s hard to know when it will come to you and in what form, but you recognize the little things when they appear as your general quality of life tends to improve.

2. Your Return Can Be 10, 20, or 100+ Fold

What you put out into the world compounds and comes back to you in droves. It’s always an equal exchange of reward and aids the giver in multiple ways. The fruits of the seeds you planted always must return to benefit everyone involved and the original creator is at the pinnacle.

Think of how young kids that grow up with valuable insights and lessons instilled in them and become greater characters than their parents.

Recognize how we started as insignificant, and unintelligent creatures that were beasts with no spoken language, civilization or technology and have continually progressed.

Realize how when some seed is planted and watered daily, the result is always a massively favorable imbalance from where it started out, in the form of a large plant.

Think of the positive chain reactions leaders like MLK, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa contributed. They gave of themselves so much, and wrought enormous change to the ways we think, act, and give. These ideas started with single figures and evolved to gargantuan concepts, movements and organizations.

What you get is never equal to what you initially gave. It’s always greater. 

3. You’ve Got the Potential to Affect Future Generations

When many a great leader started out on their quests, some didn’t necessarily have the goal to affect people hundreds and thousands of years after their death.

But they did.

No matter how small you might think you are, you have no business belittling your own efforts, because even if you change just one life, the world is a different place. This is because of the chain reactions you alone can set in place through your own unique path.

Everyone has developed different skills and interests and unique ways of expressing themselves that no one in the past has done quite like them. This is why people must understand their enormous power to encourage others.

Even if you don’t want to, or will not be the actual one to create massive change in the world, you can be the catalyst for the person who does.

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shakur

Pac had the right idea.

If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t think you should, or are not willing to change the world by embodying the change, you can still promote the person who will to do it.

This is the power everyone has within.

People like Tupac, or Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett, or MLK, or Mandela, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, JFK, fill in the blank on whatever leader you look up to, had no more amount of potential or inherent talent in them when they were born.

They all developed it through persistence, focus, and consistency.

The main point here is that you are no less great than they were and you can absolutely achieve levels of influence like this.

What is stopping you?

Whatever it is, it’s a limitation that you’ve set yourself, or are allowing yourself to believe.

Even if you have physical limitations, like many people on this earth, you can still achieve amazing things. There’ve been many amputees, war veterans, handicapped and mentally disabled people who have risen beyond these limits cast on them by society and did not accept them.

Whatever you want to do, you can decide on it and go achieve it.

Update: How One Particular Champion Paved His Way & Gave His All to Get Everything

A fantastic example of someone who has paved a way tailor-made to his desires is UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. There have been many other greats who have this intimate connection between body and mind locked down, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anderson Silva, Roger Gracie and the list goes on.

However, with this champion in particular, he has made his way exactly how he wanted it and envisioned it. Watching him has been truly empowering for the people looking to achieve more and more success.

He started in Ireland with his Cage Warriors reputation, knocking down opponents and losing only twice out of 14 bouts. As a young man in his early 20s, he decided and publicly announced:

“Without a doubt, you will see me in the UFC. Without a doubt.”

That’s bold talk for a then-insignificant fighter, yet he made it happen.

Since then, he has said from the start that he would run through the featherweight division and destroy everyone, including the champion.

He has done exactly that. Since then, he ran through a fair chunk of the lightweight fighters as well, and got himself two belts.

No one has ever received multiple belts in the history of the UFC before Conor.

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor started out fighting the people at the bottom of the ranks in the featherweight division, and not only said he would defeat these men, but picked the round he would do it in, and the style (knockout, TKO, submission, etc.).

He then lined them up one by one and took every single one of them out.

He even decided that he would take out the champion, Jose Aldo, who has been the featherweight champ for 10 years running with no losses.

Conor defeated him in 13 seconds.

This is the power of controlling your mind, visualizing your desires and believing in your abilities and potential. He gave everything he could give and demanded the highest from himself and his team. 

McGregor also brought in millions of dollars in revenue to various cities he fought in, and eventually brought billions of dollars into Vegas on the championship fight night.

This was excellent for the economy and the businesses involved including Reebok, UFC, Zuffa, and many other sponsors and organizations.

This is a fantastic display of giving tremendously and receiving all a person could ever ask for and more. He gave more than just bringing money into a sport. He is a living example of the possibilities that anyone can achieve by conquering adversity, staying focused on the main objective, and keeping their mindsets strong. This is one of the greatest gifts of all, to empower other people and show them ways to forge their paths.

Along with other champions, he has motivated millions of people to keep going with what they want to do and push past any and all limitations.

The way you start boosting yourself up is by boosting others up. You build your life and businesses on solving problems and helping people get what they want.

Provide something of value. Provide something that is in demand. Work on something that makes a beautiful hybrid out of what you love and what the world needs and you will prosper.

Give to get, give to increase, and give to build up.

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