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Get Your “Why” Right & Create Your Life Purpose

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when you’re building your ideal life is getting the reason you started in the first place down pat. I call this getting your “why” right. You must get your why right to succeed. If you don’t, you will have no aim, no vision, no trajectory for where you want to take things.

In fact, it’s the second most important thing on the journey to bettering yourself and becoming successful, right after developing a bulletproof mindset and self-belief about success.

Your why is the second most important driver to all your goals. The first most important driver in your life is you. If you haven’t yet, develop this first driver (you) by gaining self-confidence, understanding and believing in your worth and upping your social skills.

Once you figure out the reason for your journey, the why behind all that you do, you can complete your mission much more efficiently. 

Practical Ways to Get Your Why Right

1. Answer the Question “What Am I Great At?”

If you can successfully answer this, you’re much closer to figuring out what you’d like to do with your life. What you’d like to accomplish. Who you must become to do so. This question, and subsequent answers to it, will get you thinking along the path of where you can add to the world. It changes your mind from “what can I get?” to “what can I give?” This is powerful.

If you can add to many people’s lives (scale), or you can affect enough people in a huge way (magnitude), you are guaranteed to prosper. If you can do both, any amount of wealth and prosperity is attainable. For instance, if you can reach a million people and get them to pay for something of yours, you are in the million-dollar realm. If you can affect a smaller number of people on a very large scale, you can also reach the million-dollar realm.

A popular mindset switch is helpful when thinking of making millions of dollars. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all the money you desire, just be straight up with it!

Don’t try to disguise your desire for massive amounts of money. There are many awesome investments in which money can bring more abundance into the world. Some examples are educational resources, family trips, feeding homeless, schooling projects in third world countries and more.

Many of these can simply be improved by investments of time also, though the scale and impact is smaller.

However, it’s helpful to start thinking in terms of helping millions of people, instead of focusing heavily on the actual dollar amount.

Of course you’ll need to do the math, understand exactly what amount you want, and how much income that will mean each month, week and day. This helps you clarify just how much value you’ll need to add.

What we get paid is in direct proportion to how much value we bring to the world. This is helpful to figure out, but move on to looking for ways to affect massive amounts of change and the world will in turn reward you with the amount of money that you want.

You have to do something helpful enough to deserve massive amounts of money.

Why should you get thousands? Millions? Why do you deserve billions?

People with a victim mindset always complain about minimum wage jobs and how the government should up the minimum wage for these people who contribute low value to society. Many of these people want rich people’s money to be distributed to the poor, through taxes, without consideration of how much actual work these wealthy people have done to get where they are.

They don’t consider how much these people have added to the world and how taking it away is not the solution. If minimum wagers can apply by merit to gain compensation, like contribute to a cause or spend their time and energy building something sustainable, perhaps this would be a better situation.

Billionaire business partner to Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger put this the best: “The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

It’s true; we’ve not yet created a reality insane enough to pay the barista at Starbucks a heart surgeon’s wage. And thankfully so! Imagine that world, where the janitor mopping the floor at the hospital earned what that surgeon did.

I don’t have an interest in living in that reality…

2. Ask “How Can the World Benefit From What I’m Exceptional At?”

Finding a good way to apply these talents you’ve developed into skills is no easy task, but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

Look for ways the world can benefit from what you know. How can you get your service out there? How can you help others with what you’ve learned over the years?

The sooner you figure this one out, the closer you are to everything you want.

Remember, what you get paid is in direct proportion to the amount of value you’re providing to the world. Don’t like it? Find a way to offer more to the world and I guarantee that you will start earning more before long.

When you’re working hard to develop something of worth, you’ll only be worth more than you’re getting paid for a short time. Time will catch up and you will soon be getting what you’re worth.

If you can find the way to answer these two questions and take action on them, then you have found your why.

Congratulations! Millions of people skate by in life without getting this far.

Setting a clear, concise, timely goal is one of the biggest separations between people willing to succeed, and those that aren’t.

Why Getting Your Why Right Is So Vitally Important In Today’s Day and Age

When you know this, you can immediately start to serve the world with more efficiency and drive. You will be tap dancing out of bed in the morning, like billionaire investor Warren Buffett says.

You will not need to push yourself so hard for monetary reasons alone; you will no longer have to grind at things you don’t even like or care about, just to pay the bills. You will be filled with a new sense of purpose and meaning. You will be pulled by the grander vision of what you want to become, as well as what you’re looking to bring to the world.

The way you look at things such as business, finances and relationships will also change. Because you’re coming at it from a different place, you can create things of value that motivate and inspire, make people feel better, solve needs, make things more efficient, educate people and generally make their life more meaningful.

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