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You Get What You Deserve – Become the Person That Deserves What You Want

If you want some achievement to come to reality, or a goal to be realized, influence, status, reach, or materials rewards, you’ll need one vital aspect in gaining all of this. Deservedness. You get what you deserve.

You have to be worth the types of things you want. You must deserve the achievements you desire. You’ve got to be ready, willing and able to seize the opportunity when it presents itself and show up every day so you deserve to win.

The world never rewards lazy people.

With the exception of a few winning lottery tickets, you can look around and see what lazy people receive for their lack of effort.

Not much…

And this is completely fair! Life rewards you for what you bring to the table in your unique way. How much you work. How many struggles you overcome. How bad you want it, in a sense.

Like Earl Nightingale talks about, there are 3 main ways to deserve what you want, and what dictate how much money you’re capable of collecting. Get one wrong, and you’re done before you reach the starting line:

1. The Necessity / Demand For What You Do

This is crucial. If there’s no demand, there’s no business.

No need, no money.

Simply put, if no one wants what you’re selling, you’re toast before you begin. Do your due diligence, find a market and recognize what you need to do to get in front of them and add value to them.

If there’s an audience and a demand, then provided you can make a difference, jump in.

Never start a bee business.

2. Your Ability to Perform & Meet Market Needs

If you can show up and dominate, you’re in the game. If you’re always playing catch up, you will have nothing to base your momentum off of and will likely fail.

Your ability to beat out “competition”, steal sales and eyeballs from people, and smash deals others drool over will help you move ahead.

If your abilities are average or you’re in the same class as everyone around you, you’ll just stagnate or fall behind.

You’ve got to be out front, performing, showing up and improving always. Never rest on your laurels.

You’ve got to be grinding.

3. The Difficulty of Replacing You

Keep this high at all times. Be inimitable. Make it so you’re a unique force to be reckoned with and become your own brand.

If it’s impossible for another to do exactly what you do, you’ll always get paid.

Look at any celebrity, any actor, any pro fighter, any well-known speaker or athlete, and you’ll understand why they get paid so much to show up. They are unique. They are their brand. They show up and people get their wallets out.

If it’s easy to do what you do, or your ideas can be stolen by simply mentioning them, you’re not that unique.

Do something that requires daily sweating and building and only a few will remain in the same realm as you. The people who got to the very top are there because they wanted it more than anyone and were willing to do whatever it took to get there. 

You Get What You Deserve: The Age-old Minimum Wage Dilemma

The world is fair and rewards you for being great and punishes you for being lazy.

People always talk about how minimum wage should be raised and how people deserve to get paid more because they “work hard”.


Take a look around and you’ll see that usually the people who work the hardest get paid the least. Construction workers, miners, fast food employees, teachers, etc.

It’s people who work smart and figure out how to make money work for them who stay paid.

People that press buttons to order your burger, or deep-fry some tacos don’t add much value to society. I’m speaking from actually doing both of those things, not just blowing smoke.

What long-term, lasting benefit are they really bringing to the world? Hardly any.

I believe people who put in a good day’s work deserve an honest pay and to live with their basic human needs met. I’ve worked in tons of low-paying hourly jobs that I was seriously grinding at.

I worked two 40-hour jobs at the same time, beginning at 6 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. just to get where I am now; I get it, I understand. It’s hard work.

However I do not believe that these people should be earning 6 figures a year for doing these jobs, because they’re not really helping anyone do anything of value. Especially by selling fast food that slowly kills our bodies.

The way to up the money you receive is upping the value you give.

You might want to read that one twice. I took a while to really grasp this one too, but once you do it makes perfect sense.

Give more; get more.

Instead of busting out long hours at jobs you hate, why not challenge yourself to the worthy end game of stopping the vicious cycle? Start having money work for you while you add some tangible value to the world. If your channels are open to receive, the money will come.

How to ‘Deserve It’…

What you want is out there waiting for you. It’s yours for the taking; you simply must set the goal and put the work in.

Work more often and more efficiently than your peers. Study everything in your industry to dominate a sector, learn from powerful mentors ahead of you and salvage something from every setback.

Become the person who matches the achievements that you want. Be the type of winner who succeeds and crushes every goal in your path.

If you match your desired achievements by working and learning, reading everything you can get your hands on that will better you, and networking with the right types of people, you can’t not get what you want.

The world will start massively rewarding you when you become more valuable, become irreplaceable, find a need and fill it, and show up every single day to move yourself forward.

You can get “it” if you want it bad enough and if you’re willing to hustle towards it non-stop.

Be the one who deserves everything you want.

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