Gary Halbert Was NOT in the Copywriting Business… And Here’s His $22,034 Secret!

It’s true. Gary Halbert himself was NOT in the copywriting business.


But he WAS the best in the world at his REAL business.

Gary Halbert became the highest paid copywriter in the entire world, because Gary was in the business of GARY.

Let me explain..

Gary was quoted at one of his seminars, which went for $7k a head (~$22k in today’s money) to say:

“I’m the last guy to ask for advice on how to have a successful copywriting business. I’m not in the copywriting business. I’m in the self-aggrandizement business.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, as the saying goes.

By horse, I mean a massively successful workhorse whom I have enormous respect for. His work has taught me a lot. Along with, of course, his and Bond’s Boron Letters.

Now, why was this so vitally important for you, and how can you use it in your marketing?

This was incredibly crucial because almost all service providers and businesspeople tend to put themselves in a small, reactive, shrinking box.

They charge small, comfortable fees. They don’t raise their value by promoting to the right crowds. They stay in these small and reactive zones.

Gary did not.

Gary was the highest paid copywriter in the world because he jumped out of that box with guns blazing. He had zero problem with telling people that he was amazing at writing copy and selling with pre-eminence, which he was.

Some head paid ~$22k in today’s money to learn that lesson in a hot-seat of Gary’s event.

Was it worth it? You bet.

But only if that head took the knowledge and was thankful for the opportunity to get that response, instead of getting mad that “that’s all” Gary said.

Think about that. You’re not “in the business” that you’re really in.

From now on, you’ll position yourself and your brand around yourself. And watch more money, respect, and status poor into your business when leads are primed by your approach.

You think Conor McGregor, Muhammad Ali, or Mike Tyson were in the business of MMA or boxing?

Gary Halbertgary halbert Gary Halbert


And that’s exactly why you remember their names.

Now… knowing who the legend Gary Halbert was and what he did, can help inspire you on your journey.

But it will never put extra dollars in your bank account.

Nothing happens until you make a sale.

And the reason Gary was such a beast and raking in millions of dollars per year from his advertisements, (before things like that were commonplace), is because he was a master at one thing.

Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting.

His words brought in the paper. Like I taught in my market sophistication article, he knew his audiences, and how to research them effectively, to write for SALES.

But these are skillsets that took him years to learn, master, and perfect. I, myself been on my own journey of perfecting this deep, endless craft online.

I’ve gone through a load of my own setbacks and hardships, writing for clients, testing and profiting from my own offers, etc. You’ve probably read about them on Motive In Motion if you’ve been here for long.

But alas, I’ve picked up a few golden keys from my scrapes and bruises.

Navigate around my setbacks of thousands of dollars and wasted months of effort, by leveraging the insights I put into my “Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Vol. I]”