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Freedom Is Your Birth Right: How You Can Live Free Today

Freedom Is Your Birth Right: How You Can Live Free Today


It is said to be a means to the end that is creating something much larger than you.

It is used as a tool, not as the final goal.

I’d have to agree with this one wholeheartedly because if you have no freedom, you have no leverage. No control.

How, from a place of desperation, can you create something that you know would benefit the world? The answer is that you cannot.

If you don’t even control your own life, how are you going to help others achieve control of theirs?

I put a very high emphasis on freedom and I am considerably freer now than I have ever been. I get to wake up when I want, travel anywhere I deem fit, connect with the people I choose, and don’t have to work for another person.

My definition of freedom is the ability to structure my day for every one of my 24 hours. To go and live anywhere, meet anyone, and fully choose what I am going to work on.

To me, it couldn’t get much freer than that unless we’re talking about leaving the planet…

I’m happy I’ve achieved this level of freedom because it has untied my hours from my work, it has caused me to think bigger, and has allowed me to look at the world and decide what I can best offer it.

If you’re not free with your own time, it’s very hard to offer the world something of value. However, when you unlock whatever your personal definition of freedom is, you are now able to choose what you’re going to do for the world.

You can pick what legacy you want to leave when you pass.

You are able to inspire others to be free while you’re living it.

Living your way and choosing your next successes are two of the best feelings in the world. They enable you to help others achieve their personal success, which according to each person, is completely different.

Some people are mental slaves and don’t even know they’re in prison.

What I mean by this is that some people have wholly accepted their scripted life plan without thinking, the influences that they’ve grown up around as truth, and the limits imposed by others onto them. These people are living and operating under a locked down mindset that they could free on their own if they knew about it.

They think they have to do something specific to be successful, they think they have to believe this, follow that, or act some way.

The first step out of this is recognizing your power over your own life.

You can’t control the hand you were dealt, but you can control:

a. Everything going on inside your own mind
b. People you spend time with
c. How you act and react

Know this and move forward. You are in control of all that you consume, what you dwell upon, the thoughts you repeat, and the things you say.

Once you see how these shape your reality, you will quickly change your path’s direction if it is not benefitting you.

Stop making excuses.

Stop blaming the economy. Stop blaming your parents. Stop blaming your location, your race, or your gender. Take responsibility for your life.

There are people who’ve had it much harder than you and still succeeded to enormous heights.

Check out a small list of people who have come from horrible places and achieved great heights in society:

1. Starbucks creator and billionaire Howard Schultz
2. Talk show host and billionaire Oprah Winfrey
3. Patron creator and billionaire John Paul DeJoria
4. Corporate buyout expert and billionaire Harold Simmons
5. Oracle creator and billionaire Larry Ellison

See any common pattern between these enormously successful entrepreneurs?

They are all billionaires.

As in, each one of them has acquired 999 million dollars plus one (or a thousand million) and many of them multiple times over.

Since no one has yet accumulated a trillion dollars, the people who’ve come from nothing have accumulated the most money possible, at this current day and age that is humanly possible.

This proves that you can do anything.

However, you will not do all you can without achieving freedom. You must decide first and foremost what you want to do, and go do it. This is how you will achieve your personal definition of success and freedom.

These people on my list have broken down so many mental barriers, enough to allow them all the success and freedom that they ever wanted in the world. They’ve figured how to achieve global status, think on a worldwide scale, and provide value to literally millions of people.

You can do the same.

Actionable Steps to Achieve Freedom:

1. Choose What You Want. Let it Pull You

Your vision should be viewed as already completed and feel how it will feel. You decide on what you want to achieve and let the vision of it pull you closer to it daily.

2. Actually Take Action Towards It

I’ve said it many times. This is how things get done! Regardless of all of the visioning, thinking and planning, you can’t get what you want if you don’t take action. Get in there and do something. Today.

3. Make Money YOUR Way

Figure out some way you can make money that doesn’t make you a slave to someone else, or require something of you that you aren’t willing to do. How can you be really free without doing what you want in your life? It’s impossible to create true freedom, by your own definition, following someone else’s life script for you.

You do not have to accept any ol’ philosophy that comes your way, you do not have to believe what your parents say, and you by all means do not have to do what someone else says you should do.

4. Discover Where Your Passion Meets a World Need

What are your strengths, do you know them? What have you been constantly told by other people that you’re amazing at? Especially people who don’t even know you. These are the true indicators of un-biased opinions that can help aid you in discovering what you’re great at.

Everyone’s got something they’re better than most people at. You just need to find it, figure out how the world can use it, and then put it in motion.

After all it’s your life. Choose how you’re going to spend it!

Your time is dwindling…

Tick, tick, tick…

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