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Frame Your Speech to Increase Your Value

Everything you say holds weight. Your speech is a very powerful tool or weapon. The thoughts that you entertain become the words that you speak. Speech is just a simple reflection of what is going on in your mind.

If you want to uphold a positive self-image as well as show people the positive side of how you think, you must learn to frame your speech correctly.

What exactly does this mean?

The words you say matter, but more importantly than this, the way you structure those words is the more important consideration.

If you’re speaking on the current state of a piece of news, you might tend to drift off and focus on the negative aspects of it. Well, that’s a reflection of how you view things. People take note of this.

If you’re always focused on solutions, however, you convey with your framed speech the way that problems can actually get turned into results and lessons.

Successful people are always looking for solutions, and only focus on the problem for the minimum time it requires before it’s fixed. If you’re only focusing on the problem you are not considering the overarching picture.

Think longer term. This problem will just be one in a series of problems and solutions over your lifespan. You will jump this hurdle like you jumped the last.

This, along with every past problem you’ve conquered, will pass.

Frame Your Speech: Two Sides of the Exact Same Coin

When you direct your speech towards things you want and like to do, you are creating for yourself opportunities and ideas for doing more of those things.

When you direct your speech towards things you hate, are annoyed by, or dislike doing, you are also creating more opportunities to be unhappy and complain.

Don’t be so foolish.

Understand the powers of attention and focus in your own speech. Don’t just run off at the mouth with no direction or with extra words that do not accomplish a purpose of adding value or explaining clearly.

Say only what needs to be said, no more, no less.

Speaking more scarcely produces the heir of value. Also, when you only focus on what needs to be said, your thoughts are simply focused on value.

There are no such things as negative and positive people; it’s just two sides of the same exact coin. What you focus on grows, so when you see people in the mindset of tearing things down and hating, you will know that they have the same potential as the person who builds people up and has a constructive mindset.

It’s all in how they use their speech.

Carefully Choose What to Focus On

Everything that you give focus to will expand in your mind. This is because you spend energy in the form of thought in that direction.

If you’re worried about what the Kardashians are doing, you’ll quickly be lead to similar types of celeb scandals, other people who also care about them, and more of their personal business.

However, if you’re focused on always growing yourself, pushing forward and succeeding, you will reflect that through your focus and speech.

Subsequently you will attract people on the same mission who are interested in the same types of goals, and the way you speak will jive with their ideas and beliefs.

Neither is intrinsically bad or good.

There is no bad or good, but our thoughts color it as so.

With this enormous power you have, you can actually paint your destiny, one stroke at a time. Whatever you may be into, you can focus on it, read about it, work on it, and talk with others about it and you will progress deeply in that direction.

It’s somewhat like wading into a pool or the ocean.

First you start with your toes, then your feet and legs, and all of the sudden you’re waste-deep with the opportunity to be fully submerged for indefinite periods of time.

It works like this with any field of study, because there are infinite new (to you) pieces of information available for consumption out there. There’s no limit to the depth of knowledge you can consume on any given topic.

To Succeed, Make Conscious Movements Towards The Right Topics

There really is no good or bad thing, but there are definitely ways to get closer to your goals. Talking about the Kardashians or the Hiltons is not the way.

Unless, of course you’re speaking about Conrad, who built one of the most successful empires in the hotel business on earth.

The fastest way between two points is in a straight line, so why go the complete opposite direction than where you want to be?

To succeed, you will need to become consumed in your craft and your niche so you come up with the opportunities, learn the skills, and meet the people that will help you along this focused path. Figure out your direction first. 

Ships with destinations reach their intended ports.

Becoming obsessed with what you do is not a skill to be looked down upon. Rather, it’s the only way to really get huge results. Every great person who’s walked this earth is made up of the same physical matter, brain, and mind power potential. They all became obsessed with what they loved to do and wanted to achieve, and so can you.

Don’t Waste the Word. Be Reliable.

You’ve been gifted with an incredibly intricate way to communicate to everyone else on this planet. There is no reason for you to slander others with your speech, degrade yourself, or waste breath finding reasons you can’t succeed.

When you set the word in motion, you are creating a powerful life force that is bringing you exactly what you want. You must be impeccable with it. You must act in consistency with the words you speak, and do it time and again.

If you don’t develop this coherency between what you speak and what you’re doing, well… you can likely guess the outcome.

There is none to speak of.

Successful people don’t waste a second of time with unreliable people.

Decide on what you want most out of your life, and think about it all the time. Read about it. Learn how to do it better. Speak to others often about it, and find people who are also interested in similar things.

This will help you cement it into your subconscious mind, which in turn helps you believe it even more, as it becomes a built-in part of your character.

As you build it into who you are as a human being, you are far more empowered to apply this thinking next time, then again and again.

It’s vital that you are able to do this, because consistency toward a given goal will increase your willpower, momentum, and belief in its attainment.

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