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Machiavellian Fox And Lion Energy Balance [Fear, Love & Peacetime Hustle]

Carry forth the following essence, as an adaptable and wise character in the 21st century. It’s not common, but it can be preventative, proactive, and helpful when used in the right situations. The essence is an intertwining of the mindsets of fox and lion. Niccolò Machiavelli created these incredibly useful fox and lion energies, and you’ll find out what that means in just a moment.

You’ll learn how to simultaneously build respect and avoid being trampled on with this fox and lion wisdom. Your approach can be genuine all the time, while you remember that so many others’ are not.

Many men are good, just, strong. Many men simply are not.

Everyone has a bias that favors their own advancement, and protects their downfall. This is the human condition; it’s simply natural.

Machiavellian Fox And Lion Energy Balance [Fear, Love & Peacetime Hustle]

To understand this, move past it, and collaborate with other genuine characters despite the background noise of traitors…

… These are the intertwined mindsets of the fox and lion.

Let’s dive into what they are, and how to apply their energies.

Niccolò Machiavelli Taught Me Something Profound About Mixing These Fox And Lion Energies

I recently finished Il Principe, (The Prince) a book from 16th century Italy about power structure and political imbalances. The book includes favorable way to conduct yourself as a prince reigning over states and countries.

I picked up the book for only $.99 on Kindle, thanks to Ludvig!

It was extremely enlightening, and it included detailed historic events, the strategy and logic behind wars, and the long reign of lords, barons, and cardinals.

There were numerous takeaways from the book about how Princes were to conduct themselves. How to balance influence of church and state. How one should be loved or feared, manage men and armies. Plus, how to take over and rule states as a foreigner.

Chief among many insights was the lion and fox mindscript. Machiavelli showed how to install the paradigms so you manage and prepare yourself. Protect yourself against certain others in the most efficient way.

This doesn’t mean going around paranoid, thinking everyone is scheming against you. Another point is that if you’re efficient at being a noble leader, the people will come to love you. Then, most of the time you never need worry about conspiracy from them (see the next section for love and fear).

The fox and lion have differing ways of conduct, yet maintain similar end goals. They both want to eat well, to accomplish their purpose, to hunt, to slip away unharmed. They both run in small groups and at times are solo.

Striking A Balance Between the Fox And Lion Energies For Protected, Potent, Perfect Social Conduct

The fox carries a sneaky and wise energy, and if you study the legends of old, it is depicted as clever and sometimes tricky. The fox archetype is one of outwitting, cunning, and always being a step above the rest in terms of knowing what’s going on.

The lion, especially the alpha, is known for its fearlessness, ferocity, and singularity of purpose and is always deferred to and respected. He is the most dangerous predator in the jungle, and even other animals with more might avoid confrontational battles.

He reigns supreme in his habitat.

To integrate these two potent fox and lion archetypes into your own life, it’s imperative to follow some guidelines. Start by owning each in their fullness, and discerning the right time to use each.

Each has one key attribute the other is devoid of.

The fox can craftily conduct himself so as to avoid snares; the lion cannot.

Conversely, the lion can stand his ground with brute strength and will; the fox cannot.

The Character Blending

If you’re willing to become both, you will develop into a crafty character that can use his wisdom for the benefit of everyone. You can avoid setups and harmful characters in society, protecting those more naïve than you.

Mark Divine calls this being a sheepdog, in his excellent book “Unbeatable Mind”.

When these predators approach, you will not be as docile as a fox either. You will know when to leverage the lion archetype to exert your strength by standing your ground.

A lion does not get trampled on. A fox does not get fooled.

This has been carried out and passed down over the years, and in one particular instance demonstrated by Teddy:

“Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

This wisdom is likely older than just ~500 years, from Machiavelli’s time, and was probably passed from an even older legendary time.

Yet, it still rings true today.

Embody the lion and the fox. Be leery, yet robust in character.

Being Loved or Feared. Which is Better?

But this all sounds like a rough approach… Avoiding snares? Watching your back for shady characters?

It can be rough, but it is naïve to think that the world is all pure with no negative energy. If something has a light that is visible, you can bet there is a darkness too.

That is universal balance, simple adjacency. One cannot exist without the other. It’s important you know which to focus on.

So when you’re helping others and gaining your respect without being a doormat, should you be looking to be adored or feared?


You don’t go looking for these things. You simply carry out your duty to the best of your ability without care or attention paid to what people think about you. What they think is not your business, and you don’t need to ever take anything personally.

You do not go searching and demanding people respect you, because that is a way of the inferior man. You gain respect naturally by carrying out your purpose, being generative towards all, and respecting those who show respect.

You do not want to be hated or careless, though.

It is wise to get people to love you in the most natural way you can, by being a person of value, sound character, and of your word.

There is a necessary element of almost-fear you can instill though and it’s called respect. Never allow another to trample on you, lead you in a way you are not committed to, or steer you astray.

This is the fox mentality in action, and when someone over-steps their boundaries, you let the lion out. You let them feel and see your disapproval with what was done, what was said, or how someone acted inappropriately towards you or your kin.

The Ultimate Structure Between Fear & Love: Earned Respect

When people respect you, this slight against your kin will never happen.

But until people are willing to respect who you are and the fact that they cannot trample over you, you’ll need to cultivate a bit more of the lion.

Until people stop setting you up, playing games with you, leading you on, deceiving you, or tricking you in general, you’ll need to cultivate a bit more of the fox.

It’s all about the delicate balance you use to calibrate yourself.

When the people love you, they will demonstrate it by many means. When they hate you, they will go to great lengths to show it, and will do anything they can to remove you.

When they simply respect you, you do not have to worry about people rising up to take you out, or checking your power.

By becoming the prince you should be, with dominion over yourself and great influence to help others, you keep your balance and creativity intact. You use what authority you have to help others reach their highest visions also.

Everyone around you is affected in a positive way, because of these two wise energies.

Always Think & Plan For War – Especially in Peacetime

I’ve long since harped on this one: it’s extremely important to plot your strategy when you’re not actively working on it.

This allows two main things to happen: you figure out what you will do when the time comes, without hesitation, and you’re building and filling in all the little gaps while you’re not in motion.

Machiavelli recalled that the best princes and generals of war were always plotting in peacetime.

Do you want to be the best?

They used peacetime to figure out where they could improve, and where they could avoid attacks. They hypothesized about possible ambushes at all times, around all corners.

This really allows you to dial your strategy, to create the progression plan, and to execute with ease when the time comes.

Vividly Creating Your Strategic Game Plan: Use Crystal Clear Imagery & Feeling

Sear this in your brain: visualizing what will happen before it does is the best way to create it.

Successful people don’t leave any stone unturned, and neither did Italian, French, German, Syrian, Spartan, or Turkish princes. Masters of war and strategy lead these lands, and they did not leave anything to chance.

You are ten steps ahead of the competition if you’re prepared, taking action on your mental preparations. Visualize each detail crystal clear, play mental chess, and plan for what could happen, along with your counter moves. Just like Jiu-Jitsu, there is always a counter to a counter to a counter, and so on.

Modern day business is similar to old time war. If you’re not plotting and strategizing all the time in your head, you’re not moving further from where you are now. You’re simply perpetuating what you already have.

Masters of industry and commerce always gain more familiarity in their craft, while others snoozed. They read another book; execute another business move. They revise their strategy, expand their networks, and put their hours into accurate practice.

The others, the no-names, and the ones obscured by survivorship bias, simply did not do these things, or did them to inaccurate levels.

Millionaires and billionaires do the things others won’t. If you do the things others won’t, you can live like they can’t.

Plan when you walk down the street, when you’re eating, when you sleep, and when you wake up. You will be surprised how quickly and tightly your plans come together.

Thailand Preparation: Living the Exact Life I Planned

I utilized these basic principles before I even read this book, or took reading seriously for that matter.

I was thinking about this life I have now when I was working at grocery stores. Lifting boxes almost as heavy as me. Moving crates and freezing in the cooler.

I was plotting while putting fruit on the shelves, culling veggies, and slicing open 2,000-pound pallets of goods at 5 a.m.

I thought about nothing else except what I would do, how I would do it, and what I needed to learn to make it real.

This process is still with me, every day as I improve and jump through hoops to get to the next levels. I vividly imagine what I want, where I’m going, and who I want to become – every day without fail.

This goes for my ideal body, my ideal work situation, my income levels, my impact levels, my businesses, my future network, the community I’m building, the markets I sell to, and the place I want to live.

A Millennial’s Opportunity to Level Up In Life: Wealth, Clarity, Contribution, Freedom

I do this because it works. I’ve created something potent to show you how to do it as well.

Back when I was working two jobs, about 80 hours of work per week combined, I would be plotting nonstop about how I was getting out, what I would do, and how much my one-way ticket to Thailand would cost.

I planned how I could get the cheapest flights, what apartment I would show up and find, what my living conditions looked like. I projected how much I could expect to make off my first business, and how much I would spend and save every month.

I visualized the entire process too, not just the outcome. I visualized the setbacks I’d need to conquer, and how I could prepare in the meantime. I figured out what I actually needed to do, and estimated how long it would take me to get where I wanted. (I was way off, by the way.)

Now I can say I live the life I created about a year and a half ago, and it’s just the beginning compared to my full potential.

I know that this system works so well, that it will work no matter the size of my future goals. The size of the goal matters not. What matters is your clarity, conviction, and consistency in striving.

Visualize again and again, play mental chess with your future obstacles and prepare for any outcome.

Finding Your Ideal Fox And Lion Energy Balance Today: It Will Vary

By all means, you don’t need to operate in an over-the-shoulder activation of these archetypes in your life. There’s no reason to worry about conspiracy against you all the time, especially if people love you.

You need social adaptability to strike a perfect balance. A sort of fluid movement.

That said; it’s wise to know how to balance these two energies in your own life and ensure that you watch out for snares, and show your might when necessary.

It’s a fantastic time to be alive, where every possibility awaits. The Internet has enabled more freedom than any other time in history, only for those that take advantage of it.

You can literally be anything you want, as long as you can see it clearly and execute.

Know your weaknesses, adjust accordingly, and improve on your strengths.

Strike a wise, fox and lion style balance between being ferocious and respected, and wise and crafty with your maneuvers. Many will take advantage of you if you allow them, and it’s up to you to prevent it.

Machiavelli takes it a few steps further by saying it’s necessary at times to know when to not be genuine and play fair. Many others will never play fair.

It’s up to you to choose which animal characteristic of fox and lion to use. You likely won’t be confronted with this predicament if you’re genuine and of solid character.

Do your thing, focus on your path, and on how you can be of value and service to others.

Strike your perfect balance between the main fox and lion animal archetypes; develop a genuine respect naturally.

Never in peacetime be idle without preparing.

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