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Focus On The What and the How Will Show Up

Wherever you’re looking to go, you will need to first set your vision upon this and live it out in your head. Any and all great achievements were produced first in someone’s mind before they ever came close to reality.

This has proved true with every single person who has done great things in their lives, because think about this for a second… If no one had understood how to focus on what they wanted most, they would have absolutely no idea where they were going.

Before it was physically real, it needed to be mentally real.

If you can find a person who achieved greatness without thinking about it first and planning at least a rough outline of it, I would be thoroughly impressed. The people who got out there and took action toward their ideals were experts at visualization.

Craft a Mental Picture At All Costs 

How much is your dream worth to you? Do you really want what you’re after?

Hopefully you answered a resounding “Of course.”

If it’s really worth what you say it is, you should have no problem choosing a specific end goal or objective, and cementing it into your mind so it can be built up while you’re sleeping and while you’re awake too.

This process must be repeated daily for a minimum of 10 minutes, and preferably more than 3 times throughout the day. Remember, this is a small expectation guideline just to get started with the creative process.

As you get better and more efficient, you’ll be able to step into that dream state far quicker and it will be much more clear. Then you can start doing it while eating, walking around, listening to music and anything else you do daily. It will always become increasingly easier to call up the images you want the more you do it.

No matter what it is that you want, you can make sure you will get it by crafting a picture of it in your head. The clearer the better, but if you’re just beginning with this practice, understand it will take a lot of effort up front for you to be able to make something in your head from nothing.

Either way, you simply will not be able to evade this process if you’re really committed to doing what you want to do. If you don’t know where you’re going, you cannot figure out any significant steps forward how to get there.

This is one of the most important tools to remember about success. 

Always craft it in your head before you attempt to achieve it.

Omit this and you can pretty much forget about progressing forward and creating something worthwhile. Include this and the world becomes your playground of creation for literally anything you can see clearly in your mind.

The clearer you create it in your mind, the quicker you will realize it. Also, the more senses that you can incorporate into your ideal dream, the more real it becomes and easier it is to start focusing on it daily.

How I Created Something From Nothing

I am pretty practical when it comes to approaches like this and so I’m not all for the woo-woo way of attracting and magnetizing things as much as I am into the consistent focus, command of yourself, and decision of ideals.

I do believe what you focus on expands, what you think about grows and who you choose to develop into will affect your circumstances drastically. However, I don’t believe in actionless manifesting of things that are out there and drawing them in to you with no effort.

I’ve simply created everything that I focused on over a year ago in my life by deciding what I wanted, realizing why I wanted that and letting myself gravitate towards all things in that arena.

However, this is only a small fraction of my potential and I’m always striving for much more massive goals and change. I just had to start somewhere and try out the power of intense focus on construction.

Either way, I still visualized myself living abroad, travelling to new countries and living in different places far away from home. I pictured profitable online businesses of my own and the freedom from a job, I pictured developing my body into where I wanted it to be, and networking with millionaires and successful people often.

I made every single thing come to life.

Again, this is only a small portion of what I’m capable of and I’m always growing, but it shows the possibilities, and progress of someone who had no knowledge of creating an ideal lifestyle and making it happen.

Now I know the reality of making what you want become a reality. The first accomplishments became the proof that I could literally think up something I wanted in my head, focus on it every day and work towards its realization.

Only Build What Is Relevant to Your Goal

When you decide you will focus on your what first, you are providing yourself with a mental framework. This allows you to filter in and out what is going to be helpful and what is relevant to focus on. Certain goals will require specific skills and focus. If you already know where you’re going, you will have a far easier time figuring out what will help you get there.

Every time you focus on and strengthen your what, it becomes more real and plausible. Each time you put yourself into a state of creation, you get better at it.

Just like in The Alchemist, Santiago’s main end goal becomes larger the more consistently focused he became on it.

They say to focus on how you would feel if you already had what you want, but if you get the mental imagery right, down to the minutest detail, the feelings will take care of themselves.

If something doesn’t actually pertain to your life purpose and goals, you just simply would not waste time in that direction, unless you’ve consciously chosen to have fun with something because you wanted to.

This cuts out so many distractions and possible tangents that could lead you away from the main focus. To get success faster, you’ll need to first define what success is to you, then set up the what in your head, and wholeheartedly pursue that until it becomes your new reality. Don’t preoccupy yourself so much with the how.

It is not inherently hard, but it does need proper focus and prolonged, repeated attention.

Start today and form the new habit so it grows deep roots, because clearly defining your end goal has massive benefits, that are of utmost importance in achievement.

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