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Fear Will Sabotage You If You Let It

If you’re scared to put out something that you’ve been procrastinating on, welcome to the club. That’s called being human, and having fear.

We all have fear in some form or another. Our fear used to protect us in every way, notifying us of predators and alerting us when things were foreign. Now, most of the time, it’s just an annoying roadblock that needs its mouth duct-taped every once in a while.

Champions and successful people have fears all the time too, but the difference is, they are not controlled by them. They take action in the face of them. They figure out ways to use that fear as fuel and have it push them from behind instead.

Do not sabotage yourself or your progress by listening to fear. 

Everything you could ever want is just outside your comfort zone, and absolutely past your fears. If you’re scared of doing something, unless it’s life threatening, that’s a good indicator to move in that direction.

Tim Ferriss taught me this one. Feel the fear and move forward anyway.

Don’t stop your own progress just because you’re scared. Everyone gets scared at some point in his or her life. Most people listen to their fears and let them control them. Most of the time they let them stop them before they start, which is even worse.

Don’t Give Fear Control

Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s built into us as humans. Matter of fact, our DNA only changes much less than 1% every 10,000 years. This means the same mechanism that was developed in humans 10, 20, or 50,000 years ago is still with us today.

The difference lies in what is actually scaring us. The mechanism we all have built in to handle fear was developed to fend off predators and strange things we didn’t know about, in order to protect ourselves. Nowadays, something foreign to us could be a business meeting, travelling to an unfamiliar land, or trying a new food.

If you know the reason you’re doing things that scare you such as, you wish to make progress, you want to get stronger as a person, then by all means proceed with full force. It’s okay to be scared while doing so.

Just keep moving forward and making things happen. Be scared for a bit, fully feel it, and then do the thing anyways. You will feel far stronger when you approach fear like this.

Jumping Off: How I Conquered Fear

A big life lesson of mine appeared in an interesting way when I was about to move to Thailand by myself for the first time.

My friends and I were all out camping in Wyoming. We were at a nice lake, eating and grilling burgers, hanging with the dogs, and doing the campsite thing… you know (hopefully you know). If not, please go rent a tent right now and disappear into the woods for a few days. Bonus points if this scares you – don’t sabotage yourself.

We decided to go to a lake and check out some cliffs. I had never jumped off any cliffs until that day.

We pull up, jump out and go swim over to where the cliffs were. We get up to this little one that looked fun. It was about 10 feet, so 80% of us decided to jump off this little one and when we got out, we saw a bigger one.


This next one was about 20 feet and it was pretty scary looking. We were preparing to jump off, and the fear threshold was definitely there because I’d never done this.

My two friends and I overcame this little fear and jumped off anyways. I felt invigorated from conquering the small fear I had. We got out, go to the next one, and it was about 30 feet tall.

This one was pretty scary as well. We pushed past our fears again, and all of us jumped off this one and felt bold; even though they weren’t huge, they were still scary to me.

After all of this, we got out again and noticed that there were more up ahead. We went up to the tallest cliff that was at least  50 feet tall, probably a bit more. From the top looking down, the water was about 30,000 feet below.

This fear was so intense for me.

We were standing around, looking down, and then finally someone in our group, a girl nonetheless, just ran out unexpectedly and jumped first. We knew at this point that we had zero excuse to not jump and one by one, this time 40% of us jumped into the water from 50 feet above.

This taught me a valuable lesson because I was just about to move to Thailand to start my first business one month later.

It taught me that when you tell your fear to shut up, and do the thing anyway, you are empowered with a new sense of accomplishment and confidence. 

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

When it was time for me to leave the country, I was still a bit scared but now I just felt ready to get it done. I knew that since I’d been working all summer and I would have no job or boss, and I had money for only a few months, that it was GO time when I hit the ground. This meant grinding 110% until I was making money, reading and consuming everything I could get my hands on, and networking with people already doing what I wanted to do.

I had figured how to use my fear as fuel, instead of as an obstacle. It was an extremely valuable lesson.

This is why I want to encourage you not to let your fear dominate your thinking, because if you do, you will simply sabotage all of the progress and all of the great things you could bring to the world.

Even if you don’t know how it will come into place, the world will absolutely be able to use what you can bring it.

Don’t doubt yourself, and don’t sabotage yourself with fear.

If you are willing to learn, take action, and grow with what you’re working on, the world is your oyster. You can be free to travel, live the life you want, make money in your own way, and add value to the world.

So don’t get caught up negative self-talk and don’t ever talk bad about yourself. Know your abilities and your will to make things happen. You’re the only one stopping you.

Most often, you are your own worst critic and people, unless they’re haters, don’t look at you in that condescending and critical light you sometimes look at yourself in.

Decide what you want, go after it fully, and don’t second-guess what you can bring to the world, because if you do you will sabotage all your progress.

Remember, fear is the antithesis of love. If you love what you do so much that fear has no room to make moves, you will succeed. If you love the people you’re writing to, you will succeed. If you love living free and will not let fear stop you, you will succeed.

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