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[Evan’s Desire Mastery Strategy] Does Your Desire Come From Abundance or Lack?

When approaching the topic of what you want in life, you pursue your object of desire in one of two ways. At all times, you choose your side. It’s up to you whether this choice is conscious or unconscious. Ensure it’s conscious at all times. This mindset approach is the most functional when you tame it, and not when it tames you. Desire, lack and abundance might sound like three unrelated topics, yet they’re closely intertwined.

You can only pursue your desires in life with one of these paths switched on in your mind. Monitoring them in the future will help you stay relaxed, cool, and calm when creating towards your goals.

This video is an introduction to the mindset of abundance and driving yourself away from lack and scarcity at all times. Everything in your mind is filtered by you, and most of it is on autopilot.

The key to reversing your automatic negative programming, is your conscious approach. Approach your situation with gratitude and look out for what’s good, always. Focus on what’s already going well, what you have already, and how thankful you are. This automatically switches your mindset to positive and creative, and comes from abundance.

Watch the full video to build this mindset up further, and practice it daily.

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