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Who Else Wants Location-Freedom & Purpose Clarity?

How to Get Started Making Money From Your Passion:


What Is The "Create Your Purpose Mind Map?"


An Advanced Diagram That Gives You The First Key To Create Your Purpose & A Business Around Your Lifestyle

Finally understand how to use resources that specifically you need to get ahead of your peers in life and be a trusted authority on what you love. Create a real difference in life, and have a purpose to get up and work in the morning.

Includes 4 Unique Guidance Areas To Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Now you can take from a proven system that sets up the framework for creating what you want. Take the guesswork out of doing it all yourself, and learn from your own desires, past, psychology, and abilities.

Includes the Next Steps To Focus On In Simple, Venn Diagram Style

Find out what you need to work on, after you use the Create Your Purpose mind-map. Learn the "middle-aspects" that bring what you want into reality.

Step-By-Step Method To Build A Life Of Purpose - Even If You Have Lack Resources & Direction

Success doesn't take much but a will to succeed, the clarity and vision, and steps that have been proven by millions. Figure out how, step-by-step, to build a life of your dreams and actually make money doing so.

What's Inside the Create Your Purpose Mind Map?

Intuitive "Create Your Purpose" Diagram

  • How to Create Your Purpose in minutes - using the only 4 fundamental guidelines you need
  • Find your strengths and forge a path that gives you fulfillment and helps you contribute to the world
  • New insight into your life purpose, how to develop it, and what to do after you have your idea
  • 4 in-depth breakdowns for how to make money doing what you want

Full Instructional Video With Explaining Insights

  • Get access to a secret video that shows you exactly how to use this special diagram
  • Follow along on your diagram as the video breaks down each part.
  • Know exactly what to do next to have a purpose-driven life you can be proud of
  • Get unique insight on how to use your past to create your future
  • Find out exactly what to do after you've learned the 4 fundamental elements I teach, using the "How Use The Create Your Purpose Mind Map" diagram

Hear What My Clients Have to Say

<font color=Asheer Ashraf" /> Asheer Ashraf, Rise2Success

The biggest thing I've always envied, is Evan's work ethic. Sickening work ethic.

I asked him how he's so driven and motivated to keep going on, and he showed me his vision board and action plans. He's able to create visions and make them like magnets, so he doesn't have to do anything more.

Seeing him have this clear vision of his purpose and his goals, is truly remarkable. It has changed my life with my mindset, how I approach, and how I solve problems.

Work with Evan.


<font color=Andrew Sunil" /> Andrew Sunil, Andrew Sunil YouTube

Evan's ideas get to the heart of what success requires. He has a real knack for stripping away layers quickly!

Most thought leaders take a lot of time to do this, (weeks, months, years... all which is very costly).

Evan doesn't...

He gets there quickly.

Within 3 minutes of speaking to him, I had garnered more insight into success than 3 months of conversations with other coaches.

"How To Use" Diagram With Complete, Next-Step Directions

  • Discover the 4 elements that must come right after the original guides
  • Learn exactly what to do next, after you watch the video and go through the diagram
  • Know how you can put this new-found knowledge into a purpose that will bring you money and enjoyment over the long haul
  • Step far ahead of your average peers with above-average insight on your unique purpose in life. Find out how you can make money doing what you love, while making a massive difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Create Your Purpose Mind Map?

The Create Your Purpose Mind Map is the only diagram of its kind.

It's a custom, intuitive guideline that is different for each person, which helps you establish what you were put here to do.

By going through your past, visualizing your future, and picking up proper skills, you can create whatever you want. This mind map helps you do just that, without wasting any time.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?


Motive In Motion offers a 30 Day Guarantee on your purchase.

If you don't like what's inside the mind map, the video, or the explainer, simply send me an e-mail and I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked; no hard feelings. I definitely don't want your money if you're not super satisfied. Especially a measly 7 bucks!

Why Just $7?

Ah, $7. Simply put, $7 is the best way to weed out lazy people that never take action. If you're brand new to Motive In Motion, welcome! If you've been around for a while, you'll know M.I.M. is created solely for action takers.

NOTHING moves before action. Period.

With this small price, you're proving that you'll actually do something with your newly acquired knowledge. Plus 99% of the content on this site is free for your education and enjoyment. This is for those who prove they're ready for the next step of purpose, wealth and fulfillment.

How Long After Purchase Will I Gain Access?

Access is immediate. After this page is submitted, you'll go straight to the download page, where you get all the content.

Feel free to bookmark and save that page for future use forever.

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