Cats & Copy [Pt. III] Copywriting Tips for Beginners: Some Customers Are Dead Without You

Whenever you’re selling (by writing copy) to a mass market, most of your target audience will not be taking action on what you provide. All the evolutionary laws that’ve kept us alive have been initiated for a reason. We need to produce the absolute minimum effort to stay alive. Today, we jump into the most important copywriting tips for beginners, once again through my experiences with this stray in Bali…


This is Part III in the Cats & Copy series.

Click here for Part II – Copywriting Techniques and Part I – Best Copywriting Tips. It’s a good idea to read these two first. These lay the foundations for the copy lessons within, and the writing from the story before. Enjoy.


Here’s the deal with most humans…

If we don’t have to do it, we usually won’t. To get people to take action and change their lives is a difficult job. Luckily, it’s not your job.

Most will only take responsibility for what they want to. If anyone looks outside themselves to change their own lives, they’re already finished before they begin.

What this means is, especially when selling (via copy) a higher-quality product or service to a more accomplished market… they know they must take responsibility for improving their own situation. But these laws of human nature often get us into repetitive ruts, subconsciously.

They keep the body in a state known as Homeostasis.

So if you come across as anything less than being the truthful messenger, bringing them the very most ground-breaking, relevant thing that will disrupt the structure of their lives, forget about it.

Don’t even learn how to become a copywriter if you’re not fully committed! What if I never came along and scooped this cat up into immediate safety? It’s the same for you. You too, have a snowball’s chance in hell to save your prospect from whatever harm they’re doing to themselves at the moment.

A good chunk of your target market is literally waiting to put a sum of money into your hands. They’re gambling on one single shot to change their lives, and you have to convince them you’re worthy of it.

Some members only need one single chance to throw everything they’ve got into making it work, and their lives will be radically different forever.

I know that’s how I felt before I started…

I was hoping that one single investment into learning a business model would work out for me, and it did. After that, I dedicated my life to doing the ONE thing, which was building a business on the back of my copy… that’d let me travel and be free.

Ironically, the power of this business course came from insanely compelling copy, selling info products that net the owner somewhere around $300k/mo. in profits.

I know this, because he was one of my earliest mentors back in the day, and I’ve seen him go on to prosper wildly.

The same types of psychological persuasion, emotional storytelling, writing, communication and engagement could turn your first dollar online to a predictable (monthly) stream of five or six figures.

Copywriting Tips for Beginners: Sometimes Customers Are As Good As Dead Without You…

The point that this cat was at when I scooped her up off the side of the road was one of a hopeless state. She was a newborn kitten, small and harmless, and would likely die soon with no protection.

It’s strange that her mom was nowhere to be found; cats don’t usually leave their young alone. So I knew something was up, and I assumed that the mom had already been killed somehow.

I was in Bali, and there were many Komodo dragons that I saw while there. It would be very easy for one of them, or perhaps a snake, to scoop her up for dinner.

So at this stage, she was as good as dead.

And though it may be dramatic, this is the way you’ve got to think about your customers. They need you; they’re looking for solutions to their problems. Many times they have nowhere else to turn! Without your product or service, they could stoop lower than where they are.

This is the point at which marketers and businesspeople start to doubt their own abilities and value. Especially if you’re on the newer end of entrepreneurship, there’s a good chance you don’t have sturdy footing or results yet.

If that’s true for you, you may have an overinflated tendency to doubt yourself. But the solution is not what you’d think…

The Solution For Killing All Self-Doubt & Fear & Starting a Forceful Business

… is to stop focusing on yourself! Yes, it’s strange, but if you are focusing on why you can’t, why someone else is better, or what’s wrong with your business, you’re being selfish.

Why? Because it’s all about you. People don’t generally start thinking of others first, nor do they usually place themselves second. But once you start focusing on others and their needs and desires, the focus shifts.

All of a sudden, you’re contemplating how to solve problems for a market at a specific level of market sophistication. You’re thinking how they think, consuming what they consume.

And instead of trying to solve your own issues and being so introspective, you just get over yourself, and out of your own way. This is extremely empowering, and it’s the start of a forceful business.

But the thing that stops most humans is this fear that they’re not good enough, or they look silly, or they’re not impactful enough, and on and on… But these excuses are all total B.S.

You just might share your experience and drop the value bomb somebody needs more than anything in their lives. You might write the copy for a product that changes millions of peoples’ lives.

Or you could sell a product that brings untold transformation to peoples’ mindsets and habits. People have written in to me, that these posts have changed the way they view business, the way they operate in daily life, and ask me what to do next.

And from where I started, and where my own mindset was, I knew for a fact that I needed this stuff, and didn’t see it out there. I pushed through all my own self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of success, and just created a site that could actually bring transformation. I created what I wanted to see out there.

Chiefly, I took my own advice on brand positioning examples… with the aim of helping others in a very specific way; a way of total self-mastery and wealth.

So get out of that headspace that suggests you won’t bring anything valuable, and focus instead on the customer you’re serving. Focus on the end user of your content or product, and you’ll have much clearer vision.

A Final Note on the Best Copywriting Tips for Beginners To Date – The Harm Your Would-Be Customers Might Do To Themselves Without You:

If you really need some extra impact for why you should put your idea out into the world…

Recognize that some people are racing down a slippery slope. They’re actively doing harm to themselves with the actions they partake in. They’re leading down a path that could ruin them, financially, spiritually, physically.

For instance, if someone you impact, just one single person, was deadlifting wrong, and you were the expert on safe form and lifting techniques… How would you feel if they pulled muscles in their back and were injured for months, or worse, paralyzed?

This would be awful, yet completely unnecessary. So you can let that type of feeling and power drive you to create and write copy for your products, your articles, or to shoot your videos.

Of course you’ll need to follow this business acronym (S.P.E.E.D.) and understand why “following your passion” is dangerous advice, but…

Knowing that people let their monkey minds run their entire lives, knowing people don’t live free, and knowing people don’t recognize solid direct response marketing when it poisonously bites them in the face is part of what drives me to create a revolution in these areas.

What drives you? For one single person in the world, YOU just might be the godsend. I’ve experienced websites, businesses, products, and resource lists that have changed the entire trajectory of my life. And usually, someone wrote this copy to display its value!

Absolutely no doubt exists in my mind that, had I not found these resources listed, I would be still chasing the old go-to-school-become-a-slave routine at this very moment.

I’d still be aimlessly unhappy, unfulfilled at this very moment. Grasping hopelessly onto malnutrition and negative lifestyle habits. Lacking the freedom to take charge of my life, schedule, and inner circle.

No doubt about it.

And this is only one small slice. There are self-development sites, depression blogs and forums, weightlifting products, confidence programs, etc. and they changes lives.

Eating routines and nutrition cookbooks, organic farming communities, yoga programs, and the list goes on… These don’t simply exist for profit and for the owner. These are usually what the owners made that they needed when they started.

That’s what you’re looking at right here at Motive In Motion. If I can spark, in my own target audience, the minds that change the world, band together and create something incredible, then I’ve done my job with copywriting.

I love it. I’m committed. I can’t get enough. It’s my (dare I use this fluffy word), passion. The mindset is the top of the waterfall, and all other things follow.

This means that if I can spark the mind that creates organic farming, clean food distribution, physical therapy businesses, whatever! If whatever you’re selling will help impact and change others, then I’m about that. This is an unlocking of dormant potential, and it’s my purpose here on this beautiful blue planet.

That’s what great copywriting is all about! Giving something to a target audience, who needs it and can’t (or maybe won’t!) live another day without it. Without sharing some copywriting tips for beginners who are just starting out, my end users would not be getting what they need out of it.

But enough soapbox; you get the gist. Focus on your customers: ending their pain, delivering on their needs, and sharing (through the power of words) ways they can improve their situation.

It’s your responsibility here to help your fellow man and woman. Why else would you come to planet Earth, if it weren’t to make others’ experiences better, lighter, more fun, easier, or impactful?

Get to gettin’, or get to givin’.


Great copywriting tips like these, from the little kitten in Bali may help you get started.

But they’re incomplete without having a framework to work from. Knowing customers need your message and expertise, but not knowing how to get it out to them? Sets the situation up for agony of both parties.

They’re incomplete tactics without knowing the strategy of what you should be doing when you sit down to write copy. Whom to target. How to speak to your target audience in their vocabulary and language, and make it convert to sales.

That’s why I wrote The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Vol. I].

It shows you proven formulas I used in my E-commerce businesses to rake in six figures revenue, primarily by adapting tested copywriting tips for beginners.

I sucked when I started, and didn’t know what I was doing when I sat down to write copy. But I was still able to build a freelance copywriting and consulting career off the power of my words; it wasn’t easy.

It doesn’t have to be hard for YOU, though. Learn more about it here.

Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online