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Consistency Creates Conviction

There is no creation without consistency. There is no product, service, or effective communication achieved without consistency. Consistency is the glue and foundation of every goal or achievement ever completed by anyone, period. Consistency creates conviction.

Anyone who has ever completed a worthy task or arrived at specific success milestones in life has repetitively done the actions necessary to get there. They broke through the mundane repetition of doing something over and over until they became an expert at it.

What the media shows you and what is hidden behind years of sweat and beating on a craft, are two completely separate things.

To create something worthwhile that adds to people’s lives, you must get out there and put it in front of people, again and again and again. To do this, you need to develop the resolve that is not afraid of rejection of extreme persistence.

When the media shows you a success, like a 15 year old selling a startup for $1 billion, they don’t show you everything it took to get to that level.

What is at the beginning of that path is someone who likely started at 12, 10 or earlier and has spent years in the lab, cooking up something worth selling for that amount.

These people have dedicated their lives to building the brands or lifestyles that they want, and pursued their goal with wholehearted focus until it was realized.

This takes a certain type of personality that knows they can have it all.

Nothing Happens When You Think It Will

It happens when it’s supposed to.

Hardly anything ever happens in the exact way we plan it, or in our perfect time frame. The things we want often take longer than we expect, and it’s all right. Sometimes we must extend goalposts. The media has invented for us a nice bias with fat loss programs for the next 21 days, or how to drop three pant sizes in just two weeks.

When we recognize this, we actually take better control of our lives and circumstances. We can use our subconscious and conscious minds to set up a better system.

William James once said:

“When once a decision is reached and execution is the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome.”

This means when it’s time to get to work, after we’ve set a goal, then we should focus only on getting it done.

We can oscillate back and forth over a decision before it’s made, like whether a risk is worth taking, but when we’ve decided, we give up all worry or responsibility for the outcome.

It’s important to give up partial responsibility for forcing it to happen, yet stay accountable and consistent to get it done.

A Note On Expectation & Disappointment

All disappointment stems from expectations being missed. You may have had a prior idea or expected outcome, and when that didn’t happen you got disappointed.

This could be for someone’s behavior, a business goal, or a life achievement. This is why what James said is so relevant, because we often fret and try to force outcomes to go our way. When we relinquish a bit of control, we have a better grasp on how to flow with things and recognize there are some lessons we still need to learn.

Besides, once you’ve set a goal, your subconscious faculties will aid in its achievement.

We often see things going down in a certain way that we want, but life necessarily teaches us lessons we need to learn to become that person that deserves the outcome.

Struggles and obstacles will come up between our goal and us that we must salvage lessons from.

As James Allen says in As A Man Thinketh:

“Tribulation lasts only so long as there remains some chaff of self which needs to be removed… There could be no object in burning gold after the dross had been removed.”

As soon as you’ve grown to the next level, there is no point of more tribulation to teach you the lesson. You’ve learned it! Now it’s time for the next lesson through the next struggle.

This is what is so important about being consistent with all your actions.

When you want to achieve something, you must be consistent in completing the necessary tasks.

Consistency Creates the Conviction Needed to Win

When doing something, the right thing, over and over daily you will develop the skill. With the skill’s successful practice comes confidence. With confidence comes a certain flow and aura of knowing you will win.

Consistency creates conviction.

You will need this conviction that you are building through consistency. Consistency in the right tasks will inevitably bring the desired success.

Without consistency, there is no success. Without conviction, there is no success. It’s vital to do what must be done every day, and know beyond any and all doubts that you will achieve your goals.

It is just a matter of time, that’s it.

You must have both elements to effectively gain what you want out of life.

Remember that they build off each other, so it’s important to effectively use one to boost up the other.

Whatever you choose to devote your time and energy to, do it with 100% resolve as to build your conviction for it. Go into the challenges knowing you will come out victorious and you will not take no for an answer.

Know you will succeed at all costs.

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