Results Our Esteemed Clients Have Achieved With Us:

We’ve worked with expert info marketing businesses from all over the globe – in countries like US, Australia, UK, Canada, and many others, achieving above-industry standard results.

Whether it’s a new product launch, a course you’re selling, a new membership or community…

… we’ve got what it takes to strategize, write, and implement life-changing sales results, done with you and for you!

Just check out a few of our client case studies and processes below:


Spiritual Self-Development Course & Event


A partnership with a unique angle on the Empath/HSP market was looking for a way to launch their first online course, Empathology.

They wanted to follow Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF), which we were familiar with. After thoroughly mapping out their initial launch strategy…

We launched a high-conversion, long-form VSL, and an accompanying 16 launch emails that converted their audience, and helped the partnership recoup their original investment (and then some) quickly.

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Read Tigre & Lola's Digital Course & Retreat Case Study


Music Production Masterclass Course

Read Ocean's Music Production Case Study


A high-profile London-based music producer approached us with the aim of launching his first successful online music production course.

We gathered psychographic information on his customer avatar and differentiation points.

We then devised a traffic strategy leveraging his YouTube channel (400k+ Subs), driving them to a long-form sales letter we created for his new course launch.

He recouped more than 4x his initial investment in the first week, and now has an evergreen launch funnel to make even more profits.

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Dating & Relationships Membership Site


A successful men’s dating and relationships influencer approached us to launch several of his own online courses, books, and membership site communities.

After conducting a deep strategy background, customer psychographic research, and a unique messaging and copy tone…

… we crafted several VSLs (Video Sales Letters), long-form sales letters, Direct Response email sequences and more.

We’ve helped him earn several hundred thousand dollars in launch revenue over a year period, oftentimes making $XXX,XXX in a single week.

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Read The Dating Membership Site & Course Case Study

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