The Best Personal Development Goals [6 Steps]

Best Personal Development Goals for Massive Entrepreneurial Success [The Ultimate 6 Steps]

A Quick Preface to the Best Personal Development Goals On The Planet

So you’re looking to become a beast entrepreneur, smashing all income, lifestyle, and success goals in your wake? Or perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur, but you want to double your income and freedom possibilities. No matter, you will have to dial every single point on my list of the best personal development goals that exist to date.

These are the exact steps I used to break away and drop out of school to live abroad and build my E-commerce businesses so I could travel the world and learn tons daily.

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The Absolute Best
Personal Development
Goals for Massive
Entrepreneurial Success
[The Ultimate 6 Steps]

I primarily created this series for your benefit, through my stories, struggles, and pitfalls. I wanted to give you my journey and the lessons embedded, so you can learn the most. You’ll see where I mis-stepped and correct your path without making my same mistakes.

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In this article, we’re diving into the best personal development goals every entrepreneur must master to get extreme success in business in life.

Mastering each of these individually is non-negotiable. Put them together collectively. Steadily progress in your mastery of business, people and profits.

The best personal development goals I know of are as follows.

Follow along with the video and peep these 6 steps to greatness. Every single entrepreneur you’ve ever heard of, look up to, or learn from have followed them.

Check it.

So, beginning with the top of your long term goals list…

1) Break Away From the Average Masses

Out of all the steps to becoming great, this is the primary task of all successful people because everybody has done it. The reason it’s first, is it should take top priority when creating your list of performance goals and objectives.

The reason you must step out of the mass of average people is because there is a very real think called groupthink.

The groupthink mentality has burdened hundreds of millions for generations.

Groupthink encourages the millions of people in every society to look to the left and the right, consider the options, and take in thousands of stimuli from the outside from their compatriots.

The enormous problem with this, is that if you look for a second at who reside by you, you’ll see that most people have no direction. They don’t know where they’re going…

Know Your Strengths; Delete Groupthink From Your Vocabulary

They’re not sure of their strengths and weaknesses. There is no drive.

This burdens budding entrepreneurs from achieving anything, but it doesn’t have to. The groupthink mentality dominates all wishes and plans for a better future, with futility and negative programming.

On top of the fact that most are directionless, thousands more will downplay your plans and pass them off as insane. They’ll say you work too hard, or you’re too serious.

If you apply yourself to your goals, with ferocious action and strategy, expect to permanently be in the minority.

Expect to be consistently misunderstood, until you break away from the conglomerate of average humans that settle.

Breaking away from the crowd does three important things:

  • Gives you domain control over your path
  • Clashes your path with others on their mission
  • Ruthlessly stretches, molds, and challenges you to a higher state

How I Broke Out of Normal Forever

When I started out, I was doing public education like everybody else. Then, I moved on to college to pursue a path that was socially acceptable. However, shortly after I quickly realized I wanted a level of freedom and money that only the few ever experience.

After I quickly broke away from the masses and dropped out of college, I made a decision. I improved my business acumen because that aligned with the future I wanted. You’ll learn how to do this in step two.

This is not to say every person in the world is fit to be an entrepreneur, but it is to say that each has enormous potential that they’re likely operating below par with currently.

Breaking away from the mass civilization of drifters is the absolute first step to hardening your ethereal plans into concrete reality over time.

2) Develop a Rough Strategy

Now that you’re on your own, feeling nice and lonely, but hungrier than ever to succeed…

It’s time to create a life and business strategy.

This rough guideline of where you want to go should include your deepest desires, your strengths, your plans to join up with the people learning what you are as well, and practice of visualization.

The strategy for your future should be flexible and include different timelines. Things never happen when you think they will, so it’s okay (smart, even) to plan 6 months, 12 months, and a few years ahead. When you do this, you’re willing to adjust along the way and push goal posts a bit ahead in the future when you don’t hit ‘em.

I repeat. Almost nothing happens exactly when you think it will. 

It is acceptable to continue striving for your goals, even after you fall short of deadlines and guideposts (which will happen). It’s also important (essential, really) that you never lower the bar just because you think it’ll be too hard.

Always Take the Road Less Traveled – You Will Profit In Every Way

Smashing your goals and developing into the type of person and entrepreneur you want to be are unique paths. They oppose most people’s existence in this way:

Most people never make a strategy. You’ll be one step ahead of them.

Almost everybody lowers the bar when they miss a goal. This gets you two steps ahead of them.

Most people quit after a setback or two. You ensure that you get three steps ahead of them.

The average number of failures for entrepreneurs before a big success is 3.8.

This means every successful entrepreneur has figured out ONE exceptional key to success and followed through after failure EVERY time.

Develop your rough outlines for strategic entrepreneurial success.

An Actionable Plan for Your First Strategy Sessions

A great start is what you’ll be doing, what skills you will learn and sell, and where and how you’ll sell them, to who.

When creating your strategy, remember to consider all the moving pieces that create your ideal lifestyle. Make sure you’re building the means that actually end at the destination you want. Reverse engineer your success by using the right tools.

Answer this:

If you set out to build a brick house, and you wanted it really bad, but you only picked up wood, learned wood carpentry extremely well, and stained your wood with all the beautiful colors….

Would you ever have a brick house?

No matter how hard you worked, how much you learned, and how many hours you toiled, would you ever end up with the finished product you wanted?

You know the answer. Yet so many begin paths that don’t lead where they want, building now the imagined future that will never comes.

Develop a rough strategy, stick to the fundamentals, but be willing to adapt it.

Be malleable and flexible. It’s the only way forward.

How I Drafted My First Business Strategy

When I began, right after dropping out and saving up the money I needed, I made an extremely detailed plan of what my business would look like, what sales numbers I would hit, where I’d be living, and what I would spend my time doing.

I knew my personal goals for work over the next 6-12 months and what I had to get done before I started.

I left no stone unturned. No detail untouched.

This was of course a great guideline for knocking my expectations out of the park. Everything I imagined came true in a shorter time than I could’ve imagined, and I aligned with experiences and people I needed.

I attracted the resources through my focus and grit, and these things enabled me to succeed.

3) Out-Hustle Your Average Peers (and the masses)

Now, we get to the G.R.I.N.D. mentality, and the hustle.

We need to cover a specific mindset that pervades most of society, which is the “hustle mentality”.

I’ve been torn on this for such a long time.

I’ve finally emerged with a balanced answer to the smart vs. hard work question.

The best I’ve come up with to date, is that smart and hard work are both essential, but smart work takes the cake.

For instance, putting leverage to use, helping the sails at your back, is smart and will get you extremely far. Hard work is not usually preferable for those looking to get far, and become rich with one of their passions.

Investing is the highest category of the cash flow quadrant which requires the least active work, the least hard work, and the leverage of resources. Most of the time this includes other people’s money, time, and effort.

This is exactly why the top 8 richest men in the world are worth the bottom half of the population combined.

Yes, men like Buffett and Bezos are dominating the net worth of half the population of planet earth, with their investor ways, their entrepreneurial ventures, and unique strategies of business.

Domination, Forgetting Average & Hustle or Leverage

They all had to break out from the average, and hustle to get here. They started in garages. They built their team up to thousands of people from small and humble masterminds.

They then started working smart and consistent, leveraged others’ time and money, and built some of the biggest capitalist empires on the planet that will likely outlive them and produce more billions than most bloodlines will touch in 10 generations.

This type of leverage of smart and hard work leads to cash windfalls of $6 billion dollars in ONE day.

The mindset is totally different here, because it’s you switching to building up development goals for leaders, instead of following the crowd.

Of all the best personal development goals in the world, this one (specifically for business) is another focal point on the list that is not to be underestimated. Most people have this backwards.

Get it aligned and you can expect ultimate leverage and quantum jumps in profitability.

4) Embrace the Chaos Like a Stoic

Stoics take a specific route to all the hurricanes of business and life.

They understand external stimuli are something to be controlled within themselves, and reframed successfully.

Everything that actually occurs in the physical realm, has properties separate from you, and involving you.

By identifying the things you cause, and those you don’t, you gain extreme self-power. You can control yourself and channel your own energy, no matter what happens.

Let it go.

best personal development goals

What would a list of the best personal development goals be, without the proper balance strategy for success and peace?

You do not have to flip out when anything happens; you can enforce personal state control in which you take the situation at face value, navigate to an effective place, and change your path next time.

It’s always helpful to know how you may have caused a situation, or brought it about. Hardly anybody wants to take responsibility for what they may have done to contribute.

Dissecting situations like a stoic, peacefully, accepting and adapting is powerful. But it is not the same as shucking responsibility and backing out. Rather, it’s about owning up to how you might’ve created the situation and dealing with it there and then.

One of My Most Stoic Moments In Business Thus Far

For instance, there was a time in Vietnam that I was waiting on inventory to land in the U.S. warehouse, and had no money coming in. I had not set up any other streams at that moment, and I was stuck waiting, maniacally calling in, checking on the progress, managing my shipment, and more.

I had $100 in my bank.

To say the least, I was freaked out and worried. But before I allowed myself to flip out, feel bad for myself, or actually develop that worry into some other poisonous thoughts, I checked in and reframed the situation.

I immediately switched to being thankful, to absorbing the blessings I had at that moment.

I had food down in the kitchen. I’d saved a bit of cash. I also had an excellent network supporting me. I was abroad, experiencing a different culture. These thoughts helped me turn the situation back around into what I could control.

I took the stoic/Buddhist route of acceptance.

I proactively got some Vietnamese clients to teach English to. I marketed myself in the community as someone who could private tutor English. I made my rent, food, and every other payment that month because I switched my mind to a proactive and present state.

The power in doing this is unspeakable. It will change your entire life.

What it really means is that nothing can shake you. You’re in the eye of the storm and you refuse to be bogged down or misguided. As entrepreneurs, the road becomes rocky at times.

The more state control, confidence, and mindset re-engineering you’re capable of, the better off you will be, no matter what happens.

5) Master Yourself, Mind & Visualization (Soft Skills)

The point of Motive In Motion is to help you master yourself, your mind, your future, so you can create the external results that match up with whatever you want in life.

The best personal development goals in the world always include this, and would not be complete without it. Many decline to mention their necessity, but I see mastery of self as a vital pre-requisite for living a life on your own terms.

The mindset must come first.

The mindset is mastery of all the realms such as self-actualization, self-belief, self-awareness, thought control, state control, influence, value, and potent networks.

Then, comes the mastery of your future imagery, because this doesn’t come natural to most people at all.

This is a hard skill to master, but one of the most important soft skills in the arsenal.

Master your ability to see and feel in images, because this is what supercharges your desires and physically attracts them to you.

How You Can Actually Create Your Ideal Future With Your Vision

Thoughts are energy. Energy is vibration. Your desires vibrate on a certain frequency, and it’s up to you to tune up the dial that matches what you want.

The reason you’re not where you want to be yet is because you physically don’t match and resonate with what you want yet.

When you do, it’s only a matter of time before reality catches up in the tangible.

Back when I left my home country for Thailand, I was not resonating on the planes of my desires yet. I was not flowing. I was not waking up with massive excitement to change the world and the minds of millennials for future impact.

I was chipping away at my degree, but it could never get me freedom, financial abundance, and the ability to travel like I do now. Of course I could’ve morphed it a bit to fit my plans, but the foundations were essentially flawed.

I only recognized this when I got clear on my real desires, and I changed the plans for the better. I then started resonating with a different reality that I wanted to build from the ground up.

As soon as I made this shift, I was immediately able to think on different paradigm levels which other people (who were doing what I wanted) already were on.

6) Mastery of Business / Model (Hard Skills)

The mastery of business and making money can only come after number five.

Number five is a vital prerequisite for building what you want in life, because you will sabotage and destroy what you do, if you’re not already mentally solid.

This is the reason I fixed my mindset first, took a break from business, and reflected on my soft skills. I had underestimated the hard skills and necessary tasks for success that I needed to execute daily.

To do something over and over, you must have the belief that states you will get “there”.

Wherever that is, your persistence is an exact sign that you do have that faith. If you quit, you never had it in the first place. If you get tired after a few tries, throw up your hands and go home, then you never wanted it bad enough.

You never wanted it at the level that successful people will themselves to get it.

It’s all good. You didn’t deserve it, you still don’t, and you will never get it this way. 

This section of the best personal development goals is completely dedicated to actually doing the business tasks, processes, and actions that make a business profitable.

The 80/20 Product & Service Game Plan For Business Beginners

It’s all products and services.

There are vital processes for each, to set them up correctly, but they ain’t easy.

best personal development goals

If you’re in a product-based business, such as E-commerce, you’ve got some vital 80/20 tasks.

Call suppliers and get a product to sell.

Build a distribution system that gets product to customers.

Create a base of some sort so customers can go to buy your product.

Design a marketing strategy and set it up, so customers find your product.


If you’re in a service-based business, then you have a slightly different set of priorities.

Set up an efficient routine where you learn your craft every single day.

Get a client to pay you for your first service exchange, then over-deliver value.

Create a sharp inbound marketing system that gets hot leads to you in some way.

Build up a guideline process that you can follow to actually close the sales when prospects come.


Either type of business can utilize mentors and pros, which is an excellent way to shortcut the time it takes from idea to cash exchange.

That’s for another time. At this time, I’ve just lain a gold map in front of you, fit for a king.

How to Implement The Ultimate 6 Best Personal Development Goals In Existence

With proper execution, relentless consistency, and focus that rivals a sniper, you can build an entire business off the back of this guide. It’s the ultimate high-level breakdown that the ambitious can use and run with.

Even the best personal development goals are not all the steps for success, but scouring this site and YouTube channel will afford you pretty much every single one.

Remember, as you can see from my sprinkled histories inside this post, my best personal development goals are battle-tested, and have provided me with money, scars, and freedom.

I never show you things I don’t know about. Take this ultimate guideline of the best personal development goals for insane entrepreneurial success. Always, always couple it with action.

Until the next treasure map is released, you should go smash every vivid goal in front of your eyes, in order get where you want to go in life.

As I’ve said before, the my best personal development goals guideline is not all inclusive. You may decide you need a bit more guidance…

If you need a little help starting, and building up a life plan road map, unique to you, then you should go download and learn from this detailed guideline immediately.

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