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Best Booklist Reviews of 2015 [26 Books – Bulletproof Mindset Tip From Each]

Best Booklist Reviews 2015 & My #1 Bulletproof Mindset Tip From Each

Welcome to the brand new, best booklist reviews 2015, the incredible year I introduced serious reading into my life.

I made a serious effort to educate myself with topics relevant to my immediate progress. I killed 26 books, and it was a decent stab, with 2016 following and providing even more insights from 31 new books.

This year (2017) I plan to tackle and write booklist reviews for a minimum of 60 books. That’s more than one per week, and is a furious schedule, but I know it can be done. If I can read an “average” of 1.25 books a week, I’ll be on schedule. We’ll see how that holds up with the more lengthy books, but I’m up for the challenge with no excuses.

Let’s jump into best booklist reviews of 2015, so you can get value from them too. Mind you, I repeat-read a few books in ’15 and ’16, which takes time, but cements the wisdom into deeper levels of my psyche for further use.

Submit obscure wisdom to the subconscious, and it comes up later in conscious thought, as known and applicable wisdom.

Before I breakdown each one, here’s all of ’em in one video. Make sure to watch & subscribe so you never miss another video!

By the way, stay tuned for my entire booklist reviews series, as it’ll be a new and constant thing. The 2016 reviews are coming soon, as will 2017 when the year’s done.

1. The Education of a Bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger

My first book of the year was “Education of Bodybuilders.” This is a required reading for anybody looking into lifting weights. Improving their physique. Dialing in their bulletproof mindset. Crafting a bulletproof body to go with it.

It’s not a simple option, or a “nice read”. No. It’s much more than that, because you get to see a man who toiled through hell and back, went against his parents’ wishes, ran away from the military to compete, and went on to create massive life success.

This man, hate him or love him… (hate him if you’re petty; respect him if you understand worldly success and achievement) has gone from #1 bodybuilder in the country and then world, to successful actor in major movies, to governor of one of the biggest states in America.

Respect for mastering three industries – it’s no simple feat.

Pick up the book to learn the crucial bodybuilding lifts, understand nutrition, and get motivated from one of the most successful men in the world.

2. Richest Man In Babylon – George S. Clason

The classic, highest rated book for keeping your finances in order.

Required reading for people who do not yet know how to manage money, invest it, save it, and actually put it to work for you. The actual golden nuggets of this book are the “5 Laws of Gold”:

5 Laws of Gold:

  1. Gold comes gladly and in increasing quantities to any man who will save at least 10 percent of his earnings to create an estate for his future and his family.
  1. Gold labors diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field.
  1. Gold clings to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of wise men in its handling.
  1. Gold slips away from the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar, or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep.
  1. Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who follows the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers, or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment.

Study them, grab this manual, and make it a point to read it at least once a year. Drastically improve your financial situation and understanding.

3. The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

One of the most important books of business that many still don’t know about. Hell, it comes along with a forum where actual millionaires hang out, give you advice, and help you create businesses in real time (with insider’s community).

This book teaches you the highest principles of building your dream business. One that operates on semi-autopilot. One that leverages your money and resources. One that brings you money 24 hours a day efficiently, because you’ve set up the right foundations.

I outline my most important steps (S.P.E.E.D.) that must be covered in any business that is to bring you freedom and passive profit here.

MJ has come up with 5 important guidelines for you as well, known as N.E.C.S.T. principles.

N – Need – There must be a need for what you do

E – Entry – There must be a high enough barrier of entry to your model

C – Control – You must be in control of as many aspects as you can, i.e. marketing, distribution, fulfillment, etc.

S – Scale – If what you’re doing is only local, you’ll never see the income you deserve

T – Time – It must be detached from your time. If you have to be physically there to make more money, it’s not viable

Check your current business. How many commandments are you violating? Might want to fix ‘em up.

Start here and get your mind and business on track without ever making the stupid blunders of a beginner.

4. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Great book here, about visualization and mindset. These are two intertwining factors of life that must be mastered.

By passing up the chance to create your future from scratch, you’re essentially allowing people to dictate it for you. To tell you where to go, what to do, and how. To work for them.

That’s all well and good if you’re consciously allowing these things to happen; not so good if you want to be a boss. If you want to create the lifestyle you see in your head, dream of at night, and work for it diligently, this is what you need to read immediately.

The law of attraction is real, BUT..

You need to be willing to put in the action.

To take the risks, and use leverage to achieve the goals you see in your mind. This is the book’s major flaw.

It practically misses the boat on the action department.

There’s actually an example of someone saying that you can simply think about $25,000 checks coming to you, and they will start appearing in your mailbox.



Not without taking action and providing something of value. Of course those numbers are doable, but not before providing something.

Aside from this, the book is actually on point about creating clear mental images, presently creating the feeling you have when you’ll get there, and much more.

Grab the book here and start attracting exactly what you want to you.

5. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

This was a good book that preached the fundamentals of starting something based on the market. Not just creating and wasting time by making something nobody wants.

Listen to the market. Understand their needs and pains. Build to suit.

DON’T build whatever you like, waste 6-12 months or more, and then think about who might want it or what they’ll pay.

As matter of fact, this is one of the quickest ways to fail as an entrepreneur.

Pick up this book and get on track with the correct approach, learn how to build something people want, and save time and money.

6. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

This is another fundamental book about finance and management. If you don’t know the difference between an asset and a liability, you are most likely wasting a lot of your resources.

A house is a liability.

A car is a liability.

A profitable business is an asset.

A profitable investment portfolio is an asset.

The difference? One puts cash in your khakis and one steals from them.

Another value bomb in here is the Cash Flow Quadrant, or E.S.B.I.
If you’re not caught up on that yet, you can learn all about it right here.

Get on the correct side and understand exactly how to get ahead in business, investing, and making money.

7. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker

Wanna be rich? Gotta think rich.

As I’ve hopefully drilled home millions of times now, the MINDSET is where you should focus disproportionate amounts of time. Build your wealth mindset, your bulletproof mindset and create your future one bit at a time.

If you don’t think like millionaires think you will never actually enter the realm of millionaires. These people operate on a different level, and there’s a reason the gap is so huge.

I’ve learned massive amounts from the millionaires I’ve met, and from people operating multi-million dollar years in revenue, which has been invaluable to me.

The gap between normal people and rich people is such a drastic one, because of the primary and autopilot thoughts running on inside each of their heads, emanating from their subconscious.

Without picking up this book, you’ll never understand the necessary differences to catapult yourself into the realm of riches, freedom, travel, abundance, and maybe even Lamborghinis.

Pick up the book and change your automatic poverty thoughts into automatic wealthy thoughts in a second.

8. Art of War – Sun Tzu

An age-old military classic from the Chinese general himself, around 500 B.C.

This is the shortcut to understanding strategy in a nutshell.

Sound strategy principles, that hold up on the battlefield will cover you in just about any other area of life.

Even Sun Tzu backs me up in the mindset claims, saying:

“Every battle is won in the mind before it starts.”

This book used to be required reading for MBA students at many universities, because they understood that business is war. Business is a unique game that only the most cunning, different, superior, and bold tend to win.

Grab this strategy book based on thousands of years of wisdom, and get a head start on business strategy today.

9. Education of Millionaires – Michael Ellsberg

Here’s another way of learning the millionaire path, from people who’ve traversed it many times over.

The most important insights from this book include..

Wait for it…

COLLEGE IS USELESS. Who would’ve thought this? Oh wait… I did!

Your boy’s got you covered once again.

Another forehead-smackingly simple insight in here is the focus on mastering sales and marketing.

This was also mentioned in “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, because there’s no way you’ll get rich, independently rich, from your own product or service, without selling something to people.

And you’ll never even find or reach those people without marketing to them and efficiently selling them. Learn exactly how, here.

10. No B.S. Direct Marketing – Dan S. Kennedy

Speaking of marketing, let’s speak to one of the kings for a second.

Dan Kennedy, a supreme boss of direct-response marketing and copywriting, lays down so many “No B.S.” books that are individually worth more than a 4-year education at any prestigious school.

If you had no understanding of who Dan is, or what he can do, just recognize he’s built many multi-million dollar businesses, including speaking, coaching, copywriting, consulting, and more.

Some of his idea pillars are included in my Bulletproof Mindset Pt. 3 on positioning and Pre-eminence.

He’s presented across the world with some of the biggest SUCCESS/Lowe tours, which featured Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Colonel Colin Powell, and even George Bush.

He has broken down many of his business models in his books, shared bits of his sales letters, and revealed his sales and marketing results.

If you had only one chance to read his books, “No B.S. Direct Marketing” or “Big Mouth, Big Money” would be fantastic places to start.

11. How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis

Again, have you ever wanted to understand how to get rich?

Of course you have.

Take it from a billionaire who, in his lifetime, created and sold an 8 figure publishing empire, worked out countless deals and joint venture agreements, and set up as many profit-centers as his bank could handle.

Ironically, he teaches just as much about the non-tangible aspects of getting rich, including visualization, self-belief, mindset, and conquering fear, as he does the tangible aspects like the only 6 ways of obtaining capital, maintaining cash flow, and leveraging others for resources and work.

For instance, try this affirmation on for size:

“The world is full of money. Some of it has my name on it. All I have to do is collect it.”

Understand the foolproof, time-tested ways to get rich, from a master of the game himself. Pick up this book ASAP.

12. Success Principles – Jack Canfield

Success has been documented for ages. At this point, we can pretty much narrow down the definite steps one must take to be successful in their life.

If you’ve got youth on your side, you have a huge advantage to learn the steps early. However, if you’re past the midpoint of your life, there is no reason you cannot learn the same fundamentals.

The older man or woman just needs to unlearn a lot of foolishness to get back on track.

I’ve always enjoyed Jack Canfield’s work, because he delves into the mental aspects of visualization, images of prosperity, pictures of financial abundance, and then lays out the tangible plan to hunt it down.

There are 60-something foolproof steps you must take in this book, and cannot afford to miss even one.

If you’re currently in a serious struggle in your life, chances are you’ve not learned all the steps that lie in this book, and that’s dragging you down rapidly.

Change your mind, your self-awareness, and your knowledge of the steps it takes to be massively financially, physically, and romantically successful.

13. 10x Rule – Grant Cardone

Successful action actually requires about 10x the amount you think it does. You must leave your ripple, make a massive difference, and out-hustle the average people if you want to be extraordinary.

That’s to say, whatever you think is attainable by your efforts, you must apply 10 TIMES that amount to bring it to reality.

Most people never apply the necessary levels of action to get where they want to, and this is why they’re behind in life.

Grant says your only real problem is obscurity. Nobody knows of you, and that’s why you don’t get clients, sales, customers, and money.

Fix this by going ALL IN one direction, with 10x action levels. Let everybody else fight for the scraps in your wake, while you take home the whole enchilada.

Learn exactly how to develop the level of action that helps you rake in profits and influence here.

14. Content Machine – Dan Norris

Do you believe you could really make a 7-figure business off the back of content, with ZERO advertising? Just based on shares, organic engagement, and tribe building?

You can. Dan Norris did it. Twice.

He shares the importance of creating engaging, relevant, stellar content that wows your audience and allows you to hit the sales numbers you want.

It’s not only possible; it’s a realistic goal to shoot for. Especially since our world is moving towards more and more free content. After a short time, everything will be freely available for no charge, and the Internet has already made headway in this direction.

Hurry up and learn the fundamentals of marketing effective content that jives with your audience, and ethically build a win-win business off the back of it.

You can find Dan’s most guarded strategies in “Content Machine”.

Instantly understand how to plug them into your life and business and watch conversions, engagement, and profits soar.

15. The Master Key System – Charles F. Haanel

The master key system states that life and the world are vibrational in nature. Everything has a vibration, and a certain frequency it emits.

Therefore, to match the frequencies and vibratory level of the things we want, we must sync up like harmony. We must embody them. Feel them. Become them.

This is aligned with rich and poor thinking, yet it goes far deeper than this. It’s about the reigning mindset, the state of health and bank account, the feelings and situations you attract, and who you’re becoming.

Charles states that thought is a mode of motion that’s carried by the law of vibration, just as light or electricity. With it, you can create anything. Using your emotions is like pouring gasoline on the fire. Positive or negative.

Remember, you’re always moving towards one thing and away from another, so continue to dial your focus on what you want, and ignore what you don’t.

Move Towards:

“Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact.”

Move Away From:

“The withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions, will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.”

Master this teeter-totter, and you master life. Master money, master relationships, and master career.

Pick up the book and start mastering life today with this system.

16. Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

The purpose of Outliers is to shed light on the fact that success is set up by external circumstances just as much as the internal.

In other words, where you are, when, and why can influence the path you have access to, and act on.

For instance, hockey players who just made the cut-off birthday date, were about 11 months older than their competitors, thereby allowing them to dominate and move as a force, winning many games.

Bill Gates had next to unlimited access of the university computer lab right by his house, which he’d sneak out of, and code deep into the night.

There’s even a snippet inside about Chinese rice culture, illuminating how they think about mathematics due to the calculations of rice fields. This has often given them a leg up while competing in mathematic arithmetic and competitions in the past.

Where you are matters. What you’ve got at your fingertips matters.

Pick up this book to understand how to leverage your current surroundings and time period to maximum advantage, instead of letting the time slip through your fingers.

17. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

Easily one of the most important books I read in 2015. Influencing others is a crucial skill. The people all around you are doing it to you all day! Movies, TV, Ads, Internet, and more… you’re constantly bombarded with messaging by the people winning the battle for your attention.

There are proven, studied reasons why it works. It’s not random or happenstance.

Learn how to leverage these reasons for your own good, and make sure to use the tools ethically. This is a serious game when you know how to play it, and not everybody is out for your good.

Cialdini says there are 6 weapons of influence that cause people to take action.  

They are:

  1. Authority – If you think someone is an expert, you’ll listen to more of what they say. If someone’s standing on a stage, platform, or TV, you’re immediately biased to listen to more of what they say.
  1. Reciprocity – If someone does something nice for you, you’re inclined to pay it back. This goes back extremely far back (10, 50, 100k years) in our evolution and our tribe mentality, which we would use to stay alive, safe, and to continue of our genes and DNA.
  1. Social Proof – Again, rooted in our biology and sense of community, if others are doing something, it likely has merit (that’s the heuristic anyway). Nowadays, this is increasingly less true, but we still follow the heuristic like clockwork. This works for other people’s opinions, testimonials, joint ventures, TV and advertising, and more.
  1. Scarcity – Rooted in our evolutionary psychology, we think what’s scarce is valuable. What other people want, we want. What nobody wants, we don’t either. This works for relationships, client work, and customers, reinforcing the social proof element.
  1. Commitment-Consistency – Once we start something, or head down a path, it’s awful hard to quit. Do you think someone trying a cigarette for the first time wants to be a lifetime, 50-year smoker? No. But that’s often what happens. Our initial decisions are slippery slopes. What we start, we like to finish.
  1. Liking/Loving – A bias of ours, rooted in subconscious programming and signals. It’s easy to tell who we like or don’t off the bat. Pretty simple, we just feel the situation out. If we like someone, we’re much more inclined to do what he or she says. Combine these, as in, if someone we like (liking) does us a favor (reciprocity), and they’re an authority figure, we’re likely toast.

Pick up this book so you can understand people, become better at sales, make more money with your new understanding, and command the power and influence of others.

WARNING: Use this in an ethical way that benefits all involved. These keys work very well, so use them wisely

18. BOLD – Peter Diamandis

BOLD spoke much about the future, new A.I. technologies, the rapid changing of our environment, and the abundance of resources at our fingertips.

In his other book, Abundance, Diamandis argues that the world is getting better, not worse. More opportunities, new energy sources, and international co-operation are coming together for our greatest good.

In this book, he highlights that we accelerate more in 5 years than we did in every last 50. For instance, cameras used to take up entire rooms, with thousands of dollars in equipment, and lighting, and more. Now, all of that expensive equipment that used to cost ten grand fits in your pocket and it’s higher quality.

He says the businesses of today like Google, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and more get massive distribution first. They get the users. They build their audience and have them use the platform. Then, the way they upgrade to become billion-dollar corporations is by advertising and using other platforms for leverage.

Smart strategy, since everything is becoming free slowly but surely.

Learn how to “go big, create wealth, and impact the world” here.

19. As A Man Thinketh – James Allen

Here’s another book on the direction of self and careful planning of potent thought.

This mind we’ve been given is no joke; most of us don’t know how to handle it.

We can steer ourselves into misery and prisons of our own creation. Or, we can create heaven on earth and blissfully enjoy every day, no matter what happens.

See, it’s far less about what happens to you, and much more about what you decide to make of it.

Some people are millionaires, walking around depressed, blowing their brains out.

Others are dirt poor, happier than 99% of people, yet they have nothing.

In reality, they have everything, and have figured out a small secret:

How you feel, and what you focus on, are directly up to you. Nobody else. This dictates your happiness and allows you to live in either heaven or hell. You choose.

Pick up your copy and craft a creative, blissful, heaven on earth existence.

20. Magic of Thinking BIG – David Schwartz

Thinking big is the cure to all your worries and struggles. It’s the way to get ahead just as you think you’re falling behind.

Thinking big includes major paradigms such as:

  • Slaying your fear instantly
  • Taking bold, massive action
  • Putting your attitude and self-belief into overdrive
  • Exalting and building up people who have potential
  • Putting a service-first attitude, rather than a money-first attitude

This book will help you create the right bulletproof mindset that it takes to catapult yourself to where you think you should be. It will help you make massive windfalls of cash by reverse engineering the process.

You must start with service. “Service is the seed of money”, which means you can have anything you like, as long as you provide enough value to enough people across the globe.

It allows you to think on a higher frequency, and embody robust attitudes that enable your dreams to materialize. This is accomplished by your emotional state, because of the subconscious program you purposely build.

This is brainwashing yourself in the most positive and helpful way. Without doing this, you’re stuck in a rut of automatic programming that is doing much more harm than good.

Pick up this book and change your inner-workings, and attitude from the inside out.

21. Managing Oneself – Peter F. Drucker

If you don’t already know, building on your failures and weaknesses is a futile approach.

Building primarily on your strengths and natural talents is a formula for success. Peter Ferdinand Drucker explicitly outlines this in his book. He states the real reason so many people can’t manage others or get very far in life: they can’t manage themselves.

Drucker says they don’t know what they’re good at, and even fewer know what they’re bad at.

He urges you to dial your learning style so you can maximize this. There are three main styles:

  • Reader
  • Listener
  • Speaker

The speaker learns from repeating what he knows, and cementing it into his mind. (AKA your boy, yours truly from Motive in Motion)

The reader learns by accumulating thoughts and ideas through written text. (Also your boy)

The listener can hear and repeat verbatim, earnestly crystalizing ideas by simply hearing them or studying audiobooks.

As with all things, you want to optimize. Optimize your preferences for maximum learning and develop the habit of building up your mental kingdom with your natural learning style.

Whatever you do, bring your weaknesses up to baseline but do not focus on being great at them.

Instead, invest that time for 10x return on your strengths, and soar past your peers and competition. Learn to do that here.

22. Greatest Minds & Ideas of All Time – Will Durant

For an excellent briefing, rundown, and display of history in a short time. Peep this book.

It has a great format of giving you just enough of the wisdom from people like Voltaire, Plato, and Socrates.

You learn quickly from the fathers of their specific ideals, philosophy, war, history, science, and other studies. Think of it as a history shortcut. A beautifully enlightening ride throughout history’s greatest ideas, condensed by one of the most prolific historians to ever exist: Durant.

Grab that book here at once to upgrade your conglomerate of worldly ideas, so you can understand humans on a different level that only the elite do.

23. Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Peter D. Kaufman

Ah, one of my favorites of all time.

My booklist reviews would never be complete without this addition. It made that much of a difference in my thinking this year.

Of chief importance, the back of the book contains these incredible biases that every human encounters, suffers from, and is handicapped by. The flip-side of this coin is that each human can become super-powerful by leveraging these biases on others, or at least being aware that they exist.

Stop being a sheep with an immediate handicap. Wake up to the powers that be, and consciously navigate and leverage them.

This is a wonderful ride through Charlie Munger’s (the silent half of Berkshire Hathaway) amazing life and experience, path to billionairedom, and his psychological approach to life.

As an accurate Amazon book review tells, this book will not give you immediate value. The value is in the unfolding subsequent months and years that you start to construct “multi-disciplinary mental models” (as Munger calls them) for your own life.

I highly recommend this book; it’d be wise to categorize it in the top 5 of this year’s list.

It’s a rare and expensive find, but you can find it here.

You will understand human psychology on an unmatched level, which will of course trickle to your money-making abilities, sales in business, and influence.

24. Made In America – Sam Walton

Ever wanted to follow along the entire journey of a billionaire’s life work?

Now you have the chance to do so, with Walton’s classic. “No holds-barred” would be a great way to describe the way Walton throws you immediately into his story.

He takes you from the humble, broke beginnings to the in-depth practices that grew Wal-Mart to $160 billion+. He provides tips, best practices, leverage points, and actionable business strategies that all retailers can still clone today.

Jeff Bezos took another in-depth breakdown when he used this book as his bible. Amazon is the modern-day Wal-Mart.

One of the most profound implementations was how Walton always bought in bulk. He went into debt on the front end. He brought his customers the absolute lowest prices. Only then did he break even on the transactions his store made.

Optimizing his stores and isles for conversions like a modern-day E-commerce maniac would do, he squeezed every last dollar out of the sale, reinvested heavy amounts into inventory before profiting, and still brought his customers win-win deals, whilst fighting his suppliers tooth and nail for the best deals.

Sam earned his truly incredible, hometown boy success story.

Study the profound and actionable business-training manual here.

25. Psycho-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

How many times have I spoken about the importance of changing and improving your self-image and awareness? Ah, probably thousands.

It’s because your self-awareness and judgments are so powerful. They dictate everything you do. How much action you take, your reigning thoughts; you can’t ignore this area.

Maltz was a plastic surgeon that noticed commonalities between his patients. They would get the work done, remain unhappy, return for more, and repeat. This led him to do his own studies and research about how he could work with their self-image and confidence.

It had nothing to do with them wanting to slap more plastic on their face, boobs, and butt. It had everything to do with the way they perceived and emotionally processed the images they saw looking back in the mirror.

If you aren’t confident, talk yourself down, don’t know where to start, and can’t fix your internal dialogue, you need to check this book out.

Re-arrange and re-organize your entire self-image with this book.

It will absolutely make a lasting impact on your feelings compared to others, how people perceive you in a respectable light, and your ease of attracting people you desire.

26. Winning – Jack Welch

The last of the booklist reviews. “Winning”.

Jack Welch, monster entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and former CEO of GE Capital has a lot to say about managing people, money, and public companies.

One of his most honest strategies for getting people to do great work is “candor”. Opening people up, with brutal honesty and keeping the transparency in the workplace is vital.

This aspect of business ensures that each branch, district, and even high-level executive meeting is out in the open so everybody can communicate clearly. There’s no point in keeping a bunch of secrets because it encourages company politics.

One of the reasons he was so able to grow this company from just $12 billion to a whopping $280 billion in his 20-year reign, (1981-01) was his staggering candor. He encouraged every employee, from the janitor to V.P. of sales to be open and honest with every employee, so they could all move forward as one cohesive unit.

It’s a great book on management, people, time, productivity, and key business strategy.

Pick it up so you can improve your profit centers, build a beast of a business, and manage your team.

That’s it for the best booklist reviews 2015! That was the last of my wrap up for every single book I read in that year.

This post is getting close to a whopping 5000 words, so it’s time to cut it off! Stay tuned for all the 2016 reviews, and the videos that are already up on the YouTube channel here:

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In the comments below, let me know what you thought of the new book review session, and tell me what books you read from 2015, if you’ve ever read any of the same, and which was your favorite to learn about.

Remember to keep your nose in the books, and your feet actually on the ground, operating on your mission to the highest degree. Don’t let the books sidetrack you. Instead, use them as mentors and a catalysts to your growth.

Far too many people say: “just take action and you’ll learn it all.” Another overwhelming crowd says: “study and learn your craft for years.”

As with everything; the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

You’ve got to balance what you read and implement too. Learn from these great leaders. Learn something then act on it. You simply do not need to make all mistakes on your own, but you should learn from the mistakes of those that are way ahead of you.

Until the next of series in Motive In Motion booklist reviews…

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