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Being Accountable: The Real Reason It Pays to Be Reliable

The importance of being accountable can never be understated. Nowadays, mainly in generation Y, this is a dying skill. It’s a common sense quality that is going extinct but we can be the ones to bring it back and represent its effectiveness. Being reliable is something that everyone should learn to do early on.

So why doesn’t everyone?

It starts in the home and continues on, as young kids turn into older kids in adult bodies. Some never understand what it means to be impeccable with their word.

Being a dependable person is more than just doing what you say and saying what you’ll do. It’s becoming a unified person, whole and complete. Being accountable is more than just talking a good game or declaring what you want.

You have to actually be synchronized as you go through life, knowing what you want, speaking to those who value you, and building the type of accountability that will help people trust and respect you.

Respect Is Earned By Being Accountable

You earn respect by being consistent, complete, and concentrated. People respect a man or woman on a mission. People respect the one who is serious about what they’re going after and they either help him or get out of his way.

People look up to those who value themselves, put their needs and goals in front of their eyes daily, and who will not ever settle for second best.

Respect is earned, never bought or begged for.

Think about the difference between the following types of people and how others respond to them. I’m sure we’ve met both.

Person A always shows up at least 15 minutes late, appears consistently flustered and profusely apologizes every single time the late arrival occurs, but nothing ever changes. His clothes don’t look clean or neat, his hair is messy and he always looks hurried and out of control.

He slumps over when he walks but he’s always pressed for time and going somewhere but somehow never does exactly what he says he will.

Person B walks cool and collected with an upright posture, they have on nice clothes that fit their frame well and they never seem like they’re rushed. Person B looks downright sharp.

This character shows up to every event either early or right on time and seem to have a great command of timeliness and composure. If they tell you they will show up, they will be there unless something drastic comes up, in which case they will notify you with plenty of time to spare.

When you count on them to get something done, it gets done. Period.

Now take a second to think about people in your life like this. Take another moment to decide who gets more respect and admiration from people.

You got it; it’s not a hard answer.

Benefits of Being Accountable & Being Reliable In Every Situation

As previously stated, being dependable is a personality trait to adopt and curate closely like a Japanese Bonsai tree.

Being accountable, being reliable, and being dependable are similar but have important different implications.

Before the main benefits, let’s clear up some definitions:

Being accountable means you’re in charge or responsible for a specific thing. If something goes wrong, you’re there to fix it, take blame, or improve it in some way. You’re the leader and controller of this entity, whatever that may be.

You are the judge over major decisions, you’re in charge of its direction, and you have a large deciding factor of who gets control as well.

Being reliable is more of being an ever-present friend, companion or business partner. A reliable person is someone who the can be freely trusted, who does what they say, and who understands the implications of their actions.

It is someone who can perform with utmost quality and vigor.

Being dependable is a character trait and set of skills useful for other people leaning on your work or output of love, energy, support, performance, results, or profit. Being dependable is an important ritual to cultivate if you are looking to establish quick rapport with others and have them readily invest their time or money into you.

Now on to the main life hacks and benefits of being an accountable and centered human being:

1. Trust

One of the main reasons people will look to cultivate an air of dependability is to gain people’s trust. With people’s trust submitted to you and their vulnerability wide open, you can persuade, influence, connect and affect people in amazingly powerful ways.

Used wrong, of course, this can wreak havoc.

Applied in a beneficial way, you can gain access to people’s inner most thoughts and motivations, you can create something passionately complex with them, and through your candor, you can reach levels of massive success in a far shorter timeframe. This ties right in with being a dependable and open, honest leader.

2. Responsibility

The importance of being accountable is evident when it’s time for more responsibility. People in power positions do not dish out honors and control lightheartedly. Like respect, you must earn the ability to have an awesome opportunity bestowed upon you.

The only way to great responsibility and opportunity from others is a steady dependability. Being reliable is the way to get well-known dependability. If you are inconsistent, make late appearances and show utter disregard for people’s organizations, you are nonverbally cementing the fact that you cannot be trusted or depended on.

3. Rapport

People do business with others they know, like and trust. The last part of that is crucially important because very few people will shell out their own cash on behalf of someone who is not consistent and reliable.

Inherent in all humans is an inconsistency-avoidance tendency. We tend to unconsciously avoid those who are inconsistent and unpredictable.

Our brain, feelings, and subconscious mind love consistency, patterns, numbers, sequences and repetition. This is how we learn, it’s how we grow and it’s how we shift our old paradigms that are of no use to us anymore.

When you’re looking to have others know, like and especially trust you, you cannot get to this level without being accountable and reliable. There’s no way around this, you simply must develop the habit and skill of making it easy for people to count on you.

How to Develop the Habit of Being Accountable

Simply decide you will be one that others can count on. Be the most consistently dependable version of yourself possible.

Recognize that so much is based upon this, that you cannot afford to omit it.

Your consistency is based upon being reliable and showing up everyday to crush some work. Your trust from others is based off being accountable, making it easier for others to believe what you say. Your love and relationships are based off of being dependable through not just the positives, but through the hardships as well. Your daily routine is based upon being accountable.

There is simply too much riding on this to ignore its quiet power.

When approaching how to be accountable, you are looking for the most basic foundational pieces making up the whole.

This includes speaking your mind and not sugarcoating; it includes going after exactly what you want overtly. It includes showing up on time or being early and never saying you will do something unless you fully intend to carry it out.

Believing that the only way you will not complete something is if you die or a have a tragic accident is the way to approach being accountable. People can depend on you when you would never lead them astray with what you say. Being accountable means you are someone others can look up to and leave responsibility to.

You develop this habit by constant practice of the above principles and by never settling or lying to someone about doing your duty.

If you say it, it gets accomplished, point blank.

Never make excuses, never lie to people about your abilities and never show up late and disorganized.

Simply make a commitment to yourself and to the world that you will be a whole, composed, and complete power player in the game of life. Demand the best, from yourself and others and you will get it 100% of the time or bust. Do what you say you’re going to do, say what you want and what you mean, and be consistent with your actions.

This is the way of the powerful, accountable, and reliable man or woman that gains respect.

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